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Emails From Troly Vs Marketing Platforms

Updated on June 14, 2019

Emails are now a de facto business communication tool. While they are not as personal as a phone call, they are immensely scalable, customisable,  and much less work overall.  Troly automates many emails for you to choose from and customise. There are also many reasons why you want to spend time reviewing them.

  • recipients do not see the difference between a hand-written email vs a carefully crafted automated one
  • Troly allows you to send unlimited emails automatically, so you can focus on the few “one-off exceptional phone calls”
  • a proper blend of automated marketing emails and tailored 1-on-1 emails reinforces buyer relationships

There’s had been some confusion on around emails sent for “club runs”, “special offers”, “newsletters” and other offers, so let’s clarify those.


A marketing email has lots of colours and graphics and is normally phrased like “grab this special offer“.

In contrast, a Troly email looks like it came out of your inbox (with standard email signature) and are phrased in a “Jodie, what did you think of the Shiraz 14 you got? I can get 12 bottles to you in Sydney next week?“, where Jodie, Shiraz 14 and Sydney are customised.

Understanding Troly emails

All emails automated by Troly have been designed around a highly personal Customer Journey. They leverage a sales loop starting with a special offer, going through confirmation, customisation, fulfilment, and after a number of notifications, follow-up and feedback requests. In other words, Troly handles the one-on-one transactional emails.

There are a lot of emails that can be (optionally) activated in Troly. A number of personalisation tokens are used to customised each communication, making the tone, look and feel just like you personally wrote them from your inbox, email signature included. These will be coming from the winery directly so the open rate is generally much better.

All Troly emails sent to customers are recorded on their Activity page along with the open rate.

Understanding Marketing emails

Also known as newsletter emails, these communications are more generic and pertinent to the season, an event or other general broad reach out communication.

These are presented in a visually highly branded format and are tailored towards pulling new customers in, instead of engaging with current ones.

They are usually sent through your EDM of choice (e.g. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact).

How to choose which one will send

The perfect mixture should include both transactional and marketing emails.

  • Transactional emails are oriented around a sale and sent in prior, during, and after the fact, and also later to follow up.
  • Marketing or promo emails are sent on a more regular basis with the purpose to communicate and reinforce your brand and product positioning.

Ultimately, both Troly and your email marketing platform integrated with Troly will be able to send most emails, however, a mix of both is normally a more proper approach.

Make sure to read about  newsletters or other targeted campaigns to understand the connection between Troly and another mailing platform, and what, when and why emails get sent automatically to clarify which emails come out-of-the-box with Troly.

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