Configuring The SMS Add On

Updated on March 26, 2020

SMS are an effective way of communication and can be preferable to emails in certain circumstances where you have important or exciting news to share with your customers. They are particularly useful when used to:

  • notify a customer about a successful or declined payment
  • make a customer feel special for important events like their birthdays

Before you get started

You need to ensure that you have a valid mobile number recorded in the Mobile Phone field ()of your customers profile. An SMS will not be sent if a mobile number is registered in the land line phone field.

Configuration details

Install the add-on

Under Add-onsSMS click on the Install button.

Configure the add-on

  • Sender Name: the name (without spaces) or mobile number that appears to your customers when they receive an SMS sent from Troly
  • SMS on Bounced Email: enable this option if you'd like customers to receive a SMS each time an email failed to reach them

Click on the Save button.

Sending a SMS via Troly

Once the SMS Add-on installed, under SettingsCommunications you can customise SMS templates for:

  • Orders pending pickup
  • Customer birthdays
  • Customer Bounced Email
  • Successful credit card payment
  • Declined credit card payment

If you wish to learn more about building your SMS templates, please visit this specific article.

The SMS for birthday wishes can also be set-up in the Dashboard Birthday.

For more information about automated SMS messages, please visit the dedicated page.

Billing and Reports

There is a cost of 10¢ for each SMS sent that you may wish to consider when you are using the bulk action or the SMS on Bounced Email functionalities. This will be reflected in OperationsReports  and Transactions. You can also filter your report by clicking on Transaction ▼ and selecting Fees – SMS. Please note that your customers will not be charged any additional fees on their end for receiving SMS from Troly.

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