Testing Troly From A To Z

Updated on June 28, 2019

How reassuring it is to test and practice something before doing it "live"?

In this article, we're helping you to create test orders, test customers accounts, test memberships, emails and products so you can "beta-test" before jumping into the "real deal".

We really recommend that you spend a little time on this, especially when you start using Troly, as it can prevent any bad surprise, mistakes and .. unhappy customers!

Happy Testing!

Create a "fake" customer profile

This is very handy to have a test customer profile to test the following:

  • Create test orders: having a test customer profile will allow you to create test orders to practice the way an order is created.
  • Customers settings: see how Business Attributes are displayed on customers' accounts, visualise the list of attributes they can select from.
  • Communication: based on your settings, you can follow the notifications sent to this fake customer upon order creation, membership subscription, newsletter registration, etc. It can also show you how an added task is displayed in your Dashboard.
  • See what your customers see when logged in the Tasting Experience as a Member or a non-Member: you can visualise all aspects that may need your attention. For example: does the product order makes sense? How does a Membership description look like? How are prices displayed? How are out of stock products showing, etc. It can definitely help you to understand and address some of your customers' queries.

Customer profile for testing purposes

All accounts have been created with a test account called 'Seb Scribility' that you can use for testing purposes.

Update 'Seb Scribility' contact details with your personal data. However, refrain from using the email address registered to Troly, as it confuses the system as to whose viewing the page (Admin or Customer) especially when testing your Tasting Experience and Wine Show pages.

Regarding the payment method, insert real credit card details so that you can fully test everything later. When testing, simply add a 100% discount on your test orders so you won't actually be charging your own card if you insert your own card details.

You can create as many fake customers profiles as you like, even have one assigned per created Club!

Testing orders

This is crucial especially when you start using Troly, or if you add a new carrier to use for your future shipment orders.

You can run all sort of tests using your "fake customer". Be careful when processing payments though, you may want to apply a 100% discount on your test orders to avoid being charged by the system.

Also, remember that shipping labels are charged only when you click Dispatch. Basically, every single aspect of the normal order process applies when you go through testing steps.

When you're about to use a new carrier in Troly

If you're about to use your own pre-negotiated agreement shipping account or one of Troly Shipping accounts, it's highly recommended that you run a test order prior to start using the carrier for your future shipments in Troly.

Once you've installed and configured your shipping Add On, please complete the below steps:

  1. Create an order to be shipped

    Create a test order from a customer profile (use a test customer profile). Click Create a Shipment and select the carrier in the drop down menu under Shipping carrier. You will see the delivery costs automatically calculated on the order itself, see the (Carrier  name) CHARGE row.

  2. Label the order

    Once the order is created, click Pack and then Label to generate the Shipping Label (PDF document). Have a look at our Printing Shipping Labels article to know more about labeling formats.

  3. Dispatch and generate a manifest file to print

    Now, your order is ready to be set as Dispatched: click Dispatch and generate the Manifest.

  4. Get back to us (Troly shipping accounts only)

    Please let us know once you've completed the above steps and we'll check that the correct labels have been manifested with Australia Post or Fastway. Please include in your next email the documents generated while testing this.

Testing emails and SMS

Troly allows you to test all emails before sending them to your customers and members. The option is available directly on the Communication page.

Please note the 'Test Message' feature is only in place to review the real order with placeholders. Your links won't work and no order will be created in the back.

If you want to test what your customers will see, use a fake customer account.

Please visit this link to find all details regarding testing messages in Troly.

Testing EDM emails

Marketing emails sent with EDMs like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor won't allow you to see what customers see either. If you want to test your product tokens, you also need to use a fake customer account. Find more information here.

Testing membership

Creating a test Membership can also come in very handy to test bulk orders features, membership discounts, prepayments options, etc.

Also, if you need to troubleshoot your own tests, visit our Troubleshooting Club Runs Issues article.

Testing products

This is a very interesting step as testing your products will allow you to identify the right way for you to display your stock on your site, Tasting Experience and Wine Show pages.

You can, for example, create a single product and play around with the tags (business attributes). Also, by creating test Composite products, you'll be able to fully test a club run combined with a test membership.

Testing incognito

To make sure that your own browser's plugins, cookies, add-ons, extensions, and settings aren't affecting the way things display on your screen we recommend testing and browsing any other customer-facing pages in an incognito tab. This way, Troly won't be "confused" as to whether you're trying to log in as an Admin or as a separate entity. You can learn how to do so here.


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