Configuring Pickup Labels Add On

Updated on May 18, 2019

The Pickup Labels add-on reduces possible handling errors as it clearly indicates which orders will be picked-up as opposed to shipped. It allows you to:

  • generate labels to identify pickup parcels (picked up by your customers directly)
  • select your preferred label size
  • add a 'not for shipping' icon on the label

Configuration details

Install the add-on in Troly

To install the Pickup Labels add-on, you simply have to go to Add-onsPickup Labels and click the Install button.

Add-on options

Select the label size you want to use. The label size available currently is:

  • Avery DL12 (12pp, 3x4 portrait, 68mmx70mm) 12 labels per page.

Select your preferred pickup icon and click the Save button.

Note that the above settings do not override label settings you may use for actual shipment orders.

Generating the labels

On the Operations page, under the Pick up section, select the orders you want to label and click Pick-up Labels. Confirm by clicking on Generate.

One label is generated per carton. You may end up with several labels associated to one order. Depending on your Shipping Configuration Add On settings, Troly will always select the most accurate way to pack the bottles, and try to fit the most bottles in the least amount of carton.

Finding the labels in Troly

Those labels are available at anytime from Operations Documents center in a PDF format. Filter the type of document by 'Labels'. The description is 'Pickup Order Labels generated for 3 orders'.

Label content

Each label contains the name of the customer, the pick up icon, the order number, the weight of the order, etc.

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