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Delay Or Skip An Order And Suspend A Membership

Updated on June 24, 2019

Sometimes customers may request a hold is placed on their next club order is processed. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Commonly, customers are simply set to be away from the delivery destination, and so want it delivered at a later date to ensure they are there to receive it.

Should you ever need to postpone an order, Troly is here and ready to help you.

With Troly you can:

  • you can skip an order for club members, making the order will not be created on the date is was meant to
  • you can also delay any order and ask Troly to resurface it when needed.

Using Troly to postpone scheduled delivery

One of the great things about membership orders is that you know when they need to go. That means you can push that to later.

Change the next delivery date

Visit the customer’s membership page. In the Scheduled deliveries section, click on the delivery date you want to push back, and select the date it should now be sent at.

That’s it. This order will not be created until the new date you selected. Easy.

Skip a membership order slot

Visit the customer’s membership page. In the Scheduled deliveries section, click on Skip. The next available slot will be the one included in your next Club run (bulk order). The skipped slot can not be used anymore.

Delay an order after it has been created

Say you created an order, and the customer asked you to keep it on hold until later. You don’t need to cancel the order, and create it again later.

Go to the order’s details and down the bottom, there is a Delay button.

Enter the date you want the order to reappear in the window that pops up. This will remove the order from the Operations page. The order will not be included in any bulk operation. It will reappear on the date you selected, exactly as you left it.

Put the membership on hold

Another solution is to put the entire membership on hold. Click on the Suspend button next to the name of the club this customer belongs to. You will see a window that asks you the reason for the suspension, and asks for a reactivation date.

Before you put the membership on hold

Putting a membership on hold will cancel any remaining orders created as part of the associated membership. If the orders are already paid for (but not yet dispatched in Troly), canceling the orders will automatically cause a refund of the orders.

This member will not receive any special offers, and their scheduled orders will not be created until the reactivation date.

Your next step

Find delayed orders: You can still access the order’s details page from the customer’s activity feed. Additionally, the order will resurface on the day you have requested so.


If you would like to read more about Club Runs, click this link. If you feel the need to troubleshoot an  an issue related to Clubs or membership orders, please take a look here.


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