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Consider your Websites Options

Updated on July 30, 2020

Troly was designed to be website agnostic. As a result, there are many options and considerations when it comes to your website. Troly is not directly used by or accessible to customers. In order to enable certain club run interactions (like order editing) or public e-commerce capabilities, a website first needs to be connected.

Irrespective of the option you select, Troly synchronizes data with your platform of choice. However, certain platforms are limited in capabilities and some data points may not be available.

Your OptionBranding, Look & FeelFeatures & CapabilityCosts
Tasting Experience
Available out of the box with Troly, this 2-page shopping should be considerer if you do not have a website.
⚠️ Limited. Configure your logo, brand colors, social and marketing messages.👍 Good. Fully integrated with Troly. Configure how products are organised, receive orders for pickup or shipping, and whether membership signup is available or not. 🤩 No cost. Development, configuration, hosting, and ongoing maintenance is handled by our team.
WooCommerce, by WordPress
Included and requires little configuration by Troly or your web-developer.
🤩 Outstanding. Branding and overall user experience is fully customizable.🤩 Outstanding. By far the winning open-source web platform which leverages and extensive plugin library in order to extend platform capability.👍 Low costs. Hosting will incur a low fee, however maintenance should be considered, given security updates need to be installed regularly.
Shopify, Wix and Squarespace
Limited availability and support to select clients only.
👍 Good. A very smooth editing interface which offers some "theme" or UI options.⚠️ Limited. While these are all great website CMS options, they are also very limited when it comes to club, membership, and club run interactions.⚠️ Low-Med. Monthly fee, based on how many options you use. Some also include a payment processing fee.
Comparison of a few website engine options available based on flexibility, capability and costs.

Tasting Experience, by Troly

We provide an eCommerce-capable add-on called "Tasting Experience". It allows you to immediately begin selling online and requires almost no configuration with regards to club signups, payment capture, and shipping. Once you have selected which product should appear, all Troly capabilities are automatically extended.

Once installed the addon creates your own url at store.troly.io/your-business-name-here which is used on any existing site as "iframe" or as "shop redirection", where customers are redirected to your website after having completed their order. The same applies to club membership signups.

WooCommerce by WordPress

WordPress is by far the most widespread website CMS in the world. Available as open-source (free to use) the branding (via themes), configurations, and capabilities (via plugins) are virtually limitless.

Using a free plugin called WooCommerce you can turn a simple website into a world-class e-commerce engine.

Troly has published a "Troly for WordPress" plugin which will ensure your customer, products, orders, and membership data is seamlessly synchronized for you.

With numerous online tutorials and video walk-throughs available (see youtube), you can build and maintain your own site with only your time as costs. Many developers are available to help to start at reasonably low costs, Troly offers many affordable website packages also, and many high-end agencies will develop and customize a site for you if your budget allows.

Do not under-estimate the ongoing costs of a WordPress website.

Due to its open nature, vulnerabilities and patches are continuously released and out-of-date websites are prone to attacks or injections. To help, the Troly "peace of mind" hosting package includes ongoing backup and site updates, and a single point of contact for your support.

Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace

Numerous other commercial website CMS options are available today. Each with extensive pros-and-cons, and associated price-points.

In the context of direct sales of wines and craft beers, these have shown limitations that cannot be ignored, however, notably when it comes to the flexibility of how you charge for shipping and product prices offered to various levels of club members. Like-wise ongoing subscriptions and the flexibility afforded to club members to "signup", refer friends, and customize their preferences for their next order, are very limited at best.

On the flip side however, the way you edit product and manage sales is very smooth and beautiful, and some offer somewhat configurable "themes" which can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Troly is website-agnostic. This means our platform integrates with any website CMS you chose. However, all add-ons and integrations to these platforms are offered on an on-demand basis and will incur at a cost, due to the limited demand.

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