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How are carton sizes determined for packaging

Updated on July 27, 2019

Troly will automatically organize and optimize order packing configuration in order to minimize your shipping costs.

As a result, Troly calculates the exact shipping dimensions and weight of each carton shipped and optimizes pricing applied by the carrier.

Troly shipping agreements only

Unfortunately, Troly is not always able to obtain the correct shipping rates offered to you directly by a carrier. As a result, these calculations may be behaving adversely.

Where is this configured?

Cartons are configured in the Addons → Shipping configuration section. Product height, weight and "Fits between bottles" are configured on each product.

How does it work?

Large then smallest, with the least number of carton

Troly tries to fit the most products in the largest carton you have configured. Once a large carton can no longer be completely filled then a smaller one will be selected, as long as it's completely filled. Any remaining bottles automatically use the smallest carton.

Example 1: You have configured both a 12 and a 6-bottles carton and are shipping 17 bottles. Troly completely fills a 12-bottles carton then the remaining 5 bottles are assigned to a 6-bottles carton.

Example 2: you have configured a 12, 6 and a 2-bottles carton and are shipping 15 bottles. Troly completely fills a 12-bottles carton then the remaining 3 bottles will be placed in a 6-bottles carton, not two 2-bottles one unless it's least expensive to ship two 2-bottles cartons.

Products that fit between bottles

Troly allows shipping products that can fit between bottles. For example, t-shirts can be rolled-up and added in-between bottles, same as bottle openers, wine bags or printed vouchers and tickets.

You can change this configuration on each product by activating the business attribute named "Fits between bottles". This will not impact the weight calculations on each parcel and the product will simply not be counted as a "unit" in the carton.

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Check your Carton dimensions in the Addons → Shipping configuration. Each entry must have a name, unit count, all 3 dimensions and also weight and no value can be left as "0".
  2. Confirm each Product weight individually to ensure it's accurate. Empty or "0" weight product will not be considered for packing.
  3. Confirm each Product height individually to ensure they fit within the cartons you have configured. Products marked as "0" or "40" cm will not be allocated to a carton configured as "39cm" in height. This applies equally to all units (inches, cm, mm, etc)
  4. Verify whether any of your products marked as Fits between bottles as this will also impact the calculated carton configuration.

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