Configuring The WordPress Add On

Updated on June 14, 2019

WordPress turns your website into a complete eCommerce platform. Combined with Troly, you eliminate the need for double entry, and orders and customers history are easily kept up-to-date for you. It allows you to:

  • capture sales directly from your website and process them in Troly, using the Troly configurations for payments, shipping and also membership discount
  • securely sign up new members online, including credit card details, and automate the club fulfilment in Troly
  • automatically synchronise customer, club and product information, including special membership prices, between Troly and your website

Before you get started

Ensure that you already have WooCommerce installed. You can find more information on WooCommerce's installation here. The latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce are required to use the Troly Plugin, which you need to install in WordPress once you have configured your WordPress add-on in Troly.

Configuration details

In Troly, install the WordPress add-on

To configure the WordPress (eCommerce) add-on, simply go toAdd-ons WordPress (eCommerce)and click the Install button.

Enter your WordPress URL for Troly to engage with. Upon WordPress configuration, the API Consumer Key, the API resource Key and the Check Number will be generated for you.

'Use WordPress for Club Runs and Special Offers' option

This option gives members the possibility to edit their order directly on your WordPress site via a link added in the email received when you process a Club Run. Members who click the link are then redirected to their order online where they can edit the order by themselves. You need to have the Tasting Experience Add-on installed in your account as well.

If you select 'No' for this option, make sure that the Tasting Experience Add-on is installed in Troly, to allow members to edit or confirm and pay for their orders via this page instead.

In WordPress, install the Troly plugin

Once you have installed the WordPress Add-on in Troly, make sure you proceed to install the Troly plugin in WordPress. The add-on in Troly and the plugin in WordPress are the two key elements for Troly and WordPress to 'talk' to each other. In WordPress, under Plugins, click on Add new.

Type "Troly" in the Search plugins… field. Click on Install Now. Once it's installed, click on Activate.

Now, under the Connect to Troly tab in the Troly plugin, add the information given (Consumer key, Resource Key and Check Number) in Troly when you configured the WordPress add-on. Click on the Save changes button once you completed the fields.

Your website is now connected to your Troly account 🎉.

You'll now need to request a first synchronisation, please refer to Configuring the Troly Plugin Settings for detailed steps. From this point on, data will be kept synchronised between Troly and your website.

You should also know

WordPress Installation

Note that doesn’t support eCommerce capability through WooCommerce. Accordingly, websites are not compatible with Troly.

Domain Name Change

If your domain URL changes at any stage, it's easy to update it in both Troly and WordPress' settings.

From Troly, WordPress add-on

Go to Add-Ons → WordPress (eCommerce) and update your domain name and click the Save Button.

From WordPress, Troly plugin

Log into WordPress (e.g. https://yourdomainname/wp-admin/), go to Settings, update your domain and click Save Changes.

Maintain your WordPress site

For more details, tips, and advice, please click our Maintaining Your Website With WordPress guide. It provides useful information surrounding coupons settings, customer account registration, username and passwords, product shortcodes, shipping options, WooCommerce layouts, etc.

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