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Understanding Claim For Goods Damaged While In Transit

Updated on June 14, 2019

Breakage occurs from time-to-time, no matter which carrier you use. While unavoidable, we understand that it is inconvenient for you and your customers.

Things break, but it’s OK! To alleviate this burden, all parcels sent using one of our Troly Group Shipping Accounts are insured against breakage. Some of the perks are:

  • Quick reimbursements for broken goods and shipping costs.
  • You don’t need to deal with the shipping carrier regarding the claim.

If you are using your own shipping agreement, please see our dedicated Specific Carrier Requirements and lodging damage claims section in this article.

Using Troly to report a damaged parcel (Troly's Shipping Accounts)

When a parcel is broken or damaged, notification can occur in one of two ways:

  • From the carrier: Troly is notified of a breakage.
  • From your customer: you are informed by a customer of a damaged parcel. In this case, fill this form and we will lodge the claim with the shipping carrier for you.

Whatever the situation, Troly raises and manages the claim on your behalf.

Parcels are normally returned to you by the carrier. Should the carrier advise they are holding onto the damaged parcel, we make sure to communicate this to you.

Lodging a claim (Troly's Shipping Accounts)

Lodge a claim using our online form. Once the form is filled, you receive a confirmation email. We credit the amount of the full retail value of the damaged bottles plus 100 % of the shipping costs almost immediately to your account and notify you once everything has been acted on. Please note that damaged and/or missing parcel refunds will be listed on your Transaction Report as "Adjustment - On Account".

Sign in with Google

As the damaged parcel claim form  is a Google form, a Google Account is required to log in and upload documents. You can easily Create your Google Account if you don't already have one and use your work email address to receive your claim updates.

Carriers & requirements


Be sure to check Carrier Requirements website pages to learn more about packaging requirements.

Parcels scanning

Be aware of scanning obligations. For example, Fastway drivers have to scan parcels in front of you, upon collection.

Printing Labels

Please review our dedicated Printing Shipping Labels article for more details about labels and carrier requirements.

Troly claims requirements (Troly's Shipping Accounts)

Collect the driver signature

Please make sure that the driver signs your shipping manifest that is generated in the Document Center in Troly. This will serve you as a proof for any future missing or damaged parcel claims you may need to submit our way (Troly's Shipping Accounts).

Provide evidence

Lodging a claim for breakage requires photographic evidence of damage at the very least. To ensure the claim is valid, send us photos of the:

  • broken items
  • damaged carton
  • shipping label

Contact Troly directly for any issues you may have with Fastway

If you're using one of Troly's shipping accounts, please reach out to us if the carrier contacts you directly. We will fill out the claim and follow up with the carrier on your behalf. You shouldn't be prompted to fill out a damaged parcel claim on the carrier's website if you are using Troly's shipping accounts. Contacting them directly without keeping Troly in the loop may cause confusion and delay.

Damaged and missing parcel claims

Please note that Troly will not accept a damaged or missing parcel claim if either of the above points is not respected.

Returns, refunds and replacement orders (all shipping carriers)

It's your call!

We've suggested a few tips on how to handle returns, refunds and replacement orders below, so you've some handy techniques in place to advance the best interests of both your business and your customers.

Manage customers expectations

If the notification was received from the carrier, let your customer know that their parcel was delayed, and that a replacement will soon be on its way. Customers know this is out of your control, and understand that they need to wait a bit longer for their goods to arrive.

If you have had items returned to you already, or are expecting them to be returned, you can refund your customer or simply create a shipment of $0 and send it.

Your options

  1. Don't Refund the Customer (jump to point 3.)
  2. Refund the Customer
    1. Refund the original shipment
      1. If this shipment was paid for online, wait at least 3 business days before continuing. As banks take longer to process refunds, your customer may end up with two charges until the refund is fully processed by the bank.
      2. If the shipment was paid for offline, you do not need to wait before processing a new order.
    2. Cancel the original shipment
    3. Create the shipment again
      • If it's a membership shipment (as part of a club run or special offer), visit the Membership tab of the customer and create the order there. You should be able to use the same scheduled delivery “slot” to generate a new order with the same content.
    4. Add a discount to reduce the value of the order by either: the value of the damaged parcel, the value of the shipping fees, the value of the damaged parcel + shipping fees.
      • The Discount and Rewards Points Button available on any order page allows you to add a discount. You can add several discounts to one order and type your own description for each discount (ie. "free shipping discount", "damaged  item discount").
    5. Ship the order as normal

Specific Carrier Requirements and lodging damage claims

To prevent packages from being damaged and ensure they meet the carrier’s requirements, feel free to refer to the carriers specific websites for all the relevant information:

Carrier Requirement Details Damage Claim
Australia Post (Your own account)
  • Wrap each item in tissue paper, newspaper or similar material
  • Add in extra cushioning like bubble wrap to limit movement
  • Close with heavy duty packing tape
  • Use the right packaging for your items
Click this link to know how to lodge a claim with Australia Post.
Courier Please
  • Sturdy, strong cardboard box
  • Void fill such as packing peanuts or other suitable padding around the contents
  • Additional bubble wrap for fragile items
  • Allow 5cm between the contents and the side walls of the box
Download the claim form.
  • Double walled box
  • Choose the right sized box
  • Protect your items with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, newspaper...
  • Wrap each item in the box individually
  • Seal the parcel with wide parcel tape on both the top and bottom of your package
Submit a parcel enquiry online.
  • Position bottles that contain liquids upright.
  • Use an inner seal and perforated breakaway cap.
  • Full information here
Download the form and instructions here.
  • Use a rigid box with flaps intact
  • Wrap all items separately
  • Use adequate cushioning material
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping
  • Do not use string or paper over-wrap
  • Full information here
Report Package Problem here.
  • Ensure your box is rigid and in good condition.
  • Avoid boxes that are too big for their contents, as they risk getting crushed.
  • Use proper sealing tape in an H pattern on top and bottom
  • Full information here
Contact 13 11 50.


Shipping with Troly? Remember that by using one of the shared Troly Shipping accounts (not your account) you will be getting a better and faster response by submitting your claim directly with us.

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