Understanding Bulk Actions

Updated on June 14, 2019

One of the reasons for wanting to process orders in bulk is time. Everybody knows time is a finite resource, and with better time efficiency it is easier to:

  • spend more time making and sharing your products instead of trying to remember “which order needs packing?” or “what were the delivery instructions for this order?".
  • connect and reconnect with customers who love your product, instead of focusing on the operational and compliance side of your business. This can be easily automated.
  • use less time to process each order using a simple economy of scale. A single order might take 7-8 minutes to process, but 10 orders might require 3 minutes each, or 50% less time.

Using Troly to gain time

There are three distinct areas where time management can be improved, and this is what Troly helps you focus on.

When orders are similar in any aspect, then processing them together will make your time more efficient. Troly enables you to:

  • pack all standard orders together;
  • process only one club or customer segment;
  • label all orders for a given shipping carrier;
  • pay, pack, label and ship all orders in 4 clicks.

Create Orders with Bulk Actions

On the Operations Page, in the Orders tab, click the Create Bulk Orders button to create a bulk order for club runs or special deals. Read more about it in Understanding Club Run Options.

Process bulk actions with Troly

Regardless of where orders originate from (website, POS, club run), they will land under OperationsOrders . Pick-ups and Shipments are handled slightly differently, however filters and actions for either are similar.

One thing to keep an eye on are the number of selected orders. This number appears on the left of the Bulk actions button.

This means whichever button you are about to click, it will process a bulk action on that many orders (even if they do not show on screen).

By default, actions you take on this page will affect all active shipments/pick-ups unless you select specific orders one by one or filter them.

Selecting orders manually

Select orders that you wish to act on with a simple click. Orders are highlighted in blue once they are selected.


Reasons for this may include manually charging some cards, regenerating packing lists and labels or selectively completing orders / dispatching shipments. Manually selecting tells Troly to ignore the status of the order and attempt the action you choose.

For example: if you manually select a shipment that is Ready to Label and one that is Ready to dispatch, Troly will generate labels for both, even though one is ready to be dispatched.

If you do not manually select, using a Bulk action will only impact the orders that are in the right status at the time you process them (e.g. only label shipments that are 'Ready to label').

Using filters

You can filter orders by customers and details, carrier (shipments), notes and status by clicking on a column's title. All orders that match the filter are automatically selected, and the list updated accordingly.

Combine filters for accurate results

You can combine filters to narrow down your search and process all similar transactions in bulk. For example, you can use:

  • the 'Customer & Order Details' and 'Carrier' filters to narrow your search to orders for 'Silver club members' that are need to be labelled for 'FastWay Postpaid'.
  • the 'Customer & Order Details' and 'Status' filters to process 'Awaiting Payment' pick-up orders for the members of the 'Silver Wine Club' only.

Once you've narrowed your search with the filters, you can also manually select similar transactions to process them in bulk. The amount of orders selected is always displayed at the top of the screen.

Keep in mind that orders with specific notes still need to be processed manually.

Look for orders using label numbers

Search for shipments based on their tracking code: filter your orders by Status > 'Dispatched' and type the tracking number in the search bar.

Limited Results

If it seems like your list of orders is not showing up properly, it is most likely that your filters are activated. The filter icon appears next to the column header when activated. To disable all filters, simply click on the Reset Filters button and all orders will be displayed as usual.

Customer & Order Details

You can filter this column by staff, source or club. This allows you to filter which orders have been processed by what staff, where the sales are coming from (Platform, Tasting experience, PoS, Wine show or your website) or to narrow the sales to a specific club membership.

Carrier (shipment)

This filter allows to prioritise orders shipped by a specific carrier in anticipation of an upcoming shipment (e.g. if a carrier comes every Wednesday, you can plan ahead of the shipment and process orders on the Tuesday). Here is a bit more details about some of the carrier filters:

  • Fastway Troly shipping account is Fastway Postpaid
  • Fastway (your own account) is Fastway Prepaid
  • Australia Post Troly shipping account is AusPost eParcel (Community)
  • Australia Post (your own account) is AusPost eParcel


The notes filter shows the payment or membership notes that were manually added under Customer →   Membership.

The membership notes require that you manually review each order according to the member's preferences (e.g. they don't like chardonnay or sparkling). This means opening up the order and clicking 'Confirm.'

The payment notes require that each order is individually paid for according to the member's preference (e.g. they want to be informed before a card is charged, wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer etc.).

For both membership and payment notes, this means opening up the order itself and clicking 'Pay' instead of 'Payment' on the Operations screen.

The notes are designed to prevent orders going out that may cause disruption to your customers, so Troly will always hold up an order before payment if membership or payment notes are present.


It allows you to process orders with the same status together so you save time. Learn more about order statuses in Understanding Order Status.

Bulk actions

After selecting the orders you want to act on, click on the Bulk actions button and choose what you would like to do.

Confirm orders

This allows you to confirm orders that needed to be reviewed manually due to:

  • membership or payments notes being present
  • a club run that required order confirmation
  • a fallback product being used due to an archived or out of stock product
  • an out-of-stock product with no fall back present in the order

You can select orders that are awaiting for confirmation (draft status) and mark them as confirmed to process payments. The system will ask you to type 'CONFIRM' (in capital letters) to confirm the operation and ensure you are aware of what you are doing.

Once the orders have been confirmed, they will then be ready to be packed.

Cancel orders

If a club run was done incorrectly or a large number of customers have contacted you to cancel their order, this action will cancel and remove the orders that are awaiting for confirmation and awaiting for payment. Orders that have been paid for will be refunded. The system will ask you to type 'CANCEL' (in capital letters) to confirm the operation and ensure you are aware of what you are doing.

They will be removed from the order list but can be reviewed by using the Status filter and checking the 'Cancelled' box.


The email bulk action assist you to message several customers for them to confirm their payment details or mailing address before processing the payment. Add a subject line, edit the email body and click Send message.

Emailing proactively members is only possible through the Ordering workflow. To send promotional emails, with styled background, colours and links, you'll need to use an EDM (such as Mailchimp) to do so. Refer to Emails from Troly vs Marketing Platforms to learn about the differences between Troly and promotional emails.


The SMS bulk action allows you to send a customised message, or inform your customers about declined payments and upcoming orders. Select one of the three options, add or edit the message if necessary and click Send message.

Pick-ups to shipments

You have the ability to switch the orders from pick-ups to shipments and vice versa if they were incorrectly placed or if customers change their mind. The system will ask you to type 'SWITCH' (in capital letters) to confirm the operation and ensure you are aware of what you are doing.

The order will be refunded and needs to be reprocessed due to the shipping cost being applied or removed.

Processing orders

Once the orders have been confirmed, you can process them through the flow Pay → Pack → Label → Ship or Complete.

All operations are safe: they will not re-process orders that don't need processing. For example: if some orders have already been paid for, customers will not be charged again, even if their order is selected when you press the Pay button.

When you click on one of the actions Payment, Packing list, Pick-up Labels, Complete, a dialog appears, asking you to confirm the action.

Pay extra attention to the number of orders you are about to process.

Some steps might generate documents, which you can find in the OperationsDocuments page once orders have been processed.


Please review our dedicated Troubleshooting Club Runs Issues article or our Troubleshooting Orders Issues help page shall you need assistance with any order issues.

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