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Understanding Composite Products

Updated on July 23, 2020

Your composite product is made of a variety of individual products that you have pre-defined. Once created, your composite product is available on your website, POS, Tasting Experience, etc. Your customer or staff, don't have to take any decision as to what goes in and can access the bundle with one click. Composite products are great to:

  • sell more than one unit as an easy bundle
  • match products that are less popular with good sellers to move them faster
  • speed up the club run process

Using Troly to Create Composite Products

Composite products are configured exactly like standard products in the platform, however they are made of two or more products.

To find your composite product in the system, type its name in the 'Search for an active product field' and select it in the drop-down, or use the Product list view.

The Composite product page confirms the product is a bundle and displays the single products filling its content and the number of units. You can also choose if the content can be changed or not by your customers.

Composite Products for Club Runs

When it's time to do your club run or create bulk orders for your special cases, the composite product comes handy as you can select the bundled product in the drop-down and send that order to all your members. This saves you time and effort as the content is created once and used repeatedly.

Editing a Composite Product after the Club Run has Started

Note that if the content of the composite product has changed between the time that you have created the club run and emailed your members, when they will click on the link, it will create a new order.

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