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Configuring Multiple Staff

Updated on May 23, 2019

Three types of permissions are available for you to configure your staff accounts in Troly. Anybody using your business account should have their individual username to:

  • record and track their updates in the software.
  • limit their user permissions according to their responsibilities.
  • display their own name when handling chat queries.

Having different logins for your staff allows you to know who changed what, understand what happened when there are some inconsistencies and identify areas where your staff may need further training.

Configuration details

To configure a new user account, contact us via the live chat or send an email at [email protected] with: their first name, last name, email address and type of user permission that you wish to grant them. We will create a username and send them instructions to set their password.

User Permissions

Admin users (full permission)

Admin users have full access to all the software functionalities and features. They can create/manage orders, add members, create new clubs, import/export products, access financial reports, install and uninstall add-ons, etc. Everything that can be done in Troly can be done by Admin users.

Billing users (reporting only)

Billing users have no capabilities in your Troly account. However, they will be sent monthly invoices and will be notified if payment details need to be updated.

There can be multiple billing users, so several people can stay on top of things. Generally, this includes you and your bookkeeper.

Sales staff (no permissions)

Sales staff users are usually helping your customers at the cellar door or events and do not have access to your account. You can record which of your staff members helped a customer out by recording their name against the customer profile or an order they placed.

Those sales are recorded in the OperationEnd of Period Report in the ‘Revenues by Staff’ section.

Removing/updating user permissions

In order to remove a user, simply contact us back via the live chat or send an email at [email protected]. We will proceed to your request in no time! Please be sure to send us the first name, last name, email address and specify the user permission to be applied if you want to change it.

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