Your Quick and Easy Troly Intro

Updated on June 24, 2020

In order to maximize the benefits Troly brings your business, it’s essential to know your way around the platform. In this user guide we are going to run you through it. With our user friendly platform, you can easily navigate through the various sections of your account by using the menu on the top left corner of the page.


This is what you see when you sign-in to your account. At a glance, you can see your to-do list, your customers upcoming birthdays, and an overview of your orders.


For everything related to your customers and members, this is the place to go. The Customers dashboard will tell you who your best customers are, so you can thank them for their loyalty. You can also view who hasn't purchased much, so you can tailor an offer to re-engage them. If you are looking for someone, in particular, use the search bar on the top right corner. Use the search bar to also look for members assigned to a specific club. You can also create a new customer record by clicking Create.

Use the Import and Export button, then the EXPORT to download a CSV file of all your customers and members. If you wish to bulk update a list of customers or members, then download your list, modify it and re-IMPORT it in Troly using the Import button. You can also simply import a list of customers in bulk using the Import option.


If you need to update your products, or create new ones, visit the Products page. The Products Dashboard gives you a quick overview of how your products are performing in terms of sales. You can use various filters to see if your members like the same products as non-members. You can also view stock movement, and what stock levels are looking like.

In the top right corner, you can search for an existing product or search for an archived product., Create a totally new single product or a composite product.
Use the EXPORT button to download a CSV file of all your products. Then, add new products in bulk or mass update your existing products using the IMPORT file (our team will be there to help you achieve these tasks)


The Operations page is where you will manage sales, generate reports, review your stock level, and find all the documents that Troly has generated for you.

Orders are split between Pick up orders and Shipments. You can either process a single order, handle many orders at once, process a Club Run (AKA bulk order) and access the bulk options.

All documents (invoices, customer or product exports, shipping labels, packing lists, etc.) are all stored automatically on the Documents page.

If you want to generate reports, like an end of day report, you can do so on the Reports page.

The Stocktake page helps you by keeping an eye on, and managing your stock level across one, or several locations. Access your product pages in one click from the stocktake list.


Company details: this is where your company settings can be found. Your company's logo, email address, phone number, social media and billing details can be edited here at any time.

Business settings allow you to set standard discounts for your clubs and select which shipping carrier you want to use.

In Communications, you will be able to review and edit all the emails sent by Troly to your customers and members at various points in time, or based on their activity.


Add-ons are a way for you to connect Troly to other systems as well as extend your accounts functionality.

Add-ons help you to shape your Troly account the way you want to use it, and allow you to tailor it to your business needs. Payment gateways, shipping providers, POS app, connexion with your WordPress website and EDMs can all be installed and configured right here.

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