Troubleshooting WordPress

Updated on June 18, 2021

The tremendous power behind the Troly-to-Wordpress relationship also means there's a high level of complexity, flexibility and also numerous things that can go wrong if not correctly configured or operated. This article aims to cover the most common scenarios and give you the knowledge to better understand your technology and seek assistance.

Our team may not always be able to take ownership of your specific problem, in most cases, we can point you in the right direction, assist you in getting things sorted with your various services providers. The level of assistance that we can provide also varies if we host, have built or are in the process of developing your website.

This article may be slightly technical

While you don't require technical knowledge such as programming to understand this article, many steps and solutions need a good understanding of WordPress, WordPress Plugins (such as WooCommerce), and WordPress Themes. Additionally having your hosting details handy will help greatly.

In doubt, you should point your web-developer to this article, or see custom website support from Troly, below.

This article also assumes a good understanding of what Troly can do, and how WordPress behaves when connected to Troly. In doubt, review capabilities via Understanding WordPress and also configuration options, via Configuring WordPress. In all cases, an active Troly account is always required.

Make sure your website is compliant!

Before you begin troubleshooting any problem, make sure that your site is fully up-to-date, using the latest WordPress and plugins, and that you have complete, daily backups available in order to revert to if things go terribly wrong. Visit the WordPress version tracking system by clicking Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress Administration panel to review all updates.

While this is less likely to be a problem (your website host tends to take care of this) make sure that you are using a PHP version receiving Active Support, as per PHP: Supported Version.

Is Troly also your website host?

If you have opted for Troly to host your website, then our team is automatically taking care of your security updates and ongoing backups. If this is not the case, you can request for Troly to handle your website hosting and support at Troly: Our Website Solutions.

Issues updating the Troly plugin

In some cases, it is possible for WordPress to prevent updating and even erroneously remove the Troly plugin during the upgrade process. This happens when any update process fails for Troly or any other plugin within WordPress due to incompatible plugins versions or incorrect file system permissions on the server.

If the Troly plugin is not present and/or cannot be activated, consider the following options

Option 1: Manual reinstallation within WordPress

As opposed to automated or manual plugin updates, your first step is to remove Troly completely from WordPress, and reinstall it. To achieve this:

  1. visiting the Plugins page your WordPress administration;
  2. Locate the Troly plugin and click Deactivate (if available);
  3. Locate the Troly plugin and click Delete;
  4. Reinstall and reconfigure the plugin as explained in Configuring WordPress.

Option 2: Uninstall from the server and reinstall from WordPress

In the cases where Option 1 fails, you can forcefully remove the Troly plugin. This is abnormally required WordPress is unable to do so itself (as part of the normal update process) and for some reason. In this case, you simply need to remove the Troly plugin folder using either of these methods to do so:

  • Access your web host Control Panel (also known as CPanel), locate the File Manager section, browse through your website files and remove the correct folder as a below.
  • Install a File Manager plugin in your WordPress (eg. WP File Manager, the free version is sufficient), locate and remove the correct folder, as below, and make sure to uninstall the File Manager plugin installed.
  • Access your website hosting account via FTP or sFTP or SSH in order to locate and remove the correct folder, as below.

Once you have located remove the Troly plugin folder, normally named subscribility/ or troly/ and located inside public_html/wp-content/plugins/, you can remove it before reinstalling the Troly plugin as explained in Configuring WordPress.

Option 3: Check the server logs for installation problems

If you are still unable to install the Troly plugin after trying Option 2, it is likely that the problem lies deeper within your web server or web hosting account configuration. Normally due to incorrect filesystem permissions, PHP versions, or conflict with another library or plugin.

While is this very rare, your best bet, in this case, is to refer to your web developer to enable Debugging in WordPress, and consult both the server and WordPress logs which will clearly indicate the library, folder permission, or configuration causing problems.

Troly-specific Website Problems

Accessing member-only products or pages doesn't work

Products, Customers, Orders and Club details do not sync correctly


Orders appear in WooCommerce but not in Troly

Orders paid in Troly but not in WooCommerce

Shipping prices not correctly calculated or applied

Customers unable to edit their order on the website

If your customers are unable to edit their club run pack or order on your website, ensure that you have the last version of WordPress and Troly plugin.


Product images showed online are not updating in Troly or different from those uploaded in Troly

Firstly, images uploaded in WooCommerce are not pushed to Troly. You must upload images directly in Troly for them to appear on your website, the POS, the Wine Show, and the Tasting Experience.

Secondly, refer to your developer. Different WordPress themes use different methods to display product images and Troly caters to the most common methods of handling images in WooCommerce. A few places to start:

  • Check with your theme developer and confirm your theme is WooCommerce 3.0+ compatible and correctly supports images hosted on a CDN.
  • You can always bypass Troly and upload images directly into the WordPress → Products section. For this make sure the Troly display settings are set to use WooCommerce images.
  • Any caching mechanism configured in WordPress or for your website may cause problems and remember to always clear or temporarily disable your cache.

Product prices (retail, and/or bulk and/or member) are incorrect

Out-of-stock products visible on your website

If you don't want any Out of Stock products to show on your website and if you're using the Stock Control Add-on, make sure to disable the 'Out of Stock' Business Attribute. Also, if you're using the Product Sorting Add-On,  don't tick the 'Show out of Stock products' option.

Products not showing on your website

The Business Attribute 'Visible Online' has to be enabled for each product that you want to make visible on your site.

If the product not showing is a composite product, you will need to confirm that the  "This composite product is pre-packed and its content can never change" option is selected within the product profile.

Customers and Members

General WordPress & WooCommerce Problems

Password or access issues for Staff, Customers, and Members

Troly synchronizes your customers and members with WordPress. Each can logon to your website using their own email address but may not be aware they already have an account to use. Depending on what was communicated.

In all cases, WordPress has a built-in "Forgotten password" link on the login screen. This will send an email to them with a password reset link to click, and chose a new password. Please refer to the WordPress website for more information.

Additionally, consider changing your "Members Welcome", "Useful Links" and the various "Thank You" emails to clearly let them know they may need to pick a password first.

Product images are showing incorrectly

Refer to your website developer. After an update, you may see images altering their appearance slightly. The fix is to edit the Product images setting in WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Displays. Adjust the values until you reach a value where your images no longer appear blurry.

Credit Card Not Showing as a Payment Option on Website/Online Shop

If your payment gateway is correctly configured, you need to ensure that you enable Troly Payments in your site administration → WooCommerce Settings → Checkout → Troly Payments page, and check the 'Enable Troly Payments' box. Please refer to the dedicated article for more information.

If you've customised your website, this can also explain why some payment options are not available.

You may also want to refer to WooCommerce website articles.

Website layout problems

Your website is slow or non-responsive

Shortcodes or square-brackets showing on your website

If you see square brackets code on your site ― also known as WordPress shortcodes ― this is normally due to a plugin not being correctly present or loaded. More advanced troubleshooting will be required. Refer to your website developer.

My website has been hacked!


Plugin update issues

If the WordPress plugin seems to not be updating, there are a few things you can try:

  • Uninstall and re-install the WordPress Add-on. This will clear any information on Troly's side
  • Reconfigure Troly plugin:
    1. Login to your website and open the TrolySettings page
    2. Copy and paste the details from the add-on in Troly
    3. Click on Operations link to set the credentials as per your add-on; save the changes
  • Test the import functionality:
    1. Open the Troly Plugin and click Operations
    2. Click on Import Products; your list of products should now begin to appear
    3. Click on Import Memberships; your club list will start to appear
  • Disable plugins one-by-one to work out where your issue is coming from. This should be regarded as a last line of attack in resolving Troly not functioning correctly; the one exception is that WooCommerce must remain enabled at all times
  • Shortcodes don't render: when diagnosing a shortcode not working from Troly, the first step is to disable all other plugins except WooCommerce and Troly. Ensure that your theme can load the page without incident. Ensure the page itself contains the shortcode, and nothing else. In particular, it cannot be between <pre></pre> and <script></script> tags

Common Problems and Suggested Solutions

Website Layout

Website showing an incorrect layout / white screen 

If your website is showing a blank white page, random lines of text at the top of my pages, products sometimes not showing (or at all), etc. etc., this is due to a misconfiguration of plugins or themes that causes a technical error.

Examine your "error_log" file under your WordPress installation directory to see what is causing the white screen:

  • Accessing Log Files: the Troly plugin will log information to two places: subscribility_log.csv and a date-based txt file in /wp-content/plugins/subscribility/logs folder
    • When there is an error that is reported, your best option is to review the available information in the "Logs" section of the Troly plugin and the technical log folder
  • Folder access: WordPress doesn't allow access directly to the /wp-content/plugins/subscribility/logs folder. You can access this folder via another method (such as FTP or File Manager in cPanel)

The "white screen of death" is normally due to a server configuration. Both WordPress and PHP have debug-mode which will tell you exactly what's happening. Here's how to debug in WordPress. To find the error reporting in PHP, please click here.

Products images

Images from Troly are not showing on WooCommerce store page

Troly will attempt to supply WooCommerce the product image from Troly itself, meaning your theme must be able to use WooCommerce’s engine to access product information, including images.

If images from Troly are not displayed, try the following options:

  • Under TrolySettings, check the Use WooCommerce Images checkbox. This ignores the images supplied by Troly and uses your local images supplied in WooCommerce
    • If you find that images are displaying after enabling this, try re-uploading your images into Troly
  • Visit /shop/ to test if your theme can show images. By default, WooCommerce will show all products visible on this page with images. Images loading on this page mean there is a theme-specific issue with your WordPress installation

Shopping experience & orders issues

Products not appearing on the shop page

Products Business Attributes must be manually enabled as Visible online in Troly to sync to your WordPress site. Once enabled, your products are synchronized almost instantaneously in the WooCommerce product database.

You can forcefully re-import products by pulling them in the Troly plugin.

Products that continue to not appear must not:

  • Be in the WooCommerce Trash
  • Has their catalog visibility set to anything other than Shop or Shop/ Catalog?

Products added to cart from the shop page not appearing in the cart

  • Try in different browser: normally if it works in one browser but not the other, then the problem is likely to be linked with a plugin installed in the browser, or in some rare cases, incorrect HTML in your theme
  • Try in an incognito tab to verify the above
  • Troly can not control the way products are showing up in the cart. The Troly Plugin is only responsible for data synchronization and creates a template that you can override for the wine-club signup form
  • The WooCommerce checkout form, like anything in WordPress, can be changed (edited from WordPress)
  • Themes installed on website normally only defines colors, and in some rare cases overrides some standard HTML like the wine-club form and WooCommerce form

WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities warning message

If you are currently using WordPress for your website, you can install the Min/Max Quantities extension in WooCommerce. Find the step by step instructions in this online Woocommerce help page. It will help you to set up a warning message for customers trying to order less than the minimum required quantity (see section 'What the customer sees').

Pending orders in WooCommerce but paid in Troly

If you notice that some orders go over to Troly as 'paid', but stay pending in WooCommerce, this is because the order hasn't yet been dispatched in Troly. The order will always show as 'pending' in WooCommerce until it's dispatched in Troly.

Note that you may have a setting enabled in WooCommerce that automatically cancels pending orders after a certain amount of time. Please go to your WordPress admin panel > WooCommerce > Settings > Inventory > Hold stock (minutes). You may set this field to blank to ensure that no pending orders are canceled (before they are dispatched in Troly, or if you manually cancel them in Troly). Press 'Save changes'.

Product issues

Archived products displayed online

If this happens, go into WooCommerceProducts and set the Out of stock visibility setting to Hide out of stock items from the catalog.

Archived products show in my product database

To prevent issues with Troly, WooCommerce and customer orders, we do not delete products from your WooCommerce database when you archive them. Instead, we remove the Visible Online tag to hide it from your customers.

An older site does not show products correctly

Ensure that you are running compatible WordPress and WooCommerce versions, that you have updated the WooCommerce data store (if prompted) and your Troly add-on is correctly configured.

Changes made to products in WooCommerce are not reflected in Troly

Changes made to any products should be made in Troly only. The plugin does not allow syncing products both ways. That means updating the price, images or descriptions of a product in WooCommerce will not be pushed back to Troly.

Products are not appearing in the WooCommerce Products database

Troly attempts to PUT to If products are not appearing, have your developer attempt to manually call this page.

.htaccess files are often incorrectly configured and will "Deny All". Please ensure that this page is accessible and that your site administrator has configured your PHP files with the correct permission settings.

Unable to add new products to WooCommerce after activating the plugin

Troly is considered as the 'source of truth' for product information. Whilst the plugin does allow on-demand exporting of products, products have to be added in Troly before customizing certain WordPress-specific aspects (such as images in an image gallery).

Non-pre-packed products are not supported

Only pre-packed products are supported in WordPress at this time.

Removed product(s) are still showing after removing the Visible Online tag in Troly

To ensure that your WooCommerce orders are not negatively impacted, Troly doesn't delete products in WooCommerce. Instead, we stop updating them if they only exist in your WooCommerce product database. If your products are still showing, you may:

  • Be running a custom storefront with specifically-chosen products on certain pages. Review your page setup to ensure you have removed any "shortcodes" from the various pages on your site that reference these products
  • You may have to manually alter the product visibility in WooCommerce; other plugins may interfere with this, so be wary of changing this has no effect

Product prices

Prices are all zero

Ensure prices in Troly are correct before reviewing pricing. The Troly plugin overrides the default WooCommerce pricing mechanism, meaning that prices listed in WooCommerce are ignored.

Showing membership pricing alongside retail pricing

Troly ships with two template files you can use to customize your theme. These files allow you to modify the price of a product as it appears in a catalog and as a single product.

The files can be found under:


The two folders correspond to where the price is shown:

  • Loop is shown where a [products] shortcode is used,
  • Single is shown when a [product] shortcode is used or the page is the single product page.

Contact a developer to find out how you can customize such templates. We also offer website customizations.


Shipping options not working

Refer to Configuring WordPress to make sure you have set up your WooCommerce Shipping Zones correctly. Once this is confirmed, open Troly to confirm you have a shipping provider installed and configured your shipping options.

If a carrier does not support certain address types, customers entering these address types may find a shipping error is returned instead of pricing.

Set your WooCommerce Store to show the shipping fees on the check out only (not on the shopping page). Attempting to display the shipping fees before checking out may create problems due to some carriers requiring a suburb.

International delivery Woocommerce option

If a customer located on the other side of the world is unable to buy your products, take a look at your WordPress admin dashboard and go to your WooCommerce settings. Under "General Options" you can set which countries to sell/ship to. Make sure to set up this delivery zone in Troly as well (Shipping Configuration add-on).

Customer profile issues

Delivery instructions are not communicated from WordPress to Troly

1. Check that the plugin is correctly installed and configured
2. See if the details are coming from WordPress (Troly plugin) to Troly as described in this paragraph.

Customers unable to edit their personal details online

If details are “reverting back” this is normally an indicator of “details not being saved in Troly”, ie, only in the website, and Troly synchronizes/ overwrites subsequently. This may be due to to the WordPress plugin "not talking to" Troly properly. Clarify whether any of the “push” operations (Website → Troly) are succeeding. Website log file may be able to highlight any errors.

Customers/Members password create/reset

WordPress requires using strong passwords: the password should be at least twelve characters long. To make it stronger, one should use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! " ? $ % ^ & ). This said, someone can totally create a password such as "Letmeordersomewine" and this will be considered as a strong password by WordPress. No need for something like "jal43#Koo%a" (to quote the example from WordPress, this password is very easy for a computer to break and very difficult for a human to remember and type).

You maybe want to consider adding the above as an example on your Members Login page so it will look less daunting for your Members when they have to create/reset their own password. See the WordPress password help page for more information.

Membership options

Memberships not appearing when trying to sign up on my website

The only membership types allowed exported from Troly to WordPress are those whose visibility is Public. These memberships must also be correctly configured in Troly or customers will be unable to sign up correctly.

Information synchronized with the website from Troly

Stock Level
Business attributes
Product Description
Tasting notes
Tag Line

Create an option to require a minimum purchase requirement

To set a minimum purchase requirement for each order placed,  refer to the Min/Max documentation on WooCommerce.

Create an option to require purchases in multiples

It is common to require purchases as multiples of 6 or 12 bottles. The following code can be placed in your "function.php" file:

// check that cart items quantities totals are in multiples of 6
add_action( 'woocommerce_check_cart_items', 'woocommerce_check_cart_quantities' );
function woocommerce_check_cart_quantities() {  
  $multiples = 6;
  $total_products = 0;
  foreach ( WC()->cart->get_cart() as $cart_item_key => $values ) {
    $total_products += $values['quantity'];
  if ( ( $total_products % $multiples ) > 0 )
    wc_add_notice( sprintf( __('You need to buy in quantities of %s products', 'woocommerce'), $multiples ), 'error' );

// Limit cart items with a certain shipping class to be purchased in multiple only
add_action( 'woocommerce_check_cart_items', 'woocommerce_check_cart_quantities_for_class' );
function woocommerce_check_cart_quantities_for_class() {  
  $multiples = 6;  
  $class = 'bottle';
  $total_products = 0;
  foreach ( WC()->cart->get_cart() as $cart_item_key => $values ) {
   $product = get_product( $values['product_id'] );
   if ( $product->get_shipping_class() == $class ) {
      $total_products += $values['quantity'];

if ( ( $total_products % $multiples ) > 0 )
  wc_add_notice( sprintf( __('You need to purchase bottles in quantities of %s', 'woocommerce'), $multiples ), 'error' );

Pages edit issues

Pages cannot be edited

If you are using Cornerstone or another third-party editor, you may encounter issues after updating when pages will suddenly stop loading.

A common cause of this issue is your WordPress installation not being configured to take advantage of the available memory provisioned by your hosting provider.

In your "wp-config.php" file, add the following lines:

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M' );

Save and reload your editor: pages should now load. If you are continuing to get unexpected errors, contact your hosting provider.

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

Shipping issues

Please provide the following information before contacting us about a WordPress shipping issue:

  • Is the shipping carrier Add-On in question currently installed in Troly? Is the Add-on fully set up?
  • Do all the shipping fields have the right values on the online checkout page?
  • Are you able to cost a shipment in Troly using this carrier?
  • If not, are you able to cost to a different address using this carrier? If not, please tell us what the shipping address is.
  • Have you selected the "cheapest option" as the shipping provider in the Business settings page?

General issues

When you contact us after trying the initial troubleshooting steps, please provide the following details:

  • Your website URL
  • A screenshot of the issue encountered (from your website)
  • A screenshot of the corresponding element in Troly (product page, shipping configuration page, business attributes, etc, etc.)
  • Error messages

Types of support offered by Troly


If the error relates to your theme, a fee will be applied by us should you require our services to fix any issue. Contact the theme developer-first if things appear to be broken.


Please refer to the WordPress White Screen of Death article from WordPress on how to resolve common issues or get in touch with your site developer. Also ensure that your hosting provider meets these requirements.

Troly offers customizations for WordPress sites, billed by the hour. Get in touch with us or check out our website offerings.

Requesting Help from Troly

While our team is happy to help, it's unfortunately not always possible to do so effectively if our team didn't build your website. Due to the outstanding variety of configurations and options in WordPress that your web developer may have chosen, it is sometimes easier to work with your current provider.

Additionally, if Troly is not your Website Host then our hands are quite also tied.

While we are happy to help, understand that in either of those cases, we may not be able to in a very short timeframe and will only do so at a cost.

Making working together easier

If Troly is not hosting your website, you will be charged $85 for our team to look at any problem on your site. Before we can assist with any website-related issue, you must first ensure that:

  • you have created an administrator on your website using the email address [email protected]
  • your site and all plugins are up-to-date and a full backup was taken and is available to be restored (filesystem & database)
  • you have access and are prepared to share Control Panel access credentials with us, or able to create a Control Panel Administrator using the email address [email protected].

If you would like for Troly to host your website simply fill the form at and someone will contact you.

Information required when contacting our team

How our team supports your website

ServiceTroly is
hosting your website
Troly is
not hosting
your site
Problems with Data Sync (orders, products, clubs)includedat cost
Changes to user experience, content, branding or "look and feel"at costno
Add new functionality, plugin or capability to your siteat costno
Update WordPress and/or plugins on your site (excluding website theme)includedno
Restore a previous version of your siteincludedno

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