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Troubleshooting Products And Inventory Issues

Updated on October 15, 2020

If you've created products in Troly and experience issues with the initial setup or at any step of the workflow, we suggest that you first perform some basic troubleshooting as it could solve your problem immediately.

Once you've confirmed that your configuration has been done correctly and that you're not overlooking some requirements, you may also find useful to review the common issues experienced by other users with the suggested solutions.

We're actively documenting our help centre so if you haven't found the solution to your problem, contact us and we'll investigate the matter for you. To ensure that we have the required information to assist you and save back and forth communications, refer to 'Before you contact Support' section and add all relevant details to your query.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

If your products are not available, displayed properly or causing issues, try the following troubleshooting steps to rule out a few common mistakes. Verify that your products:

  • have available stock
  • aren't archived in Troly
  • have the right Business Attributes tags enabled, find more in this article

If you receive a specific error message, refer to this article.

Common Problems and Suggested Solutions

Club run order picked the wrong membership case

Verify that the fallback product associated with the membership case is correctly selected within the product detail page itself.

Also, note that the fallback product will be used if you click this option when creating a bulk order:  Use the selected composite product unless there is a previous order that can be copied across and used as a guide. As a result, if your selected composite product wasn't backed-up with a valid fallback product, the content of the club run notification won't be accurate.

No access to common Business Attributes

If your product was originally created as a Non Physical product, the Business Attributes  displayed in the product page will be different as this type of product don't have the same particularities as regular products like wine. Please refer to this article for more information.

Unable to delete a product

In Troly, products can be archived but not deleted. See this article to find all information and details in regards to archived products.

Composite product price is not accurate

Composite products are automatically priced depending on the single products prices (single products that are included in the composite product). You can override the composite product price directly from the pricing page in Troly. See this article for more details.

Unable to adjust the stock level in Troly

You can adjust the stock directly from the product page in Troly.
Simply search for your product in Troly → Products and click the Pricing & stock tab.
Here, you can adjust the unit number in the Stock Levels section.
Please note that if you only see a Pricing tab when visiting your product pages in Troly, this means that you haven't yet installed the Stock Control Add-on. Please refer to this article and follow the instructions if you need.

Product information updates not saving

When you update product information such as the Tag Line, make sure to let the system save the information. To double check this, see the small message at the top of the page. It should say "Saving...", "Loading..." and then "Finished".

Product not correctly categorised online

If you notice that the product isn't displayed in the right category on the Wine Show and the Tasting Experience pages, review the way products are sorted in the Product Sorting Add-on as per our configuring article. Also, please make sure to review the sorting category in Products > Product Information.

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

Assistance required

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (if applicable):

  • product full name
  • product configuration (composite product, stock, business attributes..)
  • product price
  • a screenshot of the issue
  • fallback product name

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