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Configuring The Product Sorting Add On

Updated on October 22, 2018

To boost your sales on the Tasting Experience, Wine Show and the Point of Sale, you may want to sort your products order in a certain way to feature your popular products or special deals. With the Product Sorting Add-On, you can do just that by:

  • dragging the products up and down to get the layout of your choice
  • sorting your products in specific categories

Before you get started

You need to set your products' Business attributes as 'Visible' to show in the Tasting Experience, Wine Show and POS.

Configurations Details

Download the add-on

To get started, visit the Add-Ons page and click the Product Sorting add-on. Click the Install button. You can drag your items as soon as the add-on is installed. As simple as that!

If you wish to split your items in categories, your products need to have a Sorting Category allocated to them first. The categories are reflected in the Product Sorting add-on as soon as they are configured.

Drag the Products up or down

Select a product and drag it up or down to amend the order according to your preference. When you're satisfied with the order, click the Save button.

Products cannot be dragged onto a different category. The Sorting Category can only be edited from the product page itself.

Show out of Stock products option

If you select the Show out of stock products option, all your out of stock products will appear on your Tasting Experience, POS and Wine Show pages regardless if you've clicked the Out of Stock attribute from the Product page Business Attributes section.

However, a 'Out of Stock' message will appear on the product row in the Tasting Experience page if the Out of Stock attribute is enabled for this specific product. Please read our Configuring Stock Control Add-on article to know more about managing stock and out of stock tags.

Products sorted on the Tasting Experience / Wine Show

You should also know

Out of Stock Products

The Product Sorting Add-On page displays all your products in one single list, no matter if the products are out of stock or not. Please bear this in mind when using this add-on.

Allow some time for the Add On to update your online product lists:

Once you press Save, allow a few minutes for the Tasting Experience to fully update the display of the new products order. Refresh the Tasting Experience page to see the updated order.

Composite products not showing on the Tasting Experience and Wine Show

Remember that composite products that are not pre-packed and not changeable won't display on the Tasting Experience and on the Wine Show no matter what. Read our Troubleshooting the Tasting Experience  and Understanding Wine Show articles to learn more about products displayed on the Tasting Experience and Wine Show.

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