Printing Shipping Labels

Updated on September 27, 2018

Troly lets you print labels for many shipping carriers using a standard layout and size.

Labels layout format

Two major labels format are used by Troly: 2 x 2 and 3 x 4 for all carriers including manual shipments.In most cases, A4 and US Letter formats are available.

  • Large labels (2 x 2) (6 per page) are used when Troly is generating barcodes for post-paid carries, such as Fastway or FedEx.
  • Smaller labels (3 x 4) (12 per page) are used for Pre-paid carriers.

The standard stock code/paper format/USA vs Europe used by troly are:

  • Avery 959030 labels (4pp, 4×4 portrait, 99.1x139mm)
  • Avery DL12 or J8164

Understanding the content of your generated label

Tracking codes are automatically added to an order if the carrier requires them. Some shipping integrations generate tracking barcodes directly on the labels, others require you place your own barcode or shipping document on the case separately.

Generally speaking, post-paid carriers such as Australia Post, Fastway (Postpaid) and FedEx will return tracking codes when you generate a label.

Please refer to this article on configuring multiple shipping carriers to learn more.

Scan now, peace of mind later

When a driver picks up your shipments, make sure they can every single parcel in front of you before they leave. It is imperative this happens as carriers often begin tracking after this event has occurred.

Drivers can miss parcels if they promise to "do it later at the depot / warehouse" and this causes problems tracking the parcel and processing insurance claims, should something go awry.

If you encounter any issues when shipping your parcels with Fastway or Australia Post (Troly's Shipping Account), you must let us know as we will be the only authorised persons that can follow up with the carrier.

Australia Post Labels

Label size

The main workflow of using Australia Post is the same as other shipping carriers. There are a few key differences:

  • Labels are printed on a 2×2, A4 labels page

Pickups, please!

You need to notify your local depot at least 48 hours in advance to organise pickup. This is not automated.  You must call Australia Post directly to book a pick up.

Label format

The label includes the customer's mailing details, EAN code and barcode, parcel ID, weight and delivery instructions.

Australia Post have changed their labels, so "Authority to Leave" and "Signature Required" is now saved inside the barcode. This is displayed on the deliverer's scanner at the time of delivery.

Fastway Labels

Label size

Labels must be printed on Avery 959030 labels (4pp, 4×4 portrait, 99.1x139mm).

Label format

The label includes the customer's mailing details, 3 barcodes, authority to leave, parcel ID, weight and delivery instructions.

Base and excess labels

If Fastway determines that the parcel weight or the shipping distance requires additional cost, an excess label will be generated. Up to three excess labels can be generated for one parcel. This commonly occurs when shipping from one coast to another, or sending a large quantity of product.

The base label always includes 3 barcodes (below, left) whilst the excess label display only one (below, right).

All the labels generated by Troly must be stuck onto the parcel.



Troly Operations

On the Operations page, you can easily see which orders will be shipped with Australia Post by watching out for the red logo, next to the order number.

For more information, please refer to Australia Post eParcel website.

Frequently asked questions

Are my labels refundable?

Labels are not charged until you dispatch an order in Troly.  After this stage labels will not be refunded and carriers are notified about the shipping.

Does each label cost money to generate?

No. Troly will allow you generate labels for a shipment as many times as required but we advise you to check your Documents Centre first before trying to label again.

 How do I print pre-paid labels?

Pre-paid labels are provided to you by the carrier when you purchase them. Troly will allow you to enter the tracking code to ensure your shipment is delivered.

What happens if I wreck the label from Troly?

If you spill wine, beer or otherwise deface the label, you can print it again from your Document Centre (Operations > Documents)

Which printer should I use?

All carriers recommend that you use laser printers and never use inkjet or other ink-based printers.

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