Consider Your Payment Options

Updated on May 9, 2020

When capturing sales in Troly, you need to specify how your customer is paying for their order.  You have two options:

  • online payments: Troly handles the transaction (e.g. charging a credit card on your behalf)
  • offline payments: Troly does not process the transaction (e.g. cash, EFTPOS, cheque, etc)

Online payments

Configure a payment gateway to capture online sales using Troly. Consider the following list to find out what is best for you, and visit the Troly Add-Ons page to activate one.

Provider details Currencies supported Funds settlement Transaction fees* Disputes Handling Monthly Fee
Troly Standard AUD 24-48 hours 0.9% ✅  Troly ✅  None
Troly Advanced AUD 24-48 hours 1.95% ✅  Troly ✅  None
Braintree AUD, EUR, USD (see all) weekly >1.75% ❌  You ✅  None
eWAY AUD 24-48 hours 2-3% ❌  You ❌  Yes
MyGate ZAR n/a n/a ❌  You n/a
Stripe AUD, NZD, EUR, USD and (see all) weekly >1.95% ❌  You ✅  None

Once you have configured your payment gateway, Troly directly integrates to automate the processing of payments and refunds. Troly also extends this functionality to your website as well as Point of Sale.

Read more about capturing sales from different channels.

Finally, if you decide to use a non-Troly payment gateway, please note that we are unable to help with transaction disputes, merchant fees, or other account maintenance matters.

You can only use one payment gateway

Keep in mind that a single payment provider can be installed at any given time. If you want to switch for another provider, you must first clear your sales and uninstall your current add-on before you can install a new one.

Offline payments

All payments transacted outside of Troly (eg. you have received cash or used an EFTPOS machine) can still be recorded for reporting and also data mining purposes. To enable sales paid by EFTPOS, cash, bank transfer, or cheque, you need to install the Offline payments add-on.

Understanding the Troly fees

Remember that the Troly platform access fee is based on a %-of-transaction model. This is applicable to both online and offline payments and is on top of any other merchant fee incurred. Read Troly Fees and Savings Explained for further details.

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