Configuring Stock Control Add On

Updated on July 29, 2020

Stock movement is an essential part of all businesses. When you sell your products through many channels, keeping track of stock can quickly become overwhelming. The stock control add-on allows you to:

  • Automatically update stock levels based on sales from each channel
  • Manage stock and different order types across several locations
  • Easily update inventory levels

Configuration details

To configure the Stock Control add-on, you simply have to go to Add-ons Stock Control and click the Install button.

Enter the name of the location and press the "+" symbol to save it. You can have up to 5 different locations.

You should also know

Operations stocktake

Once your locations are established, a new Stocktake tab is added in your Troly account Operations page.

All your products as well as their stock quantity are listed there in their respective locations.

It allows you to review and amend the inventory.

Products Pricing & stock

On the Products page, the Pricing tab becomes Pricing & stock.

You can enter the amount of stock in each of your stock locations for this product.

Other changes

As long as the Stock control add-on is installed, products will be marked as Out of stock whenever their stock levels reach 0.

Products that are out of stock can still appear in your sales channels (Tasting Experience, website, POS.). However, customers cannot add those products to their orders themselves. The Out of Stock attribute will enable your out of stock products to appear this way on your Tasting Experience:

On an Order Details page, you can choose where to deduct stock from:

stock adjustments, stockl

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