Troly Fees And Savings Explained

Updated on August 17, 2018

The Troly team believe pricing should be fair for everyone, providing a true equality of opportunity to members of the industry. That’s why we’re are transparent when it comes to the exact costs and benefits of using Troly. We’re proud of the value we provide to all Troly customers, and we believe in building relationships with clear communications at its core.

We also understand every business has unique needs. Some begin with a POS system, others prefer to automate wine club operations and online direct sales marketing.  We respect the pace at which each brand adopts technology some or all our technology.

When you join Troly:

  • your monthly fee includes the use of all the integrated applications (POS, Tasting Experience, EDM – e.g. Mailchimp or Xero), payments providers and shipping carriers) and also your website.
  • you can change your configuration, add new options and even request new features to be added via the Troly Ideas Space

However, there will be fees on top and you should keep in mind:

  • any services commissioned through a Troly agreement will see fees incurred passed onto you with no margin or added markup. This includes some payments, shipping carriers, and also marketing tools such as SMS and welcome postcards.
  • any services connected to Troly but under your agreement will be invoiced directly to you by the provider (ie, this is your commercial agreement). This includes non-Troly payment gateway, shipping carriers, accounting system and EFTPOS transactions, for instance.

We also offer assistance with your website build, configuration and hosting.

How pricing works in Troly

To keep things simple, Troly charges a small percentage of sales, or a minimum fee if you do not make any sales over the previous month.

Last month if you transacted This month you fee is
less than $25,000 the greater of 50$ or 3% of sales
between $25,000 and $150,000 the greater of 50$ or 2% of sales
over $150,000 the greater of 50$ or 1% of sales

This fee grants you access to this is inclusive of all features, tools and configurations available.

Was your account created before 30th November 2018?

You may be under a different pricing agreement, a flat $20 and 1% of sales. but hush hush, that’s only for you! Thanks to the Troly fair access policy, when or if our pricing ever changes, you are free to keep your existing agreement or adopt the newly offered pricing structure. Your call.

Industry Service Providers Fees

However you may be required to pay for additional industry services you use.

Provider details Fee structure
Payment Gateway using Troly. to attend to all credit card disputes on your behalf. 25¢ + 1.5%, savings of up to 1.5%
→ No monthly merchant fee
Australia Post group shipping: print shipping labels, arrange pickups and drop-offs, and ship in Australia with no need for your own agreement. Troly handles any damaged or missing parcel claims on your behalf and creates an account for you. Rates are based on weight, volume, origin and destination. Troly shipped 55,000 cases on year one and wineries saved an average of 11.8% compared to their own agreement.
→ No minimum annual volume shipped
FastWay group shipping: print shipping labels, sending SMS to the driver. Troly handles any damaged or missing parcel claims on your behalf. Flat rates around Australia. Some preferential rates are applied within network. Save average of 4% off prepaid.
→ No minimum annual volume shipped
GSO group shipping TBC (currently being trialed)
SMS Marketing Send SMS messages for 10¢ each
Membership Welcome Cards $1.00 per post card sent. Average savings of 10% off normal retail. Undergoing trial with select partners.
Shipping Insurance (applies to parcels shipped under any of our group accounts) All parcels are insured at retail value (max $500 per shipment) no extra cost. With Australia post, save an average of 5$ per parcel, with FastWay gain 100% coverage (extra 40% off base offering)

What Else You Should Know

Platform usage

This is the Troly platform access fee as explained above. The greater of $50 or %-of-sales. This fee covers platform maintenance, development and backups, and also storage, data mining and customer profiling analysis. Applies to any configuration imaginable. CRM, Stock management, POS, Website, Club Runs, Direct Email Marketing, Accounting, etc.. all features included.

Service Providers

Should you decide to use the shared services, the fees associated will be passed on to you, at cost. In other words, if you charge a credit card using Troly’s Group Gateway, the bank charges a 1.5% fee to us and we pass this 1.5% fee on to you. Same goes for shipping and other marketing fees.

If you don’t use the service, then there is no fee.

External Providers

Additionally, some businesses prefer to use their own agreements with various providers. In this case, each provider will invoice you directly and Troly will introduce no potential savings. We may however be able to report onto these fees for you, depending on the service.

Premium Support

When enabled in your Company settings, Premium Support incurs a monthly fee charged at the start of the month. You can find information about Premium Support pricing on our website or Standard and Premium Support here.

30 Days free implementation period

When you sign up with Troly, the Premium Support service is free of charge for the first 30 days while we guide you during your setup and implementation.

When are fees charged?

Fees are only charged when you use a service so if you do not use Carrier A on a given month, there are no fee or account maintenance for this. Then, when you sell $150 worth of products plus $20 shipping through Carrier A (for which you really pay $14), you will incur:

  • platform usage fee of $1.70 (or1% of 170) for using the platform
  • (optional) merchant fee of $2.55 if you use the Troly payments
  • (optional) shipping fee of $14 if you use the Troly agreement with Carrier A

Then, if you have used Troly payments, then Troly will remit $151.75 (170 – 1.70 – 2.55 – 14) to your nominated bank account.

If you do not use Troly payments then $1.70 will be charged to you at the end of the month.

Finally, if you use your own agreements, note that some providers also charge account maintenance fees.

Sharing costs with customers

Remember, you can also pass on some or all of these fees to your customers. Troly offers the facility to add shipping fees or a credit card surcharge to your orders. This is available and included in Troly.

Frequently asked questions

Why do funds remitted don’t match my reported sales amount?

  1. This may happen when you are using an external bank and/or EFTPOS provider withholding their fee upfront. Troly has no knowledge of this your fees for your agreement with your providers. As a result, we report $170 in sales but your bank deposit may show less than the whole amount.
  2. This also happens when using the Troly payments gateway as fees are also withheld up front. However, reporting will be accurate with figures reported with End of Period and Accounting integration.

My account is locked. How do I unlock my account?

If any invoice is outstanding, your account will be locked immediately. Entering valid credit card details to automatically pay for the invoices will unlock your account.

Am I being charged for test transactions?

If you have decided to place a sale for testing purposes, remember that Troly doesn’t differentiate between test and “real” transactions. If you are simply trying to confirm everything is operational, consider adding a 99% discount onto your test orders, or simply cancelling the order thereafter. This will your fees are kept to a minimum!

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