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Updated on June 28, 2019

There are many ways you can get in touch with us. In all cases, we find important that you understand what you can expect when dealing with the Troly Team.

Have you consulted the Help Centre?

We are continuously developing, reviewing, and adding information to the Troly Help Centre. Your question is likely to have been answered before so make sure to run a quick search in our Troubleshooting articles for immediate assistance. If you can’t find an answer to your problem in there, contact us and we’ll add the solution to help other users in the future!

How to get in touch

You’re in luck! We have many ways for you to get in touch, and no doubt, one of them will be your favourite!

How Where

If you have an active Troly account, you can email [email protected] from your business address at any time.

It’s always a good idea, when contacting us regarding an existing query, to make sure to Reply All. This will make sure that anyone who should be kept informed, or able to provide information onto the topic, is always kept in the loop.

An effective way to establish a two-way communication is to use the Chat Now button available in the Need a hand? tab on the right. While there may not always be someone right there, if you make sure that all details and questions have been provided, we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

Note that if you’re contacting us regarding an existing query, make sure to select the existing conversation so we can keep track of all the details already provided.You can attach documents such as screenshots and documents using the attachment icon in the live chat window, once you sent at least one message.

If you feel that online assistance doesn't fulfil your needs, you may want to consider enabling Premium Support.

Customer Assistance

While we are never really far, we try and make sure we have Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEST covered to help you.

Your Troly subscription automatically comes with the Standard Support. Should you wish to speed-up the response time and receive personalised assistance, we recommend upgrading to Premium Support.

Standard Support
Premium Support
  • Customer assistance via chat and email
  • Unlimited access to our knowledge base 24/7
  • We call you back whenever you need it
  • Customer assistance via phone, chat and email
  • Online queries labelled as high priority for fast handling
  • Unlimited access to our knowledge base 24/7

What can you expect from us

Generic queries about platform configuration, operations or frequent troubleshooting issues are generally handled within a few business hours. Our friendly team will send a comprehensive answer for you to refer to in the future and direct you to the right Help Centre article for more information.

More complex issues, where we have the relevant information to assess, understand and replicate the problem, are usually answered well within 24 hours.

Queries requiring deeper investigation from our technical team generally get answered within 3 to 5 working days depending on the nature of the issue.

For privacy reasons, Troly will not access your account for you. Your customer data, product, orders or even configuration must be entered by yourself and, while we are happy to explain the platform for you, we cannot operate it for you.

We will empower you. We will help you understand how to. You can do it, and once you have, you will feel even better about it!

What we expect of you!

Our primary goal with every communication is to understand what you are trying to achieve, and why you are not able to. Always keep in mind that our team does not have a complete knowledge of your business.

As a rule of thumb, every time you get in touch with us, using any channel, please make sure to provide contextual information, troubleshooting steps and specific details required for us to understand and replicate the issue you are facing. A little context always goes a long way!

To ensure that we always handle your queries efficiently:

  • attach any screenshot showing what you see or where you get stuck.
  • write from your business email address.
  • specify what you are trying to achieve, how are you going about it, and where the issue lies.
  • include the steps taken and options already tried.
  • give specific details: order number, transaction reference, error code, date, customer email, etc.

Go Premium!

Our Premium Support is a great option for customers who need faster and personalised assistance, either on a ongoing or temporary basis.

Phone calls

You can click the  Premium Support Phone button during business hours. Our agents will ask you to provide the background of the issue, the required details and the troubleshooting steps that you’ve performed. If the problem cannot be resolved right away, we handle it via our ticketing system with a comprehensive solution.

If you want to be called back, simply write to [email protected] and let us know when you need to be on the phone with one of our agents. And if you call outside of business hours, leave a voicemail, share your name and we will call you back asap. You may also schedule a call via our online meeting calendar, right here.

High priority queries

Your chat or email queries are flagged as high priority and sent to the top of the queue. As soon as one of our agents is available, your query is handled and you’re notified of the progress of your issue regularly if it can’t be solved straight away.

Account management calls

Premium support offers time to discuss any business topics or questions you may have.

Book your session at a convenient time and provide a list of topics to address. You can either request a call back or an online session. Our support team may screen share with you, to ensure you learn as much as possible and may prepare complementary resources that you can review in your own time.

Enabling Premium Phone Support

To enable Premium Support, go to SettingsCompany Details and click Enable Premium Support to get started.

Check the 'I understand the services granted as part of Premium Support, including additional fees' box and click Confirm .

Premium Support payment and duration

Your account is charged as soon as you enable Premium Support and the service is ongoing until the end of the current billing month. The service will automatically end at the beginning of each month so you are welcome to use it as long as required and for the periods of time where you most need it.

Note that the fee is a monthly flat fee and it is not pro-rated, we therefore recommend that you enable the service at the beginning of the month.

The Troly Premium Support monthly cost is $395 (excl GST).

Website Support Offerings

We understand that our customers may not have a go-to developer or the necessary technical skills to solve website issues, we have designed a range of plans for one-off or ongoing assistance.

Visit our website for more information and use our Website Form when you’re ready to send your request. A developer will get back to you with more details and plan a phone call to discuss your options.

Please note that plans may vary if we’ve built or are hosting your website.

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