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Troubleshooting Club Runs Issues

Updated on August 18, 2020

If you're doing your club run and experience issues with the initial setup or at any step of the workflow, we suggest that you first perform some basic troubleshooting as it could solve your problem immediately.

Once you've confirmed that your configuration has been done correctly and that you're not overlooking some requirements, you may also find useful to review the common issues experienced by other users with the suggested solutions.

We're actively documenting our help center so if you haven't found the solution to your problem, contact us and we'll investigate the matter for you. To ensure that we have the required information to assist you and save back and forth communications, refer to 'Before you contact Support' section and add all relevant details to your query.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

If your club run  seems not working as expected, try the following troubleshooting steps to rule out a few common mistakes:

  • Ensure your products are Visible Online and Visible in Tasting.
  • Ensure that your club run allows/or not customers to edit their order.
  • Double-check the 'before date' when creating a bulk order
  • Download a Commitment report to crosscheck membership information
  • Look for any suspended, canceled or skipped membership orders
  • Check your Membership Add-on selected options
  • Try to see if you experience the same problem in a private 'incognito' browser session when completing the same steps.

Common Problems and Suggested Solutions

Emails and Notifications issues

Sending Reminders Once the Club Run Has Started

To send reminders only to those who are yet to confirm their orders, use the Create Bulk Order feature and select Only Members with a scheduled upcoming shipment. This will avoid confusion to members who've already confirmed their order and filled their membership delivery slot.

A customer hasn't received their confirmation email regarding a club run order

When creating a bulk order, you need to select Members WILL  be notified via email/SMS in the Notification section. This is how it looks like in Troly:

Also, check if you've selected that customers must confirm the order before processing them. This will show up that way in Troly when creating a bulk order (in the Notifications section):

Delayed confirmation notification (email) regarding a club run order

See if your customer has any membership or payment notes in their customer's profile in Troly. If this is the case, you need to process and confirm the order manually. This explains why your customer received (or will receive) their email after the bulk of your Members (who don't have any membership or payment notes). Once you confirm the order manually, the notification will be sent.

Also, please note that emails may have been sent at a different timestamp if a high volume of traffic occurs in the platform in which case our provider may defer sending emails for a time.

Club run order confirmation email shows wrong product

Please note that when notifying your Members via email when you create a bulk order, the fallback product will be used if you click this option: Use the selected composite product unless there is a previous order that can be copied across and used as a guide. If your selected composite product wasn't backed-up with a valid fallback product, the content of your email won't be accurate.

Bulk orders issues

Members missing from a Club Run

If you notice that one of your club members is missing from a Club Run, please check the following:
  • Go to the customer profile page in Troly and click the "Membership" tab to review:
    • If the membership is on hold. If this is the case, scheduled orders will not be created until the reactivation date.
    • If the latest scheduled delivery slot has been delayed: if the scheduled delivery date fall after the 'before date' (set up in the bulk order screen), the member will not be included in the Club Run.
    • If the latest scheduled delivery slot has already been used. Remember that, depending on the Membership settings you set up in Troly, a member can place an order by themselves which will count towards their commitment and therefore will use their next available scheduled delivery slot.
    • The Membership history at the bottom of the page for specific details
  • Make sure to set up the right 'before date' in the bulk order options.
  • Generate a commitment report, locate the member(s) row(s), and review the last and next order date.
  • Check those products have sufficient stock: if a product is out of stock or if it has been archived, it needs a fallback product.

Scheduled delivery dates not accurate

You may notice inaccurate membership delivery dates. On the customer profile page, the "inaccurate" dates may be already greyed out as these slots correspond to fulfilled orders. If you use a slot which delivery date is set in the future but ship the order earlier than this date, the system will still assume that the slot has been used at the scheduled date.

Note that when the membership will renew this year or next year, it will renew with the correct dates when the member has fulfilled their last order.

Manually set the next available delivery slot one day after the latest completed order (on the customer profile page). Once you've done this, add a membership note so that you'll be reminded when you do the club run.

Also, note that you change the delivery dates for an existing club currently being used by some of your members, your members' delivery dates will also change unless they have been manually changed (under their customer profile page in Troly).

Example: if your club is defined to ship on the 15th of January, all your club members with a scheduled date of 15th January are to receive an order on that date. If you change the club options to ship on the 30th of January instead, then all your club members, who originally had their order scheduled for the 15th of January will change for the 30th of January. However, if some club members have been manually changed to receive an order in March or else: this will stay the same. These members will not be rescheduled to receive an order on the 30th of January.

Remaining orders after canceling a membership

Canceling memberships will prevent Troly from creating further orders and sales initiatives. If there are any pending scheduled membership orders for a customer (such as delayed orders), they will remain in the system.
The "unpaid" but not "delayed" scheduled membership orders will be canceled though.

Please note that any remaining pending orders that were placed outside of a scheduled delivery aren't following this rule.

Before canceling a membership, take a look at the membership section on your customer's profile page. If you see that there is an "editable" scheduled delivery order there, click Edit and cancel the order if needed.

Order refunded after putting a membership on hold

Putting a membership on hold will cancel any remaining orders created as part of the associated membership. If the orders are already paid for (but not yet dispatched in Troly), canceling the orders will automatically cause a refund of the orders.

If you're simply trying to postpone an upcoming scheduled order,  you may consider changing the scheduled delivery date instead.

Orders not confirmed

It may happen that you need to manually confirm an order when:

  • there are membership and payment notes on the customer's profile page
  • the stock recorded in the product page associated with the order is insufficient
  • a customer is waiting to edit their order without completing: some members may change their orders without paying them, this will change an order status into a draft order.

'Inconsistent' next scheduled delivery date, membership commitment met

You may notice, from time to time, a 'wrong' delivery date on the customer membership page or in your commitment report. You may manually change the delivery date in Troly if needed.

If the membership's commitment has been met (you may download a Commitment's report to confirm this information) but you think this shouldn't be the case, please check your customer's activity feed and review if any past orders have been delayed, rescheduled, canceled or skipped.

By default, Troly will display the next membership scheduled delivery dates if the membership's commitment has been already met. The dates will be updated and look accurate once the membership renews (upon your customer's membership anniversary). So if your customer is still due to receive an order as part of their current membership but the date displayed in their membership page is not accurate, you may manually amend the date before your next club run (or you can create the order manually by clicking the Create button from their membership page).

Please refer to our dedicated Understanding Membership article to find out more about Membership length and Membership delivery dates.

Also, if you notice that the next scheduled order delivery dates are inconsistent, please check your customer's activity feed (in the Activity tab) and see if any past orders have been delayed, rescheduled, canceled or skipped. Please refer to our dedicated Troubleshooting club run issues article for more details.

Pickups created when trying to create Shipments

The system will automatically determine when to create Pickup orders based on whether "Will always pick up member cases" has been selected as the customer's preferred delivery carrier in their customer profile. You can confirm this on the customer's Address and Payment page.

It's important to note that this does not work the other way around though. If you create your Pickup orders first, the system will generate Pickup orders for all members (whether they have "will always pick up member cases" set or not.

This feature is generally only used for "local" pickup specific clubs.

Members facing issues

Units quantity incorrect at checkout

Troly gives you the option to make a product to "Fits between bottles" to not incur shipping costs or using a bigger box when an item could fit inside the box (such as a bottle opener or a t-shirt). If some products included in the order have the "Fits between bottles" Business Attribute enabled, the quantity of the units ordered shown at checkout will not be accurate. Customers may reach out to you as they are attempting to edit their order on the Tasting Experience for example.

Members Are Unable to Edit their Pack Even if Club Run Settings Allows it

Have you verified that the section 2. Option allows can edit and that each product of your composite product is Visible Online and Visible in Tasting?

Also, if you are using WordPress, please make sure to select "Yes" for the "Use WordPress for Club Runs and Special Offers" option in the WordPress add-on screen in Troly.

Before you contact us...

In order for us to assist you efficiently or escalate your issue to our Investigation Team, we need to receive the relevant details pertaining to your issue so we can act accordingly.

Assistance required

When you contact us after reviewing the common problems and suggested solutions, please provide the following details (if applicable):

  • order number
  • name or email address of the customers/members
  • screenshot of the issue
  • error message
  • name of the membership
  • a screenshot of your membership settings and options
  • a screenshot of your customer's activity feed, membership page, etc.

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