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Troubleshooting Edm Issues

Updated on June 11, 2019

If you're experiencing some issues with marketing emails or marketing campaigns Add Ons, it's important to first double check a few settings to see if there's a quick fix to your issue.

Once you've executed the initial verification, review the list of common issues in case you can find the solution to your problem.

If the common scenarios don't fully resolve the issue, contact us with the specific details about your issue so we can assist you efficiently.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

If a customer isn't receiving your marketing emails, or if you notice some discrepancies between the customers details in Troly and your EDM interface, try the following troubleshooting steps to rule out a few common mistakes:

  • Go to the Customers page in Troly and start typing your customer's name in the search bar. The issue is that sometimes, more than one profile was created for a specific customer. In this case, please visit this article.
  • Go through the Add-On configuration articles to verify that your settings are correct as it may be a synchronisation issue.
  • Verify if the email address is different in Troly and your EDM, particularly uppercase versus lowercase.
  • Verify on the customer's Account details page, if the box 'Subscribed to newsletter' is ticked or not.

Common Problems and Suggested solutions

Duplicate customer profiles created in Troly

Troly will attempt to match your EDM contact to a Troly customer based on the email address.

Email Address Case Sensitivity: when synchronising with an EDM, Troly will see two different records between "[email protected]" and "C[email protected]".

The reason for this is due to some email providers respecting the email standard that states there is a difference between the two. This means it is entirely possible for a customer to sign up with an address spelt the same but with different capitalisation.

After the first synchronisation, Troly will push a SUBSID field to your EDM. This contains the customer record ID that you can cross-check when exporting a customer from Troly. Learn more here if you wish to delete a customer.

Addresses and phone numbers synchronisation issue

The customers contact details (phone, address etc.) saved in your EDM are not automatically synchronised when you install an EDM Add-On. You need to export this data from your EDM and import it into Troly using the Customer Import functionality.

Duplicate information

Troly can only be connected to a single master list at a time. Therefore, campaigns should be created using segments from the main list instead of managing separate lists.

The synced list to Troly should not be changed as this would result in all contacts from one list being copied onto another list and possibly duplicate information.

Membership not synced

If your customer's membership isn't synced in your EDM: take a look at your customer's profile page in Troly to see if the membership is not suspended or on hold. If needed, change the membership settings in Troly.

Email address not showing

Refer to your EDM's help centre on how to diagnose email addresses not saving to your list. When an email is present in Troly, it is often the case that your EDM has flagged it as an email that is spammy, consistently bounces or has forcefully requested to not appear in their platform.

Emails not changing

When exporting customers' email addresses to your EDM, the system will attempt to update these email addresses in Troly. The only exception to this rule is title case changes. You may see that "[email protected]" is present in Troly and "C[email protected]" is present in your EDM.

You will need to manually correct either Troly or the EDM email. In Troly, simply make the change on the left hand side box of any customer profile page:

Other details not changing

If you are noticing that names or addresses are not updating in your EDM, please allow at least 24 hours before getting in touch with us.

Unsubscribe to newsletter events

When a customer clicks the 'Unsubscribe' email, Troly will be notified of this. Troly then alters their 'Newsletter' status in CustomerAccount DetailsCommunication:

We will also create an Activity Stream item to record them un-subscribing in CustomerActivityFeed:

Note that if a Customer receives a Membership email after cancelling their Membership, please check your EDM list and see if the Customer has indeed been removed from your Members list. Also, please uncheck the "Subscribed to newsletter" option in Troly. Removing the option in your EDM will not update the information in Troly.

Bounced email events

When your EDM reports an email as bouncing, it may attempt to re-send later. If this fails again, or if your EDM does not support deferred sending, it will let you know in your EDM's dashboard. Troly will be notified of this and update the customer's email to "Bounced" in the Activity Feed section of your customer's profile page. This will also create a Personal Task for you to review their email.

Please note that a bounced email may occur because one of two reasons; either the email address is invalid or there is some type of server error. A dropped email can occur because the receiver may have marked it as spam, or has possibly unsubscribed from receiving emails from the sender. This can also happen after repeated bounces.

It is possible for an email to bounce when an email address is correct. If the response doesn't say the email is invalid, you should be able to try and resend the email. Sometimes, with less common email providers, an inbox may be full. In this case, the email would bounce until the receiver has made some room in their inbox.

Before You Contact Us

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to the relevant team, be sure to provide an in-depth summary of your issue so we can quickly identify the problem and work to resolve it right away for you.

Assistance required

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (if applicable):

  • A screenshot of the issue
  • Customer's name, email address
  • Full URLs, links

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