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Troubleshooting Customers Details

Updated on August 18, 2020

If you've encountered an issue with customers details, customer membership details or with customers import and export, it's important to check a few key settings to troubleshoot it.

Once you've executed the initial verification, we recommend you review the below list of common issues to help you seek a solution to your problem.

If the common scenarios are of no avail, please contact us with the specific details about your issue so we can assist you efficiently.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

If a customer isn't correctly set up in Troly, or if a customer reports any log in issues, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Customer details

  • Go to the Customers page in Troly and start typing your customer's name in the search bar. The issue may be that more than one profile was created for a specific customer. In this case, please visit this article to fix the problem.
  • If you're using an EDM Add-On, please refer to this article.

Login problem

  • If your customer has login issues, ask your customer to use https://app.troly.io/taste/[yourcompanyname] to try and log in their customer account. There is a Trouble to sign in link that will prompt them to recover their password.

Refunds, Invoices, Updates, etc.

  • Check the customer's Activity → Feed section. All the events associated with this customer are recorded in there.

Common Problems and Suggested solutions

Single customer issues

Unable to view the "Create an Order" or "Create a Shipment" options

You must be in full-screen to view these options, as the content on the left side of the page does not scroll.

Address not saving or incomplete

When typing the mailing address in the Delivery, suburb, postcode, state and country field on the customer profile, the system automatically validates it by suggesting the right format via a drop-down menu. Type a few letters, wait for the correct address to appear in the drop-down, select it and wait until it's saved.

The Delivery, Street Number and Name is to include only the unit number, door and street address.

Customer not receiving any order notification emails

  1. Confirm the customer has only one profile.
  2. Check if their email address is valid. To do so, visit the customer Activity page → Feed and filter the entries by Emails sent or Received. This shows any bounced email with the following error message: 
  3. Call the customer to verify that their email address needs an update, that their inbox isn't full and that nothing else is harming them from receiving your emails.
  4. Once you confirm the email address is valid, click the Resend button in the customer's Activity Feed to resend the bounced emails.

Customer's name or email address not updating in Troly

You keep changing the information in Troly but the information keeps reverting back to the old ones?

If you're using an EDM Add On in Troly (such as MailChimp), you should also update the email address or name in your EDM interface to synchronize the data.

Bear in mind that, if you've connected Troly with MailChimp for example, anytime you create a new customer or update existing customers details in Troly, it’ll be pushed immediately to your MailChimp list. In return, the updates made in MailChimp are synchronized daily and are reflected in your Troly account (this may take up to 24 hours for the changes to be complete).

Deleting "fake" customer profiles in bulk

Troly doesn't provide for instant deleting of customer profiles. However, if you accidentally imported a list of fake customer email addresses in Troly, go to the Customers page and click Export to export your complete customers' list. Then, identify all the customers that need to be removed and send it to us via email or live chat as an attachment.

Duplicate customer profiles created in Troly

This may happen if you're using an EDM Add-on (such as MailChimp): Troly will attempt to match your EDM contact to a Troly customer based on the email address.

Email Address Case Sensitivity: when synchronizing with an EDM, Troly will see two different records between "customer@example.com" and "Customer@example.com". Make sure to review the email address in your EDM and in Troly. Please see our dedicated Troubleshooting EDM issues article for further details.

You can also learn more here if you wish to delete a customer. If you notice a lot of duplicates, please contact us at help@troly.io and we will remove the obsolete profiles from your Troly account.

Customers already registered in Troly but fail to log in their customer profile page

When members are already registered but do not have a password yet, we recommend that they click the Trouble signing in link that appears below the Sign-in button. Members can then reset their password from the automated email received in their inbox. In their email provider inbox, they'll receive a link to reset their password:

By clicking the Change my password link, they can then type any password of their choice (they don't need their old password): This will allow them to log into their account.

Unable to find a customer in Troly

Customers may remove their details from their own online customer account. Only the first name can not be removed. Customers (and yourself) cannot remove customer profile pages from Troly. If you can not find a customer in Troly, try to search in Troly by their first name as a last resort (as this is the information that can't be deleted). To remove their own info, customers log in to their customer profile and simply remove the content from the fields. Each time an update is made on their account, it is automatically saved.

Customer's profile picture

Regarding the profile picture, your customer may have saved this picture in a 'Gravatar' account. The picture would be in this case linked to the email address they use to log in their account. Customers are able to log in their customer's account with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so the picture may also be coming from one of these accounts.

Import/export customers issues

Failed import

If you receive this error message, your data may not be in the right format or your customers' details may be invalid. If there are any errors during the import, no data will be imported or updated.

Click  Review 'X' Customers to see the problems that need to be corrected for your import to be successful. You need to resolve all errors in your spreadsheet before re-importing the file.

Issue with date and numbers format in the spreadsheet

Spreadsheet applications often try to format numbers and dates in a certain way (e.g. you enter a phone number as "04###" and it removed the first zero "4###"). To avoid this, make sure the column is in "plain text" format, as opposed to numeric. For more information, please refer to this article about Excel (step 3.3).

Credit card data format issue in the spreadsheet

The credit card numbers looks like "#### #### #### 1234" in the CSV report because the data is encrypted. If you re-import the record as it is, the credit card details will remain unchanged in the database.

We don't export CVV/CVC numbers into the CSV file as it's considered very sensitive information.

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you most efficiently and escalate your issue to our Investigation Team should need to arise, it's crucial we receive ll vital details concerning your issue.

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (as applicable):

  • order number
  • error message
  • screenshot of the issue
  • customer name or email address

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