Configuring Multiple Shipping Carriers

Updated on October 22, 2018

Configuration details

If you choose to configure more than one carrier, you’ll be able to select the carrier to use for each shipment in many ways.

Company wide preferred carrier

You can set any carrier as your default shipping provider for all orders. To do so, you first need to install the shipping Add-On of the shipping carrier you wish to use and then visit Settings → Business Setting , under Order Management → Preferred shipping carrier to set your preference.

Note that if you choose ‘Cheapest cost’, Troly will calculate shipping fees with each shipping carrier to select the cheapest available.

Customers preferred carrier

You can set a customer preferred carrier. To do so, locate your customer record and update their Preferred Delivery method ▼ under Addresses and Payments

The customer setting will ensure that parcels always go through their chosen carrier. This overrides the company setting and allows you to select ‘Will pickup member cases’, ‘Default shipping carrier’, ‘Manual Shipment’ or any installed shipping account.

Preferred carrier for each order

You can also change any order to use a specific shipping carrier. To do so, select the order from the Shipments  section under Operations → Orders or from the customer’s activity feed under   Customers → Search for customer and click on the specific order.

This overrides both the company and the customer setting, and applies for that order only.

You should also know

Shipping process stages

  • Costing: the fees associated with shipping an order (products + empty carton weight) are calculated
  • Labelling: generation of a carrier compliant label for this order
  • Manifest: creation of shipping summary document as/if required by the carrier
  • Notification: automated SMS or email notification for the carrier to arrange pickup of parcels

Documents generated

The table below indicates if and what type of documents are generated through the different stages of the shipping process by the supported carriers.

Shipping Carriers Cost Label Manifest Notification
Manual/Offline Shipments, Couriers Please N/A N/A
UPS, FedEx N/A N/A
FastWay Prepaid www. SMS
AusPost Optional N/A
FastWay (Troly’s Account) SMS
AusPost (Troly’s Account) N/A
GSO (by Troly) N/R @


Troly allows you to ship parcels using the optimal carton configuration, based on product units per order and unit allowance per case. E.g. ship 18 bottles as 12 + 6 bottles in two different cartons, instead of two 12 bottle cartons.

We always selects the lowest shipping rate for you when processing an order. Enabling several carriers allows those rates to be even more competitive. The Shipping Configuration add-on also gives you the possibility to charge your customers for shipping.

Labels layout format

Please read our Printing shipping labels article for more information about labels layout format, bar-codes and format.

Order tracking number

A tracking number is assigned to each order. When this information is available to Troly, it will be automatically populated. Alternatively, you may fill this manually. Refer to your carrier specific Add-on for specific details.

Manifest summary report

Troly generates manifests for each order to be shipped. Not each carrier requires a manifest and some manifests may have a different format. For further information on manifests, refer to your carrier specific Add-on.


At dispatch time, we do our best to notify carriers that a pickup is required via SMS or email. However, notifications cannot be automatically generated for some of the carriers and you may need to notify them directly to arrange parcel pickups (.e.g. phone call required). Please refer to respective carrier add-on article for all the details.

The parcels pickup address used by all shipping carriers is the one that you provided from Settings → Company details

Billing and reports


The billing for your usage of the group carrier accounts usage is included in your monthly Troly invoice. The complete breakdown is available under Operations → Reports and Transaction ▼ → Fees – Shipping charges.

You only pay for orders that have been dispatched. Generating labels does not incur a charge.

Troly doesn’t charge for using your own account within the platform. You’ll need to refer to your separate carrier invoice for the fees breakdown and details.

Reports – Document Centre

All .PDF generated documents are available in Operations → Documents centre.

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