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Configuring Shipping Configuration Add On

Updated on June 24, 2019

The Shipping Configuration Add-on allows you to configure carton sizes, carton weights, and shipping fees you charge your customers and club members. Using this, Troly then informs your shipping carrier of the exact box size that's coming.

This add-on allows you to:

  • pass on or share the shipping cost with your customers
  • improve the accuracy of the shipping handled by Troly
  • ship parcels using the most optimal carton configuration

Before you get started

Due to shipping rates being based on geographic location, please note the Shipping Configuration mostly benefits our Australian merchants. If you think this add-on would be valuable to your country, get in touch with us via the live chat.

Configuration details

Install the Add-on in Troly

To configure the Shipping Configuration add-on, go to Add-ons Shipping Configuration and click the Install button.

The add-on configuration is divided into two sections:

  • The Shipping dimensions section allows creating various carton sizes to ship your products
  • The Shipping fees section enables you to configure shipping fees to be applied to your orders (per number of bottle, per region, per membership, etc.)

Once your dimensions and fees are set, Troly will always select the cheapest fee for your shipments as well as figure the best carton size to use.

Shipping dimensions

The Shipping dimensions section is mainly used by carriers to proceed orders. Add a descriptive name, the number of units, dimensions and weight of the box. Be careful as Troly will ask for cms and grams or inches and pounds.

You can configure as many cartons as required to build your list. Troly will attempt to fill the smallest cartons with the most products, and ensure the shipping carrier has accurate weight information.

You may create a carton for a 2 units shipment, one for a 6 units shipment, another one for a 12 units shipment, etc.

Shipping fees

The Shipping fees section allows you to set the delivery price for your customers, club members, different clubs or bottle count. You can manage whom or what product is exempt of shipping charges, shares the full or partial charge or assume the full cost of the charge.

Each rule can be applied as a flat monetary amount, or as a percentage of cost.

Metro vs Non-Metro

If you wish to apply 'metro' prices, then check Enable METRO box and enter metro-specific rates.

To find out what post codes belong to metro and non-metro regions, please review the table in this article.

Non-Australian companies do not have access to Metro fee pricing.

Creating a Shipping Fee

  1. Click on Add new option button
  2. Give a name to your shipping fee
  3. Type a location (e.g. Australia). To ensure the location is correctly set. Wait until the drop down menu appears and select the location in the menu.
  4. Troly will then load the selected country's states or provinces. If you're entering rates overseas, then we allow you set for the country as a whole.
  5. To set shipping fees for different quantities, create separate rates. Click in the field 'Min qty 1 to max qty' and add a maximum (e.g. 11).
  6. The next quantity starting from the value over the maximum set (e.g. 12 to ) will automatically appear.
  7. Create as many groups as you wish if you want different prices for your units, double packs, 6 packs or 12 packs.
  8. You can enable the metro option by checking the box if you wish to differentiate fees between metro and non-metro areas. The 'Enable Metro' option brings up the second column for entrees in metro areas only.
  9. Defined shipping fees can then be added to all customers, all members or members belonging to each club in dollars or percentage.
  10. Click the Save button.

Configuring different Rates

Although it is recommended to keep your prices simple, you can configure as many rates as required.

For example, you could create a rates for single units, double packs, six packs, 12 packs or 24 packs (ideal for breweries!).

Fees in dollars ($) and percentage (%)

For both $0 and 0%, your customers will receive free shipping: you'll bear the entirety of the cost of shipping. E.g. a $15 shipment carrier charge and a 0% shipping fee means your customer only sees $0 (free shipping).

If you set the fee at a flat $ amount, your customers will always pay this amount, regardless of carrier charge.

Percentages allow you to be flexible on pricing. 100% means that the customer pays the full amount (i.e. at cost). 120% means that you'll be charging an additional 20% of the carrier charge to cover total shipping costs (so a $15 carrier charge means your customer pays $18).

Setting Free Shipping for your Club Members

To set free shipping for all your club members who order a case:

  1. Create at least two rates ([0 > 11] and [12 > ∞])
  2. Enter the required fee (e.g. $15) in the first rate [0 > 11] for All Customers and All Members
  3. Enter the required fee (e.g. $25) in the second rate [12 > ∞] for All Customers and $0 for All Members.
  4. Click the Save button.

Editing Rates

Once you have created the desired rates, you can edit or delete them as needed. To edit the rate, click on the hyperlinked name. To delete the rate, click on the red X.

By default, the carton size is set to 'Automatic' in the software and will always choose the cheapest option or smallest configuration. Exceptions can be changed directly from the order under 'Carton Size ▼'. You won't be able to edit the order once the order is paid.

Billing and Reports

Revenues coming from shipping fees will appear in the End of the Period Report , in the 'Revenue by Product Category' section under 'Shipping Charges' along with other shipping services.

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