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Understanding Automated Emails And Sms

Updated on January 20, 2021

Troly simplifies your communication with customers as most messages can be pre-configured with provided templates, set to be totally automated throughout the ordering process and sent an unlimited amount of times. The communication system allows you to:

  • configure your templates once and send messages consistently hundreds of times
  • minimise training efforts as anyone in your business conveys the same message
  • save time by preventing and handling troublesome or complex orders with pre-existing templates

Using Troly to send Emails and SMS

All emails and SMS messages can be configured, enabled and disabled from the five drop-downs available in CompanyTags & Communications.

Types of emails and SMS

There are 3 types of email and SMS messages sent through Troly:

  • automatic: sent automatically at specific stages of the ordering process when configured and enabled in the platform (e.g. when an order is confirmed).
  • semi-automatic: sent in bulk for birthdays or pick-up/shipment orders (e.g. contact all customers who are yet to pick-up their orders).
  • manual: sent from the order or customer page on a case by case basis (e.g. when a customer is unable to connect their account to make or edit an order).

Email open rate

Troly automated emails and SMS are mainly transactional and based on a sale status (past, present or future). This type of communication is optionally activated in Troly and comes straight from the winery (as if you wrote them in Outlook) so the open rate is generally much better.

Automated communications breakdown

Most communications sent are based on the order status throughout the process.

The following table demonstrates the:

  • type of message sent at specific stages of the order process.
  • communication channel(s) used: email
    or SMS.
  • way(s) the message is generated (automatically, semi-automatically (bulk actions) or manually).

Advanced Details
Upcoming Order For pickup or shipment

Sent: automatically when a new membership order is confirmed. When turned OFF you can send the email manually.

Contains: the contents of the new order and a direct link to edit the order. Customers will be signed in automatically (without password) to their account if they follow this link.
Instructions: locate the customer’s order, click on Send Notification and Continue.

Order Pending Pick-up

Sent: semi-automatically (using the bulk actions) for cases that are pending for pick-up.

Contains: a direct link to edit the order. Customers will be signed in automatically (without password) to their account if they follow this link. To use this feature, your membership settings must allow order changes.

Instructions: on the Operations page, select the customer’s order, click on Bulk Actions, on ‘SMS’ to expend the message and select ‘Order Pending Pick-up’ in the drop down. Click Send message when ready.

Order Confirmation

Sent: manually to notify a customer that changes to their shipment order have been applied.

Instructions: locate the customer’s order, click on Send Notification and Continue.

Thank You For Your Order / Order Has Been Shipped

 Sent: automatically when a pick-up/shipment order is completed/ dispatched.

Contains: A tax invoice for the order is attached to the email. Shipments also include the shipping provider name and tracking details.

Feedback On Last Pickup Order/ Shipped Order

Sent: automatically at a time specified by you: 3, 5 or 8 days after an order is completed/ dispatched.

Contains: use it to get in touch with your customers and members and ask them if everything went well.

New Member Welcome

Sent: automatically when  a customer joins a club. When turned OFF you can send the email manually from your customer's membership page.

Contains: includes the benefits the member receives as a club member and the direct link to their account profile.

Instructions: locate the customer with the search feature, under Club Membership click on the Re-send Welcome Email button.

Member Anniversary

Sent: automatically when a membership has reached its term.

Contains: a thank you note and a reminder of the benefits your members are enjoying.

Customer Useful Links

Sent: manually to provide account and order troubleshooting assistance.

Contains: information on where to place orders, access their account with a password reset link and update their details.

Instructions: locate the customer with the search feature, under ProfileCommunications, and click on the Useful Links Email button.

Expiring Credit Card

Sent: automatically when a card on file is about to expire and prompts the customer to update their details.

Contains: a direct link to edit their credit card details.

Successful Credit Card Payment

Sent: automatically when a card has successfully been charged. You can select when and to whom the message is sent.

Contains: you need to include the *|statement|* placeholder to your template for the message to be saved.

Expired or Invalid Credit Card

Sent: automatically when a card has expired or if the details entered are invalid.

Contains: a direct link to edit their credit card details.

Declined Credit Card Payment

Sent: automatically when a payment attempt is declined by the bank. You can send an email, SMS or both to ask the customer to update their details.

Contains: the reason given by the bank when available and a direct link to edit their credit card details.

Bounced emails SMS

Sent: automatically to customers when an email is recorded as "bounced" in Troly. Sent only if you enabled the option in the SMS add-on.

Contains: the reason why the email was bounced and the email address used.

Email Signature

The email signature allows you to include your company name and logo, phone number and email address. It will be added at the end of every email sent by Troly on your behalf.

Important communications

Upcoming Order For pickup or shipment (email or SMS)

  • This message is sent before the order is confirmed and the payment processed. It allows the customer to edit their order if the option is enabled in the club membership.
  • It informs the club member that they’re about to buy wine, gives them a link to review the case content and advise them to update/confirm their contact and payment details if necessary.
  • Shipments may not be confirmed (hence emails may not be sent automatically) if you have requested for manual or client confirmation of the order, also if you have run out of stock for one of the product included, or perhaps if this member had any membership preference notes on file, requiring you to manually review and confirm the order based on the notes entered.

Authorised and declined payments (email or SMS)

  • These notifications are sent on declined payments when you try to charge a card and it gets declined by the bank.
  • When a card is expired or about to expire, warning notifications are sent prior to the card expiry date and after the card has actually expired.
  • SMS can be sent to members and customers when their card was successfully charged for a pick-up/upcoming shipment or during a club run.

Thank You For Your Order / Order Has Been Shipped Invoices

When the order process is completed and the order is dispatched/picked-up, an invoice with payment details is sent to the customer. It’s automatically generated from the platform or manually upon request from the POS.

SMS customers when an email is bounced

If an email doesn't reach a customer, Troly notifies your customer by sending an SMS. The phone number used is the one recorded on their customer profile page (mobile phone number). To set up the SMS template, go to Company  →   Tags & Communications Customer → Customer Bounced Email. From there, make sure the template is turned on and click Edit SMS to edit the template (you can use placeholders here as well) and click Test SMS to see how the SMS will display to your customers (note that the test SMS will be sent to the phone number recorded in your Business Settings).

To edit a SMS template, the SMS Add-on must be installed and configured.

Your next step

Sending semi-automated emails and SMS with the Bulk action

You can send custom emails and text messages to multiple customers simultaneously. (e.g. when you need to remind multiple customers that their payment was declined). 

To do so, go to the Sales drop-down menu and under the Pick-ups or Shipments tab, select which orders you want to send emails or SMS for and click on the Bulk actions button.

Click on Email and/or SMS to expend the message(s) body, add the relevant text or select a template from the drop down and click on Send message.

Please refer to the dedicated article for more information about bulk actions.

Sending emails outside of a Troly transaction

If you wish to send an email to your customers outside a transaction (for example a newsletter), you may want to look at using a EDM.

Alternatively, you may choose to manually export all of your customers data from Troly in a spreadsheet, filter your customers to "segment" the list, and manually send an email to all the email addresses selected. You will in this case send your email from your own Inbox (ie. Gmail). Here are some step by step instructions here if you need:

  1. Manually export all of your customers data from Troly in a spreadsheet
    Go to Customers > Manage Customers > Advanced and Click the Export Customers button to download a CSV file with all your customers (you will first need to make sure that you've installed the Google Drive add-on).
  2. Filter your list of customers in the spreadsheet
    Once you have your spreadsheet, filter your customers to "segment" the list.
    In Excel and Google Sheets for example, you want to select the "heading" row and click the filter button.
    From there, you'll get a little drop down for each column so you can filter your list of customer as you like.
  3. Manually send an email to all the email addresses selected
    From your own Inbox (for example Gmail), type your email, add your signature or anything that you want your customers to receive.
    In the "to" section, copy paste all the email addresses filtered and selected in the spreadsheet.


Please review how to configure your emails and sms templates by checking this dedicated article.

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