Troubleshooting Shipping Issues

Updated on May 18, 2019

If you experience some issues with the shipping process or any of your shipments, you may want to have a look at the common situations listed below in case they solve your problem.

If no scenario seem to cover your situation, make sure that you provide us with the relevant details when contacting us so we can assist you efficiently.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

If one of the features that you're editing do not seem to work as expected, if there is a problem at any stage of the work-flow, or if there is a problem with a shipment, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Shipping Configuration Not Saving

  • Make sure you're not trying to edit an order that has already been paid.
  • Try modifying your order by increasing/decreasing the quantity.
  • Try to see if you experience the same problem in a private browser session.

Order Is Not Saving Shipping Rates

  • Ensure that customer details are entered correctly
  • Remove all the details in the Suburb, State, Postcode and Country
  • Re-enter the details and ensure you click the drop-down suggestion that appears.
  • Try to see if you experience the same problem in a private browser session.

Labels generating issue

  • If you believe the labels were duplicated for a customer, verify the order number, the number of cartons and ensure they are not excess labels.
  • If the labels are not generating, but you have received the label summary in the document centre:
    • verify that the suburb registered in the mailing address is saved in the correct format.
    • wait a few hours and try again as it could be due to a temporary issue on the provider's side.

Job Queued

  • Wait a few minutes and refresh the page.
  • Try to log out and log back in.
  • Refer to the document center to see if the job has been completed and relevant documents generated.

Error messages

Please visit our System Error Messages and Solutions article. You will find several screenshots of common error messages displayed in Troly. For each error message, we guide you towards the corresponding resolution steps.

Common Problems and Suggested Solutions


Returning a Case When Incorrect Content Was Received

In the rare occurrence where a customer would receive an incorrect case content due to a misunderstanding pick and the stock had to be returned, we will organise a shipping label manually for you if you use one of Troly's Shipping Accounts.

Please refer to our Damage Claims or Troly Group Shipping Accounts articles for more information.

Damaged parcel Claims

If you are notified by a customer that they received a damage claim, you only need to fill the damage claims form (Troly Group Shipping Accounts only) and we will take care of the issue on your behalf. For more information, please refer to our Damage Claims article.

If you're using your own shipping account and agreement, please refer to this table. We've listed lots of handy links for you there.

Shipping Configuration

New Shipping Fee is Not applied to the Region

If you're trying to apply a new shipping fee and the fee is not applied when saved, make sure the order hasn't been paid. If it is paid, you will not be able to apply the new fee.

To ensure that your fee is correctly updated, we recommend that you modify your order by increasing the quantity +1 (the system will recalculate) and then decreasing the quantity -1.

If that doesn't work, ensure that you've entered the fee in the correct field All or Metro. If you ship a parcel to a Non-Metro area, the fee needs to be included in All and to a Metro area in Metro. To review the table of post codes included in metro versus non-metro areas, please follow this link.

For more information regarding Shipping Configuration, refer to the dedicated article.

All Shipment Orders Were Converted Into Pick-Up Orders

When you click the Bulk Actions, the system automatically assumes that you're willing to take action on all orders, in bulk. A message will also appear to indicate that your action will affect X amount of orders.

If it happened that you've converted all your shipment orders to pick up, go through the same procedure but this time from OperationsPick Ups . To learn more about Bulk Actions, please visit our dedicated article.

Incorrect Number of Shipping Parcels Calculated

When you ship parcels to your customers, Troly automatically calculates the shipping costs for you and will pick the most relevant packaging option for each orders. It may happen that many boxes are created for a single shipments.

  • Go to Add On Shipping configuration Add On and verify the weight and dimensions applied to each box configured. To help you reviewing the settings, please read our Configuring Shipping Configuration Add-on article.
  • Please note you are able to manually change the carton size on the order itself under Carton Size before the order is paid. If your order is already completed, you won't be able to edit it.
  • Troly will calculate the parcel size using weights and dimensions of a product, combined with the order quantities specified in an order.

Configure your products correctly: If you have a 'case' / 'pack' product that does not have any sub-products, Troly will see this as 'one' product (i.e. a single bottle) and allocate a parcel / carton accordingly. It is important that you ensure a 'case' or 'pack' product is a composite product with the correct number of sub-products added and quantities specified.

Shipping Carrier not Available in the Preferred Shipping Carrier drop Down List

If you can't see the carrier that you wish to set as your preferred carrier in the drop down list, it's most likely that you have not installed the add-on.

Visit the Add-ons page, install the add-on, add the configurations details and go back to  the Business Settings page.

Feel free to read our Shipping Carriers Configuration article for more information.

Orders Not Dispatched Need an Update (Troly Group Shipping Accounts)

If for any reasons you need to cancel (refund) an order to a customer but the order isn't marked as dispatched yet, please note that the postage fees hasn't been charged to you yet, they are only shown as indicative. The postage fees are charged to you once you click Dispatch.

Too Many Labels Created For Pick Up Orders

This applies if you're using the Pickup Labels Add-on.

One pick up label is generated per carton and not per order. You may end up with several labels associated to one order. Depending on your Shipping Configuration Add-On settings, Troly will always select the most accurate way to pack the bottles, and try to fit the most bottles in the least amount of carton.

Labels Not Printing or Generating

If you try to process your labels, but they don't print or are not generated in the document center whilst you still receive a label summary, it could be due to a temporary issue at the shipping provider end.

Please wait a few minutes and try again.

Try to process one order, and try to process fewer orders.

Delivery Notes For Authority to Leave

The delivery instructions don't impact on the 'Signature Required' settings. If you want to ensure that your parcels are delivered with authority to leave, you need to change your shipping carrier Add-Ons configuration before creating an order or club run, look for the 'Signature Required section and select 'No'.

You can also manually change each customer record (if needed) so that they always or never require a signature.

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (if applicable):

  • order number
  • label number
  • name of the carrier
  • a screenshot of your shipping settings
  • a screenshot of the issue

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