Eway Payments Add On

Updated on May 25, 2018

eWAY is an online payment gateway available to merchants in Australia and New Zealand to process credit card transactions, with Troly.

Before you get started

If you don’t have an account with eWay already, you will have to engage with them first. Only once your account has been approved will you be able to enable payments with eWAY.

Configuring the eWay add-on

Under Add-ons eWAY, click the Install button. Enter the following details:

  • Customer ID: unique 8 digit displayed in your MYeWAY account on the bottom of the screen, in the page footer or in your monthly invoice.
  • Refund Password: the password that is needed if you plan to process refunds via your website or CMS. It was provided upon setup (not your eWAY password).

Please refer to eWAY website for detailed information.

Click the Save button, and you're ready to process credit card payments anywhere.

Billing and reports

Additional payment processing fees are incurred when using eWAY. You need to refer to your eWAY account for more details as they do not appear in your Troly invoice or Transactions report. As a result, you will also no longer benefit the Troly industry-leading merchant rates for your transactions.

Before making changes to payment processing

Changing the payments preferences in Troly will prevent existing orders (paid with another payment provider) from being refunded. This is generally not a problem, however we normally advise to have all pending orders completed first.

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