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Understanding Club Memberships

Updated on July 8, 2020

Creating and managing club memberships assists you to stay connected with your members, build a strong relationship with them, understand their needs and prevent potential issues that could impact on their satisfaction and loyalty to your products. The memberships assist you to:

  • Build up a community of members that you easily connect with.
  • Create enticing membership programs to secure regular sales.
  • Automate recurring tasks to save time.

Using Troly to create and manage club members

Managing club members becomes easy with Troly. You can create multiple memberships, access many options to configure your club, enroll your existing customers to a membership or get a new customer to register as a member on the go.

Members can be created anywhere (e.g. your website or in any of the Troly applications) with their full name and email address to ensure that you capture their details and can connect with them regularly.

From the Troly Platform

From the Customer page, click on Add customer button, fill their first name, last name and email address and click Create.

Search for their name or email in the 'Search for a customer' field and go to the Membership page. In the first section, click on the drop-down and select the pre-defined membership. Note that the membership has to be set up first in order to appear in the drop down menu (in Operations > Memberships).

From the POS

From the main screen, click on 'Search for a customer' field located at the top right corner, click on Add new button or search for an existing customer, fill their information and select the desired membership in the Membership cell, at the top right corner of the pop-up window. Click Save when all the customer details are entered.

From the Tasting Experience and Wine Show

On the main screen, click on Become a member button, click on the desired membership and then Continue. Fill all the customer's details in the second window and click on Become a member.

Using Troly to save Membership Preferences

It is important to save your membership preferences as it helps you to connect with your customers, suggest them only the products they love and avoid foreseeable mistakes when doing your club runs.

The membership preferences appear at the stages where you need to pay attention, for example before completing an order or processing a payment. After processing a Club Run, you will be prompted to manually review any orders containing membership preferences. Please refer to this paragraph to learn more about the membership notes, available under each customer profile pages in Troly.

Preferences Displayed in Orders Content

To ensure the membership preferences are not overlooked, they appear at the top of each order. When it comes to packing the case or processing the payment, you are confident that the right content was included in the order and that the payment was processed according to your customer's instructions.

Preferences Displayed in Operations Feed

The notes are reflected in the operations activity feed. This allows you to filter orders by payment, membership or both, and handle the restrictions together to save time. Click on "Notes" to filter the column.

The Club Membership name also appears in grey below the customer's name on the orders generated by membership commitments.

Membership variations

Say for example your club commitment is 12 bottles per year but some of your customers prefer red wine, white wine only or both. Use the same membership options and add as many variations as you like.

Membership restrictions

They can only be member of one club membership at the time. If you need to link a customer to more than one memberships, you may need to create 2 customer profiles with 2 different email addresses in Troly.

If a change is made to an existing Club/Membership setting, the new conditions will be applied to existing members only at the time of the renewal.

Club/Memberships can also be updated if necessary.

Membership length

The average membership length is one year. Your customers' membership will automatically renew on their sign-up date anniversary. You can also inform your members by enabling the 'Member Anniversary' message in CommunicationsMembers Only tab.

In the Options section of the specific club membership page (under OperationsMemberships) you can choose to renew the 'Same membership' upon expiry or to renew it to a 'given one'.

Automated upgrades are possible for members who have been loyal with you, allowing for membership tiers to be applied (e.g. Silver → Gold → Platinum).

Using Troly to set up Membership Delivery Dates

Troly offers the possibility to set membership deliveries from the membership start date or from specific dates. To do so, edit the specific Membership from the OperationsDeliveries section.

From Membership Start Date

The dates are calculated based on the customer sign-up date and the number of parcels required by the yearly commitment on a rolling period. The software divides the number of parcels to deliver within the remaining time of the year.

For example, a join date of the 10th of May for a 12-month commitment with 4 deliveries means a delivery on the 10th Aug, 10th Nov, 10th Feb, 10th May.

From Member Specific Date

This option allows you to input the specific dates of your choice according to the number of deliveries that you set in the commitment section.

Scheduled Deliveries in Troly

All upcoming membership deliveries can be reviewed from Troly Dashboard in The Goods section by selecting Scheduled Club Deliveries and the date range.

Your Next Step

Membership Specific Discounts

You can set membership standard discounts in the Business settings page.

You may also set up a discount per "extra unit" added to a shipment in the Membership settings page. For example, if you set the minimum quantity per shipment to be 8 but your customer purchase a total of 10 bottles, then he or she will get a XX% discount on the 2 extra bottles.

The Membership settings page also allow you to set up the membership description, rewards points and other options. Click here to find the full membership options list and to learn how to set them up in Troly.

Per Order Discount and Redeem Reward Points

You can redeem a customer's points on their order details page. Click on the Discount and reward points button (located under the Sub Total field). This is a manual per order action only.

This opens a dialogue box where you can enter the details of a discount for this order. You have the option to redeem reward points on this screen. They will be deducted from the member's accumulated points.

Prepaid memberships

You can choose for your clubs to be prepaid. When you do, a fee is charged as soon as your members sign up. This amount is then used to pay for your members upcoming order(s).

For example, you could require that your members prepay $150 for their first delivery.

If you manually sign up the member to the club, you need to confirm the prepayment.

When a customer signs up to this club, an order is immediately created with the total prepayment. You must confirm and process the order for it to be effective.

The amount that your customer pays upfront will later on be deducted from their future orders. If you configured 2 prepayments, it will be deducted evenly from the first 2 orders, etc.

Cancelling or suspending a membership

To cancel a membership, visit your customer's page profile and click Cancel under the Membership tab. You will be asked to select a reason for the cancellation. You have the option to set temporarily suspend a membership by setting a reactivation date after which membership will recommence.

Cancelling memberships will prevent Troly from creating further orders and sales initiatives. The "unpaid" but not "delayed" scheduled membership orders will be cancelled.

If there are any pending scheduled membership orders for a customer (such as delayed orders), they will remain in the system. Any remaining pending orders that were placed outside of a scheduled delivery do not follow this rule.

Before cancelling a membership, take a look at the membership section in your customer's profile page. If you see that there is an "editable" scheduled delivery order there, click Edit and cancel the order if needed.


Please take a look at our dedicated Troubleshooting club run issues article if you notice anything unusual with your club run or membership settings.


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