Configuring Point Of Sale Pos Add On

Updated on June 14, 2019

The Point of Sale (POS) is an application with a simple and rapid interface that can be installed on your Apple (IPhone and tablet device(s)) and your Android tablet device(s) to process your daily operations. It can by used with separate admin accounts for multiple staff and is also ideal to take to wine shows. It allows you to:

  • Record sales transactions on the fly with a simplified “big buttons” touch interface
  • Access an integrated historical view of each customer, club member and their sales records for improved customer insight, reports and accounting work
  • Eliminate human errors and increase staff efficiency; the computer code automates stock control and sales tracking whilst staff focus on sales

Configuration details

Install the add-on in Troly

To configure the Point of Sale Add-on, you simply have to go to Add-ons Point of Sale and click the Install button.

Load customers at login option

Decide if you want to download a customer list at sign-in or not. Loading customers when logging in will slow down the time it takes to login but will speed up searching for customers within the app.

Select Yes or No and click Save.

Download the app on your device

To use the Point of Sale add-on in Troly, first download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your Apple (IPhone and tablet device(s)) and your Android tablet device(s).

Select products to appear on your POS app

To establish the list of products that appear in the POS , go to Products → Dashboard and from the Product List, tap on the product that you want to add.

On the Product Information page, tap the Visible in POS tag.

Repeat those steps for all the products that you wish to add.

If your products aren’t displayed properly, you will need to edit them from the Product Information page in Troly.

To remove a product, simply tap on the Visible in POS tag in its Product Information page (in Products). Once greyed out, it won’t show anymore on your POS screen.

Please visit our Understanding the Point of Sales (POS) page to learn more about the app operation, alternative POS software comparisons, technical information and more.

Create product categories to sort out your products

You may want to sort your products order in a certain way to feature your popular products or special deals. Check out the Product Sorting Add-On!

You should also know

Staff logins

We strongly recommend that all the staff handling the POS do so using their own login. This allows you to have a breakdown of sales per staff, source (website, club, POS, etc) and also full stock breakdown in the End of Period Report.

In order to create different staff logins, please contact us via the Live Chat or send us an email ([email protected]) and specify their first name, last name and email address.

Card Scanning

When using the POS for credit card transactions, Troly provides an easy to use integrated card scanning system that reads and save the card number for you. Alternatively, you can manually type the data.

Billing and Reports

The POS transactions are subjected to the same 1% fee applied to all the other orders processed in Troly since they are part of the same platform (even if you use your own EFTPOS machine).

The app and the add-on are free to download and install.

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