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Configuring The Troly Plugin In WordPress

Updated on June 19, 2020

The Troly plugin for WordPress lets you connect your website directly with Troly for advanced eCommerce capability. Additionally all your customer data, products and sales details are seamlessly kept up-to-date for you.

After reading this, you will know how to:

  • Install the Troly plugin in WordPress and configure a secure connection with Troly
  • Understand the various configurations available in the plugin
  • Leverage Troly capabilities and forms newly available on your website

Before you get started

This article is technical in nature and changing your configuration details may affect your site and e-commerce capability. It also contains instructions that assume some technical know-how so extra care should be taken if your website is not officially supported by Troly. In doubt consult your web-developer or review your support options in Troly.

Installing the Troly plugin


The Troly plugin may function with older versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. However, for security reasons, you are strongly encouraged to always use the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and any other plugins installed.

Minimum Versions

  • your PHP version, WordPress and Woocommerce must be up-to-date (ie using the latest version)
  • the theme you're using must be Woocommerce 3.3+ compatible, and declare support for image ratios. Check with the theme developer if you are unsure.

Checking and upgrading your website and plugins

The process is relatively simple and can be performed by non-developers. However, we recommend you check the availability of backups and optionally have access to your developer in case something goes wrong.

  1. log into your WordPress Admin panel and locate Plugins in your side menu
  2. click Installed plugins and browse through the list of plugins. The version currently in use in your WordPress will be displayed in each one of the plugin installed
  3.  to upgrade the version of a plugin, you will see a little upgrade now link or button. If you do see this link, click it to upgrade your plugin to the latest version.

Additional Help from Troly

Our team can also help you connect your WordPress site, and optionally, support your site also. If you wish to request our assistance, simply visit our Troly Websites offering, available exclusively to customers of Troly.

Install WooCommerce

To enable eCommerce capabilities on your WordPress website, make sure to have installed and configured WooCommerce. Please note that the standard WooCommerce behaviour will not be affected by Troly. WooCommerce also requires its own configuration in order to function properly.

WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress

Should you require more details on installation, WooCommerce has extensive documentation on Installing and reinstalling WooCommerce in WordPress.

Plugin installation and activation

The Troly plugin for WordPress can be installed and activated directly from the plugin store in WordPress. Login to your website administration, normally at yourdomain.com/wp-admin, then under Plugins, click Add New and search for 'Troly'. Click Install Now then Activate.

Authenticate the plugin with Troly

The first configuration of the Troly plugin requires activating your WordPress Add-on in Troly before entering Troly security details in your WordPress plugin settings. Find the instructions in this page.

Initial data synchronisation

You can import your products from Troly, or if you already have products on your site you can push the entire list into Troly. Once your products have been synchronized, updates applied to Troly will automatically be pushed to the website, as configured above.

In WordPress, browse to Troly → Operations for complete details.

WooCommerce Plugin configuration

hese settings are located in your WordPress admin panel under WoocommerceSettings. 

Banking and Payments

While this is not essential to capturing sales online and processing the sale in Troly, you have the option of processing online payments with the same online gateway configured in Troly. In order to activate this, in your site administration browse to the WooCommerce SettingsCheckoutTroly Payments page, and select "Enable Troly Payments".

When this is enabled, any payments paid for via WooCommerce will transact using the payment gateway configured in Troly. For example, if you use Stripe, configure Stripe in Troly first then simply enable 'Troly Payments' in WooCommerce.


The same applies to shipping fees, if you wish to apply the shipping fees configured in Troly to orders placed by customers or club members, you will need to configure a new Shipping Zone (under WooCommerce SettingsShipping).

Add a new shipping zone

The zone region is optional. It can be used to restrict the area what location your customers can place orders from directly via WooCommerce (only Australia for example).

Select ‘Troly Shipping’ in the drop down.

Use a single shipping method to avoid confusion

It is generally not advisable to configure any additional shipping method in your website. Also, shipping prices are calculated by Troly once configured correctly in WooCommerce. The pickup option on the Checkout page is handled by WooCommerce and carried over to Troly.

Additionally if you require further help making the plugin work for your setup, we maintain both a Troubleshooting WordPress with Troly and a Maintaining your website with WordPress and WooCommerce guide to assist you.

In the Shipping tab, notice the three extra ‘sub-tabs’: Shipping zones, Shipping options and Shipping classes. Click “Shipping options” and tick the “Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page” option. Also, check if the “Hide shipping costs until an address is entered” is enabled or not.

Additional Plugin Configurations

Plugin options available to your site

Troly Plugin Configuration

Access the plugin settings, under TrolySettings. This page offers various configuration options on how to configure the plugin with Troly, WooCommerce, and your website in general.

Each setting is important and we recommend you taking some extra time to familiarise yourself with them. Hover over the small question mark icons to read how to set up each pricing component on your website.

Alcohol Disclaimer

  • Display a legal drinking age disclaimer lets you show a pop-up window on the first visit to your site or a confirmation notice on checkout. This may be required by law in your jurisdiction
  • Disclaimer Title is the title to be displayed for the legal drinking age disclaimer
  • Disclaimer Text defines the message that you would like to appear on either the confirmation box, or the checkout notice page. The look and feel for the pop-up is not configurable. The WordPress plugin store has many options to achieve the same goal in a visually more configurable format

Store Checkout

  • Date of birth: enable this option if you want customers to enter their date of birth to verify age on checkout

Membership Registration

  • Date of birth: enable this option if you want new members to provide a date of birth upon signing up to one of your club
  • Minimum Age: select 18 or 21 years old
  • Under Age Error: when a purchase is made or when a new member signs up to a club, this message will be displayed to your customer if they are underage
  • Use Placeholders: for input fields, use placeholders instead of labels to indicate field functionality

Newsletter Sign-up

  • Use Placeholders: for input fields, use placeholders instead of labels to indicate field functionality
  • Collect Mobile Phone: if you require your customers to indicate their phone number
  • Collect Postcode: if you require your customers to indicate their postcode

Product Images

  • Use WooCommerce Images allows you to decide whether your products online should images uploaded for each product in Troly (default). Changing this setting will give you full control on images uploaded against each product in WooCommerce, however require that you manually upload images for all products, irrespective of what is available in Troly.

Product Prices

The options in this section will define how prices are shown to guests, customers and members.

Advanced data options

This is where you define how information flows between your website and Troly. For simplicity, it is recommended to have full synchronisation of all data between Troly and your website.

Although unlikely, you may change this if required. For each Product, Customer and Club, you may:

  • Send AND receive (Troly <-> Website) data between Troly and your Website ( ) to ensure complete integrity of data between the two datasets (default).
  • Only send (Troly <- Website) data to Troly from your website ( ← ) to allow data from your website to be pushed to Troly. Updates in Troly will not be reflected in your website.
  • Only receive (Troly -> Website) data from Troly into your website ( → ) to ensure data in Troly are used and overwrite values in your website with Troly’s value

New forms and WordPress shortcodes

New members can also sign up on your website. To make this easy, the Troly plugin for WordPress includes a sample membership sign up form, available via a shortcode. Simply add the following onto any page.


The form is provided as a starting point and a template can easily be styled by your web developer, as required. We do not currently allow custom forms to hook into the API behind-the-scenes.

Further to the club membership signup form, a second shortcode is provided to allow visitors to receive your newsletter.


It generates a simple signup form to your newsletter that will also record the customer in Troly immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my domain name?

Yes you can. Once you have decided to change your website url or domain name, and have taken the necessary action to purchase and configure the domain and hosting details, making this change effective in WordPress and also Troly is straight forward.

Log in to your WordPress administration (usually yourdomainname/wp-admin/) and change your domain name or "Website Address" in Settings.

Website Address settings in WordPress

Then, change your Troly connection settings in the Troly Add-Ons Marketplace, under WordPress (eCommerce). Simply update your domain name and click the Save Button.

WordPress URL settings in Troly

While this change may seem simple, we strongly encourage you to conduct a complete eCommerce test by placing an order as a new customer.

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