Understanding Club Runs

Updated on May 20, 2021

At the heart of every club-run are orders that go out and into their members' waiting hands. Troly lets you easily configure your club run and makes technology work for you.

You should know

Troly will never create or send order information with your explicit instruction. This means each club run you need to start yourself.

To get started

Beginning a club run is easy. In the top left of the screen, click the drop-down and choose  Operations. From there, click Create Bulk Orders in the top right of the screen.

1. Pack

The first section is the Pack section of the bulk orders screen. These let you determine who will qualify for a shipment, what product will be sent and if previous orders will be used.

'Picked up by' or 'Shipped to'

Troly will attempt to create pickup orders or shipments, based on the "picked up" or "shipped to" option. This will apply to all your recipients.

Exceptions can be handled in Troly on a customer-level to ensure every order created is picked up or shipped with a specific carrier. When Troly creates orders, it will respect member choice, as outlined in their Addresses and Payments page. This means members who asked for a pickup will have a pickup even if you choose "shipped to."

Refer to our "understanding customer profile" to learn how to set this up.

Choosing a club

The next dropdown lets you pick the club you want to ship to. Troly will show all non-disabled clubs in this list.

If your club has variations enabled, you will need to further refine which variation you are shipping to.

Troly also has a built-in upselling feature. Selecting "customers that are not" will tell Troly to email all your non-members about your special offer. If you select this option, you can choose to sign them up to a specific club if they confirm their order or to leave them as a non-member.

Scheduled membership orders

If you have selected a particular club, you can send orders to members with or with and without a scheduled upcoming order.

  • only members with will instruct Troly to find members whose next delivery is due before the date entered.
  • To email all your members, customer with and without lets get in touch without consuming a delivery slot. This is generally used for special offers or orders that are outside the commitment.
    • Please note, if you have set member orders to become scheduled deliveries then Troly will respect this decision

Before date

This date tells Troly to only include those members with a next delivery date before this date. All the members that have the next delivery date on or after that date will not be contacted.

If some members have a next delivery date of 31 March, choosing the 1st of April ensures all members with dates in March are included.


The next dropdown asks for the product will be used in all orders. This can only be a composite product as Troly needs to have a starting point and packs are the only way to do this. Determining if members can change the order is covered in the next section.


For all bulk orders, you can set the price that recipients will pay. Troly will use the price in the system, but lets you override it on this screen if you need to. Club prices will be used if available.

A common example of using this is when you are using an open pack and want to force a final price. Should your products not add to a "round" number, you can override the price here before mailing out.


Any additional discount that you manually apply appears in the member's order as a Membership Standard Adjustment. When you manually change the amount, Troly will ask you to confirm what happens to the discount if the original contents of the order change. You can either keep or remove the discount (see in Section 2 of the bulk order screen).

Using a previous order as a guide

Troly is focused on respecting member choice and reducing the administration time required to get your orders created. Copying the previous order is a great way to meet the business needs of re-offering members a past purchase or simply sticking to what members have defined as their favorite products.

  • If you are not flexible with your product selection at club run, use the default option of even if. The selected composite item above will be the one shipped to your members.
  • To cater to member tastes, you can use their previous, customized orders: select unless to use the previous order of a member. Their previous paid membership order will be used. Orders placed outside of the commitment (non-scheduled deliveries) will not be used as a template order.
    • If there is no previous paid membership order to be used as a template, Troly will use the selected composite item by default.

Please note that if the member has changed clubs, the first club run will use the last completed membership order of their previous club.

Stock Check

Before proceeding to the next section, Troly will display a message to let you know about stock levels.

If you see the above message, review your composite product in Troly. If you are advised that you have insufficient stock, make sure that your products are not marked as 'Out of Stock' and have more than zero units recorded.

Fallback products

As Troly generates orders, if you do run out of stock, then a fallback product will be used. A product that is marked "Out of Stock" will trigger the use of a fallback product.

Having insufficient stock means orders will not be automatically confirmed and will need to be reviewed. This is in place to avoid sending customers orders with products that are no longer available.

If you do have sufficient stock, Troly will also let you know:

When copying across a previous order, Troly will respect your fallback product settings if the previous order contains an archived or out of stock product. This order will not be confirmed and require review before communicating to the customer:


Order edit options

Troly separates pack and order edibility on purpose. This means you can offer an open - or starter - pack and let members customize as they see fit.

Can edit

Let recipients edit their order using a link added in the email received. Members who click the link are then re-directed to their order online where they can edit the order by themselves. This link will re-direct members to your website or to the Tasting Experience page depending on the below option:

If you use the WordPress add-on and Troly plugin on your website, make sure your website's plugin is up to date, for members to successfully edit their order.

Non-WordPress add-on users will need to install the Tasting Experience Add-on to allow members to edit or confirm and pay for their orders.

Can't edit

Members will not be able to edit their orders. They may contact you if they need to tweak their shipment though, in which case you will make the change in Troly on their behalf.

Can only add products to

Members are not able to edit the product that has been assigned to their orders but will still be allowed to add more products if needed. Learn more about the additional item prices here.

Number of products purchased

If the members must purchase at least field is set to zero, they can edit their order and swap their products without restrictions. They can remove items from their shipment if needed.

Choosing a value greater than zero will mean customers must have their orders with a minimum number of products for the member finalize their purchase. If they select less than the required minimum quantity, the order will not go through.

If a customer swaps a product for a more expensive one, membership prices will apply (depending on your Membership options) and the order cost will be updated accordingly.

Discount already applied

If you select Can edit  or Can only add products to, you can access more options:

  • If you changed the price from the Pack section, Troly will ask you to confirm what happens to the discount if the original contents of the order change. You can either keep or remove the discount.  For example, if the price entered in the Pack section is $341, and you set the price to $300, Troly will ask if you want to keep or remove the discount of $41.
  • If new products are added, the additional product discount set up in your Membership settings page can be enabled or not.


This final section determines how you will communicate to your customers or members their order is on its way.

Note that you can test your club run emails before processing your club run: simply click on the 'Test Email' button in the 'Notifications' section of your bulk orders creation screen to receive a test email.

Email and SMS notification

Your recipients can be notified by their email on file, and via SMS if you have installed the SMS Add-on. Setting this to will not mean their orders are created without any notice being given. The email template will disappear from your screen as it will not be an option anymore.

If you select will, Troly will send a notification to the members included in this Club Run. By default, Troly will display the 'Upcoming Bulk Order For Pickup' or the 'Upcoming Bulk Order To Be Shipped' email template as per your Communications settings page. You can alter the template in the Communication page or in the bulk order screen directly. Use the placeholders to customize your messages. You can customize the email for this club run on this screen without affecting the template created in the Communication settings page.

Email placeholders

You can use the following placeholders to customize the email sent to your members from the bulk order screen:

  • First name *|fname|*
  • Membership name *|membership|*
  • Case content *|casecontent|*
  • Customer profile link: *|profile_link|*
  • Order page link: *|order_link|*

Please note that Case price *|case_price|* and Customer Company *|customers_company|* are not yet supported by the bulk order email template.

Simply select the piece of text that you want to link to the profile page or to the order page, click the link icon and enter the *|order_link|* or the *|profile_link|* placeholder in the 'Url' field. Click 'Ok' to create the link. If you want the link to automatically open in a new window once it has been clicked, select 'New Window' in the 'Target' field.

Order confirmation option

Troly will, by default, create and confirm orders for you. Choosing must as a confirmation requirement means Troly will create the orders after that members click the 'Update your order' link included in the email. If a recipient does not action anything, no order is created. Selecting the must option will require the email/SMS notification to be sent.

Review and Go!

At the very bottom of the page, you can see how many orders are about to be created. Once you've reviewed the number and settings on the page, you're good to go! Should this number look incorrect, you can troubleshoot your club run before contacting support.

Click the Create shipment or Create orders button for the orders to be created and emails sent.

You should know

Order Confirmation

The purpose of the order confirmation is to make sure ordering is made in a single click. As such, your members can complete their order review and payment confirmation in a single screen. Once they click the link, an order is created and take up a scheduled delivery slot in their membership commitment page.

If the order was not created in Troly (confirmation link not clicked) during your club run, nothing is shipped to them and their membership is marked as "commitment not quite met".

If you want to change an order after it's confirmed you can locate and change it. If the order doesn't exist yet (because the member has not clicked the link), you need to ask them to click it, or manually create a new order for them from their Customer recordMembership, and click the 'Create Button' next to the scheduled shipment.

You may need to manually confirm an order if:

  • there are membership and payment notes on the customer's profile page
  • insufficient stock recorded in the product page associated with the order
  • a customer is waiting to edit their order without completing: some members may change their orders without paying them, this will change an order status into a draft order.

Commitment fulfilled vs Membership end date

When one of your customers has used all their membership allocated slots (the scheduled delivery orders that appear on their Membership page according to your Membership settings) but hasn't reached the end of their current membership  (the membership hasn't been renewed yet, the end date is still in the future), any additional membership orders created before the end of the current membership are considered being part of a 'pending' membership.

The 'pending membership' orders are not being taken into account as part of their next membership (once renewed). They are 'in-between' two memberships. You may notice that the next delivery dates on your customer's membership page correspond to the next membership and not the current membership: by default, Troly will display the next membership scheduled delivery dates if the membership commitment has been already met.

Example: a customer's membership has started on March the 1st 2018 and is set up to last for one year. The membership commitment (the Membership settings) includes 3 deliveries happening in March, May and July. If a member received 2 deliveries in March and 1 in May, and if the March, May, and July slots have been used for these 3 orders, the next delivery slot available will not be July 2018 but March 2019. In this case, the commitment report will show that the next delivery date is scheduled to happen on March 2019. You may change the March 2019 date into July 2018. Once the membership renews on the 1st of March 2019, the dates will be updated according to your Membership settings. Please see our Troubleshooting club runs issues article for more information.

Your next step

Sending a Reminder

In order to send a reminder to the members who haven't confirmed their order (or clicked the confirmation link), you need to click the Create Bulk Orders button from the Operations screen and in the first section called   Pack, you have to select [Only members with] of a scheduled upcoming shipment as shown below:

This way, the members who have already "clicked" the confirmation link will and filled their membership delivery slot will not receive your email.

Operations Dashboard

There is another helpful tool on the Dashboard, in the Goods widget. Click on the 'active orders' button to show more options, and select scheduled club deliveries.

This shows you how many orders are scheduled in the foreseeable future. You can then head to the Bulk order page to create them.


If you run into any issues while creating a bulk order, please review your Membership settings and our Troubleshooting Club Run issues article.


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