Configuring The WordPress Add On

Updated on June 19, 2020

WooCommerce turns your WordPress website into a complete eCommerce platform. Combined with Troly, you eliminate the need for double data entry. Product details, price-points and availability, as well as orders and customer history, are kept up-to-date for you.

After reading this, you will know how to:

  • Activate and connect the WordPress Add-on in the Troly Marketplace
  • Understand what new capabilities are available to your website
  • Access further eCommerce resources for your WordPress+WooCommerce website

Before you get started

Make sure to have correctly installed, activated, and configured the Troly plugin on your website. You can read more about Configuring the Troly plugin in WordPress.

Activate the Add-on

The WordPress eCommerce add-on is available in the Troly Add-ons Marketplace. Go to Add-ons WordPress (eCommerce) and click the Install button to begin.

The WordPress eCommerce Add-on, in Troly

Enter secure access details

Once the Add-on activated, enter your website URL to obtain access details. The API Consumer Key, the API resource Key, and the Check Number are generated for you.

Access Details generated to allow your website and Troly to exchange information.

These need to be entered on your website under Troly → Settings → Connection to Troly. Once entered in your website, you can return to Troly and click Save to validate.

When you see the WordPress Add-on marked as Installed, your website is then connected to your Troly account 🎉.

Additional settings

Use WordPress for Club Runs

In most cases, the option to 'Use WordPress for Club Run' option should be set to Yes. This gives members the possibility to edit their order directly on your website when they receive the club run notifications.

After considerations, if you choose to leave this setting to No, make sure to have the Tasting Experience Add-on installed in your account to achieve the same goal.

New WordPress Shortcodes

The Troly plugin in for WordPress adds new forms and capabilities to your site.

Post-installation data sync

Once the Add-on is installed and activated, you should consider doing a full synchronization of your product, clubs, and customer data. More information is available at Configuring the Troly Plugin in WordPress, under Initial data synchronization.

Frequently Asked Questions Installation

Note that doesn’t support eCommerce capability through WooCommerce. Accordingly, websites are not compatible with Troly.

Website access and Domain Name Change

Troly requires to access your website in order to operate properly. If your website is not directly accessible (eg. a development website behind a password protection) you will need to discuss this with your web-developer to remove the restriction.

Likewise, if your domain name or website url has changed, you will need to update your configurations in both the WordPress Add-on (see above) as well as in your Troly Plugin on your website.

Additional Tips and Tricks

For details, tips, and advice on using your newly gained eCommerce capability, be sure to read Maintaining Your Website With WordPress guide. It provides useful information surrounding coupons settings, customer account registrations, username and passwords, product shortcodes, shipping options, and forms, amongst many more.

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