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Configuring The Customer Referrals Add On

Updated on November 18, 2020

Effortlessly generate new direct sales from trusted customer referrals, by using the Customer Referrals add-on.
The benefits of doing so include:

  • Increase sales by getting your customers to refer your winery
  • Allow new customers to redeem a benefit when using a referral
  • Track customer referrals and allocate points

Before you get started

You will need to have Troly integrated with your WordPress before installing this add-on. It's also important to note that the referral code that is generated in each customer profile will sync to your EDM (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc) list, so the best way to send your customer their own personalized referral code is by creating a campaign through your preferred EDM.

Configurations Details

Install the add-on in Troly

To configure the Customer Referrals add-on, you simply go to Add-ons MarketplaceReward Customers for Sale Referrals and click the Install button.

Once the add-on is installed, you can then select the unit type (this is how Troly will manage referral units and how many points a customer receives upon a successful referral). There are two options here: Monetary (Order Value) and Units (Bottle Count).

Once your Unit Type has been selected, make sure to click on the save button. You should also note that Troly will lock your unit type after the first successful referral is completed.

Configuring your coupons in WordPress

To configure your coupons in WordPress, you will log into your WordPress admin account and go to Marketing → Coupons. There are currently two coupons that can be created for use with Troly (birthday and referral).

To create a new coupon, click on the Add coupon button at the top of the page. This will redirect you to the coupon configuration. From here, you can create your Coupon code, add a description, select your discount type, and coupon amount.

There are three different options for Discount type: Percentage discount, Fixed cart discount, and Fixed product discount.

You also have the option to allow free shipping and set a coupon expiry date.

Once the coupon details have been set, you can then Publish the coupon on the right side of the page and now you're ready for the final steps in Troly.

Adding Your New Coupons to the WordPress Add-On

Now that you've created your coupon codes in WordPress, you'll need to enter them in the WordPress Add-On in Troly (make sure to hit Save before leaving the page).

Customer Referrals Tab in Troly

You'll note that there is a tab in every customer profile called Referrals. This feature will auto-generate a personalized referral code for each customer that cannot be changed. This is the code new customers will be able to use on your WordPress website as a coupon.

When an order is completed by a new customer with the referral code used at check-out, Troly will allocate either the points or value to this customer and a list of all orders using the referral code will be show in the Activity section.

Birthday Coupon in Troly

If you've set a birth-date for your customers, you can send them an automated email or SMS with a special birthday coupon code (as configured in WordPress). You can set this up by going to Company → Communications → All Customers, and editing the Customer Birthday Email or Customer Birthday SMS template to include the "Birthday Coupon" tag.

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