Maintaining Your Website With WordPress

Updated on June 14, 2019

This article contains tips and tricks to help you maintain and update your WordPress site.

Discounts and Coupons

Customers can redeem coupons created in WooCommerce. To enable this, go to WooCommerceSettingsCheckoutand tick the enable the use of coupons box in the Checkout Options.

On the Customer's side

After entering the coupon code, the total discount is immediately calculated and shown to the customer.

On Troly's side

After completing checkout, those coupons appear in Troly as a discount on the entire order.

Type of discounts

All types of discounts are supported (percentage or value-based, on products or on the entire order).

Keep in mind that the discount is applied on the order, and excludes the shipping fee. For example, in an order where the total is $100 + $15 for shipping if a 20% discount is applied, the new total will be:

$80 + $15 = $95

Should you require more details, WooCommerce website has extensive documentation on Coupons and Discounts.

Customer account registration

Your website has a few standard configurations regarding account creation and registration. These are available in your site administration at WooCommerce SettingsAccounts. Then there is a section to Enable registration.

Select where you want people to be enabled to register (on checkout and / or on the login page). We suggest that you then confirm any changes with your web developer.

Checkout as a Guest

If you don’t require visitors to create an account with a password you can enable the standard Guest Checkout option in WooCommerceSettings →   Checkout. This will allow for an order to be placed anonymously, without the need of a username and password.

Username and Passwords

Reset someone’s password for the website

In WordPress, go to Users and look for the customer, using their name or email. You can then click on Generate Password.

Changing the look on the website

When it comes to how your site is displayed, you have countless options with WordPress! If you would like some information to be displayed differently, something to be hidden, etc, etc. It's easy to change.

The Troly plugin synchronises a lot of information on your products, clubs, customers etc, etc. and displays it in a way that should suit most sites. If you would like customisations, you can make them by modifying your theme (preferably, your child theme).

These customisations need to be done by your web developer. If you don’t know a web developer, you can request website customisation work from Troly via our site.

Product shortcodes

To show products wherever you may like on your site, you will need to know the Product ID that appears in WooCommerce or the product category.

To know the product ID, login to your WordPress administration panel and click Products to review your list. Note the ID attribute for the product you want to show.

Showing a single product

Navigate to the page in question and Edit the page (if you're using Cornerstone, edit with Cornerstone). Use a Raw element on the page.

Enter the following code to render your product:

[product id="123"]

Save the page and navigate to the live version in another tab or window. You will see your product appear. If you wish to customise how this product appears, your theme needs to be customised. Contact your developer or get in touch with our web team to make such changes.

Showing a list

If you have a section where you wish to show a group of products (e.g., Red wines), you may want to use the productsshortcode.

[products limit="8" columns="4" category="red"]

Learn more about how to use WooCommerce shortcodes to take your site to the next level.

Shipping options

Display shipping costs at checkout

Click "Woocommerce" in your WordPress dashboard, click "Settings" and then the "Shipping" tab. In here, you should have one shipping zone set up to be pulling the information from Troly (from your shipping configuration add-on).

In the above Shipping tab, notice the three extra 'sub-tabs': Shipping zones, Shipping options and Shipping classes. Click "Shipping options" and tick the "Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page" option. Also, check if the "Hide shipping costs until an address is entered" is enabled or not.

Overriding WooCommerce layouts

There may be instances where you want to customise a specific part of the WooCommerce layout to meet design or business needs. WooCommerce comes with a built-in theme override system that allows you to customise a variety of aspects of your website.

Review WooCommerce's Template structure & Override templates via a theme article on how to customise your WooCommerce installation.

Multiple domains with cPanel

If you own multiple domains and would like to use a single domain moving forward, cPanel offers a great way for you to do this. A common example is moving to from

You need to use the Add-on Domain functionality and add your domain. Login to cPanel and click Add-on Domains.

From there, enter the domain you want to to host; leave the suggested subdomain value as is.

WordPress site back up

If your website is hosted by Troly, your site shall be saved and backed up daily. As long as you don't remove the database and remove the WordPress Time Capsule plugin, data won't be lost.

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