Troubleshooting Payment Issues

Updated on May 31, 2019

This article as it contains common situations and answers that will help solve your problem in the unlikely event you’ve encountered an issue with payment transactions in Troly.

In event you still have an error and it has not been fixable after reading this guide please contact us with specific details so we can assist you quickly resolving it.

Initial Troubleshooting steps

If you're unable to complete an operation related to payments, try the following troubleshooting step to rule out a few common mistakes:

  • Try to see if you experience the same problem in a private browser session when conducting the same steps
  • Error messages: visit our System Error Messages and Solutions article. You'll find several screenshots of common error messages displayed in Troly. If any error message comes up, we'll guide you towards the corresponding resolution steps.

Common Problems and Suggested Solutions

Bank transfer

Delayed/missing bank transfers

Troly remits funds over to you daily and you should receive the funds in your bank account within 24 to 48 business hours from the moment you receive our 'Bank transfer completed' email.

👉 Please note that due to bank holidays, bank processing time, weekends and other intra-bank issues, funds may sometimes take up to 5 business days to arrive to you.

See below for more details:

  • Day 0: Your customer's credit card is charged (this is when you confirm the order payments in Troly)
  • Day 0: Troly reconciles the payments, the sales are processed and they show in your End of Period report in Troly.
  • Day 1: Your customers payments are being processed. It requires 24 hours maximum for the funds to flow from your customers cards to Troly's bank partner.
  • Day 2: The funds are sent from our banking partner to your bank account. This is when we send the 'Bank transfer completed' email to you. This email is sent to inform that the money is on its way to your bank. From there, it may take up to 5 business days for the money to land into your bank account.

Generate an End of Period report from Operations ReportsEnd of Period ReportGenerate (select 'from' and 'to' dates) and look at the Expected External Deposits section. where you'll see all the funds expected to be received in your bank account including: bank transfers from, EFTPOS, Cash, cheque and Offline payments.

If there is any bank transfer there that's missing from your bank account after the bank processing time frame mentioned above, please contact us specifying the Processed Reference number. You may find this reference by going to Operations ReportsTransactions Generate. Once your report is generated, filter the Transaction type by Funds - Bank Transfer.

Another thing to check is the bank account details entered in your gateway add-on page. Make sure this is up-to-date at all time to avoid any delay. We advise up to 5 business days for transfers to go through. Please get in touch with Troly if the funds are still not received 5 business days after the transfer was initiated. The date of the transfer is the one displayed in your Transaction report.

Transaction missing from bank transfer

In this case, please check what the payment method was for this particular transaction. The best way to check this is to verify the invoice associated with the order. On the invoice, under Payment Received, you may find out that the payment was processed by cash, EFTPOS or offline payment. In this case, the payment hasn't gone through the online payment gateway and therefore hasn't reached your bank account via a Troly bank transfer.

You can cross check this specific transaction by generating a End of Period report from Operations ReportsEnd of Period ReportGenerate (select 'from' and 'to' dates) and look at the   Expected External Deposits section. In this section, you'll see all the funds expected to be received in your bank account including: bank transfers from, EFTPOS, Cash, cheque and Offline payments.

Orders Payments and Refunds

Check that a payment has been processed only once

Visit your customer's Activity pageFeed section. Filter the Activity Description type by Payments to see the list of payments processed.

If the payment appears only once and your customer claims otherwise, ask them to provide a screenshot of their bank statement showing the date, time and transaction ID, and send it to us along with a screenshot of their activity feed showing the transaction.

Note that if the order has been pre-authorised, your customer may have been mistaken by the way the transactions (pre-authorisation and payment) are displayed on their bank statement.

A customer hasn't received their refund yet

When you refund an order to one of your customers, Troly transmit the information to your customer's bank immediately, therefore the refund is effective immediately. You're able to verify this thanks to the "success" message popping up in Troly once you pressed the Refund button.

However, the client's credit card-issuing bank will sometimes hold onto the funds from 24 hours up to 5 business days. Your customer may call their bank directly if in doubt. You may want to refer to our Refund and Cancel Orders article for more detailed information.

If the order has been pre-authorised but not paid for yet, this means your customer shouldn't be expecting a refund. However, the pre-authorisation that may appear on their statement will be voided within 5 business days. Note that you are able to cancel a pre-authorisation (if processed less than 5 business days ago) directly from the single order page. Simply click Cancel Authorisation:

Unable to refund an order

If this happens, check if the order has been paid for in the first place (the activity feed will help you to find out). Troly prevents any unpaid orders to be refunded, in which case, your only option will be to cancel the order (or cancel the pre-authorisation if any).

If you're trying to refund one or several orders from the Operation page using the bulk options, you need to click Bulk Actions and then select Cancel Orders. There is a note indicating that paid orders will be refunded.

You can also filter the Operations order list by Status Payment errors only to view all the failed payments. Click on the error icon to read the full error message:

From the order detail page itself, you may see an error message at the top indicating a problem with processing the payment. The Refund button isn't available at this stage so your option here is to press Cancel instead. You can also edit your order, send a notification or delay the order if it's more relevant to the situation you and your customer are in. If the order has been pre-authorised, you may cancel the pre-authorisation. Simply click Cancel Authorisation.

For more information about declined payments, please see our dedicated article.

Unable to locate a customer transaction

If your customer confirms that '' or 'Your Wine Club Darlinghurst' appears on their bank statement, but you're unable to locate the transaction on their Activity Feed, the transaction could be recorded as a 'Guest Customer'.

Go on the Customers page, type 'Guest Customer' in the search field and go onto its Activity Feed. Filter the 'Activity Description' by 'Payment Type' and try to locate the $XX transaction with the date (DD/MM/YY).

If you can't locate the transaction, ask your customer to contact their bank to find the transaction authorisation code and send it to us.

Order has been pre-authorised more than 5 days ago

Please note that the orders that have been pre-authorised will be automatically reverted to the 'Confirmed' and 'Awaiting payment' status when the authorisation has expired 5 days after the pre-authorisation took place. The orders will be re-categorised in the Operation page and will be found under the 'Awaiting payment' status filter.

Note that you are able to cancel the pre-authorisation (if processed less than 5 business days ago) directly from the single order page. Simply click Cancel Authorisation.

Troly payment gateway error messages

  • card_declined: the card has been declined. You may reach out to your customer and ask them to update their credit card details if necessary.
  • insufficient_funds: insufficient funds to complete the charge. You may ask your customer to pay with a different payment method.
  • suspected_fraud: the transaction was flagged as possibly fraudulent and subsequently declined. Your customer needs to contact their bank and ask them to allow the transaction. You should then be able to charge the order again in Troly.
  • expired_card: the card has expired. Your customer needs to update their credit card details.

Bank statement

Customers Dispute Transaction Due to Unclear Business Name on their Bank Statement

If you are using the Standard Payment gateway and receive disputed transactions from your customers because they don't recognise 'Your Wine Club' you can rectify the situation by configuring the Advanced Payment gateway add-on. This allows you to label your transaction with your legal name.


Wrong currency displayed in Troly

By default, the currency displayed in Troly is "$". If you'd like to see another currency symbol in Troly, please contact us ( with a list of all the pages that need to be updated (End of Period report, invoices, order pages, etc.).

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (if applicable to your current issue):

  • the Payment Gateway add-on you're currently using in Troly
  • pre-authorisation, refund or payment dates (as shown in the Activity Feed)
  • a screenshot of the error message, if any
  • the order number
  • payment method used for the order (online, offline)
  • transaction reference number (for bank transfers only)

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