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Troubleshooting Your WordPress Website

Updated on August 18, 2020

If you experience issues with your website, you first need to locate where the problem comes from before contacting us as we may or may not be able to assist you.

The level assistance that we can provide also varies if we host, have built or are in the process of developing your website.

In all cases, you must keep in mind that our support team will guide you through the troubleshooting steps necessary to resolve your issue, but won't take any action on your account. For more information about our support, please read this article.

Troly can provide guidance on the following situations:

  • WordPress add-on not correctly configured in Troly
  • Troly plugin not correctly configured in WordPress
  • Products showing/not showing on your website or online shop

Troly cannot provide guidance on the following situations:

  • Pages not loading properly, re-directing to non-existing pages
  • Issues with WooCommerce
  • Issues with WordPress

You may also want to go through the common problems experienced by our users and proposed solutions listed below as it could solve your issue. If no scenario seems to cover your particular situation, make sure to provide us with the relevant details when contacting us so we can assist you efficiently.

Initial Troubleshooting steps

If you're unable to complete an operation related to payments, shipping, products or users on your website try the following troubleshooting steps to ensure the software integrations have been correctly configured:

Generic issues

  • the add-on linked to the feature that you are using is correctly configured.
  • the relevant plugins (e.g. with WordPress and WooCommerce)  are activated in the back-end.
  • ensure your hosting provider meets these requirements.

Products display

  • the relevant business attributes (e.g. Visible Online, Visible in Tasting, Visible in Wine Show) are enabled.
  • the products are sorted using the Product Sorting Add-On

Order issues with internal error message

  • Verify if you can process the (draft) order created online through Troly Operations workflow
  • Attempt to create an order on your own website with your company credit card
  • Attempt to create an order using your customer's details on your website

Common Problems and Suggested Solutions


Credit Card Not Showing as a Payment Option on your Website/Online Shop

If your payment gateway is correctly configured, you need to ensure that you enable Troly Payments in your site administration → WooCommerce Settings → Checkout → Troly Payments page, and check the 'Enable Troly Payments' box. Please refer to the dedicated article for more information.

If you've customised your website, this can also explain why some payment options are not available.

You may also want to refer to WooCommerce website articles.


Products not showing on your website

The Business Attribute 'Visible Online' has to be enabled for each product that you want to make visible on your site.

If the product not showing is a composite product, you will need to confirm that the  "This composite product is pre-packed and its content can never change" option is selected within the product profile.

Out of Stock products showing on your website

If you don't want any Out of Stock products to show on your website and if you're using the Stock Control Add-on, make sure to disable the 'Out of Stock' Business Attribute. Also, if you're using the Product Sorting Add-On,  don't tick the 'Show out of Stock products' option.

Theme pages

Out-of-date theme pages

It may happen that your site's pages aren't displaying properly. Check your Plugin or Theme page in your own site Admin section and check if any plugin or them require an update. In this case, change the settings of the Status tab → template section. You can find the relevant instructions on this WooCommerce website page.


Customers unable to edit their order on the website

If your customers are unable to edit their club run pack or order on your website, ensure that you have the last version of WordPress and Troly plugin.

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions listed above, please provide the following details (if applicable):

  • your website url
  • a screenshot of the error
  • product link or full name
  • order number

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