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Creating New Customers

Updated on September 27, 2018

New customers and members can be easily added from any of the applications as long as they provide their full names and email addresses. Their details are easily found and managed from the Customers page and can be exported for review and bulk updates. Customers can be registered:

To import a list of new customers or register them manually, please visit our dedicated article for complete instructions.

To review all details in regards to customer's information, please have a look at our Understanding Customers Details article.

Configuration details

From Troly

From the Customers page, click on the Add Customer button. Enter the customer’s first name, last name and email address, and click on Create.

From Tasting Experience or Wine Show

Your customers have the options of signing up to the newsletter or becoming a club member.

This will record them in the system making it easy to search them or update their details for future purchases.

If they wish to become a member, they have to select their Club Membership and enter their full personal and valid credit card details.

From the Point of Sale (POS)

Click on ‘Search for a customer’ field and click the Add New button. Fill the information and click the Save.

Note that to create a customer, you need at least their name and one contact detail (mobile/landline number or email address).

You should also know

Becoming a member

Customers who wish to become members need to enter their credit card details upon signup to affirm their commitment to purchase products. This ensures that customers don't signup to make a one-off purchase only and are accepting your club requirements.

If they do not wish to enter their payment details, they can still sign-up to your mailing list to be aware of your deals.

Deleting a customer

Due to historical and reporting reasons, it’s not possible to delete a customer from Troly as you must have the ability to provide financial information (e.g. past invoices) upon request.

You can suspend their membership from the Customers Membership page by clicking on the Suspend button.

You can suspend all communications within the platform from the Customers Addresses and Payment page by deselecting the ‘Subscribe to newsletter’ checkbox in the Communication section.

Lastly, you can remove their registered email address and phone number if you are concerned getting in touch with them may cause issues.

Beware of changes to other systems in use

Troly keeps your list of customers synchronised with other software such as mailing list manager (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, WordPress, etc). Changes made to customer records may have an impact on those systems.

For example; unchecking newsletter subscription in Troly will unsubscribe this customer from your mailing list in Mailchimp.

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