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Updated on June 24, 2019

No matter if you're shipping a lot or only a few parcels each week, if you need a carrier to collect parcels at your site or not, you will always gain from using Troly shipping accounts and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Troly Group Shipping Accounts

Save Money

Troly strives in working together as a group and  offers you discounts and special rates already negotiated with Australia Post and Fastway.

You're not on your own anymore.Troly combines more and more accounts under one single primary shipping account so that you can enjoy better rates and services!

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Hassle Free Account Set Up

We will be in touch with the carrier to create your account until your account is fully ready to be used in Troly, no need for you to spend time on this, we do it all for you!

Things break but it's okay!

The parcels sent through Troly Shipping Accounts are insured against breakage. If anything happens, we’re managing any claims on your behalf so you can focus on what's important: making good wine!

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Track Shipments

Using our Troly shipping accounts allows you to send tracking details to your customers via emails and keep them updated about their upcoming delivery.

Hassle Free eParcel Australia Post Account

Shipping eParcels with Australia Post requires an account. Using Troly's Australia Post shipping account saves you the hassle of setting up your own account.

Troly liaises with Australia Post and completes the setup process for you. This way, you process your shipments directly in Troly without connecting a separate eParcel online account.

All you'll need to do is complete this form. Once we confirm the set up is completed, you can install the Australia Post Add-On in Troly and start packing!

Parcels Pickups With Australia Post

Australia Post requires that you proceed to a site inspection before starting picking up parcels at your site. We'll help you organise this with Australia Post and will send you all the details and information you need to ensure your future pick ups are well-organised and painless.

Shipping With Fastway: A Piece of Cake!

To ship your parcels using our Fastway account, you'll simply need to install the Fastway Troly's Shipping Account Add-On in Troly. No need to create a separate account with Fastway, everything will be already set up in Troly. The labels will be charged to you once you dispatch the orders in Troly.

Let Us Handle Damaged Parcel Claims

Yes, we'll also do this for you!  For both Fastway and Australia Post, this includes:

  • Raising the claims with the carriers by sending all relevant description, pictures, etc.
  • Collecting any updates from the carriers and notifying you when needed
  • Sending all relevant information to you (order details, invoice documents, your customer's contact details, product IDs, etc.)

Also, regardless of the carriers policy and procedures, Troly will always refund you the damaged bottles full retail value plus 100% of the shipping costs almost immediately to your account.

We really want you to be able to focus on your customer's order (and satisfaction!)

More benefits of using a Troly Shipping Account

  • Register to eParcel and use it in your Troly account
  • Deliver to PO boxes
  • Automatically calculate the shipping cost for each order
  • Generate ready-to-print labels, tracking codes and delivery manifests
  • Enables dispatch and tracking notifications for your customers
  • Generate barcode labels with embedded tracking on-the-fly
  • Access the national “LRG” flat rate shipping option
  • Automatically dispatch pickup details to the local driver via SMS

Using Troly's Shipping Accounts

Easy! Simply follow the instructions provided in Australia Post and Fastway Add-Ons configuration articles.

Using Your Own Shipping Agreement

If you already have your own shipping account, please note that you can connect Troly with your own Australia Post account, your own Fastway (PrePaid) account, FedEx and Couriers Please.

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