Configuring Tasting Experience Add On

Updated on April 15, 2021

The Tasting Experience is a simplified online shop. It can serve as your main online shop if your website is not built with WordPress, or at the cellar door and wine shows when your customers need to browse products. It allows visitors to:

  • place or update their order
  • sign up to one of your clubs and/or your newsletters

Before you get started

If you use Squarespace, Shopify, a simple HTML site, Drupal, etc. the Tasting Experience is for you.

Configuration details

Install the add-on

To configure the Tasting Experience add-on, you simply have to go to Add-onsTasting Experience and click the Install button.

Configure and customise your Tasting Experience page

Once your add-on is installed in Troly, the following Settings fields will appear for you to customise the interface to your business details and preferences.

  • Preferred layout: you can choose between List view and Tabbed view. By default, all your products will be displayed in a tab called “Other”. You can change this later.

  • Branding colour: What colour should be used for the shop
  • Marketing message: A short message to display at the bottom of the Tasting Experience. Make sure to click the plus (+) sign to add a new message. You can add more than one message
  • Liquor license number: Based on your location, this might be compulsory
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions URLs: Which external pages (not hosted by Troly) should your customers be taken to
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID: Keep track of traffic to your Tasting Experience. This helps you understand which of your campaigns work best and where your marketing effort should focus. The Google Analytics ID looks like UA-000000-01
  • Display Date of Birth?: Ask for your customer’s date of birth on checkout. Make it compulsory, optional or don’t ask for it at all
  • Capture sales staff member: Lets you enter the name of who served your customers on the checkout screen
  • Require card details on member sign up? Indicate if you would like your customers to add their credit card details as they sign up on the Tasting Experience page
  • Require delivery details on member sign up? Indicate if you would like your customers to add their delivery address as they sign up on the Tasting Experience page
  • Show "Out of Stock" products? Enable this option if you prefer to show your out of stock products (the products will need the 'Out of Stock' Business Attribute enabled

Click the Save button to complete the process.

Tasting Experience Advanced Settings

You can customise your Tasting Experience using custom CSS it will be rendered directly on the Tasting Experience. This is an advanced option that requires knowledge of CSS.

Please note that Troly will not be able to assist if the CSS you added 'breaks' the Tasting Experience page. You may need to remove the CSS for the page to function properly, or revise the CSS that has been entered.

View your Tasting Experience page

Once your settings are saved, a shop area is immediately created for you. You can view it by clicking on your winery’s name on the top right corner of the page.

Customise the URL

The URL for your shop has the following format: “” where 'My Account Name' is your Legal Name added in the Business Settings page. You can use this URL to create hyperlinks and redirect customers to your shop.

Organise your Products

Products categories (sections and tabs)

By default, all your products will be listed under one section called 'Other'. Products can be displayed according to a specific order or grouped in different tabs or sections (Reds, Whites, Cases, etc) thanks to our Product Sorting Add On. To do so, install the Product sorting add-on in Troly and then create Sorting Categories directly from your product pages (each category will become a new tab in the Tasting Experience page).

Products order

You can also put your best seller at the top of a category list! In the Product Sorting add-on, simply drag and drop your products from one sorting category to another.

To learn about the Product Sorting add-on and to know how to configure it, please check our Configuring the Product Sorting Add-On article.

Select the products to be displayed on the Tasting Experience page

To create the content that is displayed in the Tasting Experience, the Visible in Tasting tag needs to be enabled in the product information page of each product. Once the products are configured to show, they are displayed in the different tabs of the Tasting Experience.

Product prices

Product prices prices appear on the page for each product. If you have one membership set up in Troly, both the RRP and the membership price (calculated according to the membership discount) are displayed (if your membership visibility is set to Public or Restricted).

If you have more than one membership set up in Troly: Troly automatically selects the lowest membership price to be shown on the Tasting Experience. At the moment, this can not be manually set up. Note that Troly only shows membership discounts if the club(s) visibility is(are) set to Public or Restricted.

Out of stock products display

Choose if you want out of stock products to be displayed or not. If displayed, your customers will see them but won’t be able to order them. Here is the setting in the Tasting Experience add-on:

Remember to enable the Out of Stock tag in your product information pages in Troly:

Product Tokens

When customers click on the product token (set in your Product Information page) in one of your EDM communications (such as Mailchimp), an order is created automatically with the products configured in the link.

If the costumer who places the order has no payment details on file, the order is saved as a draft, otherwise it is recorded as Confirmed and Paid.

Direct Tasting Experience page sign up URLs

To provide the direct sign-up link to your customers add [/signup] at the end if your Tasting Experience URL, for example:

Redirect your customers to your own website

To redirect your customers to your website after signing up to a club, add [?redirect=] at the end of your Tasting Experience URL, for example:

Passwords reset and update

By clicking on the Trouble signing in? link, customers will receive a “password reset” email.

They can sign-up and create a password if it is their first visit, or simply check out as guests.

If they click on the direct link to edit their order from an automated email or SMS, they are signed in automatically and do not need to enter a password.

New customers registered in Troly first


When you add a new customer via Troly, if this customer is a member you can click the 'Send Welcome email' button under their Membership tab:

According to your Communications settings in Troly (under Members only), an email will be sent to the member. You can include a 'your profile' link so that your customer will only need to click this link to access their online member account. They will be prompted to set up a password. They will log in with the email address recorded in their customer profile page in Troly.

Non members

If your customer is not a member, you may simply click the link located under the Account details tab:

Just like the member template email, you can amend the Customer Useful Links' template email from the Communications page (under 'All customers') and use the placeholder to create the profile link.

Billing and Report

As it’s part of Troly, the Tasting Experience is free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

How can I add preferences on the signup form?

The preferences displayed on the signup form are your Custom customer tags. You can add new ones from the Business settings page.

Is it possible to link directly to the club signup form?

Of course! Add /signup at the end of your Tasting Experience url. That’s it!

Can visitors be redirected to my site after signing up to a club?

With some URL magic, yes. The link to your signup form looks like:

If you want visitors to be taken back to your site, your URL should look like:

Note that we added “?redirect=“. Replace that with your website’s url.

What happens if customers forget/don’t know their password?

By clicking on the “Trouble signing in?” link, customers will receive a “reset password” email. They can also sign up if it’s the first time they visit, or simply checkout as guests.

If customers came here with a link to update their order, they are signed in automatically and do not need to enter a password. If this is their first visit, they will be asked to create their password.

We also have a user guide for your own customers! Don’t hesitate referring them to this page to help them sign in, reset a password, edit their orders, etc.


It you encounter any issues with your Tasting Experience page, please review the above settings or click our Troubleshooting the Tasting Experience article.

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