Configuring Manual Shipment Add On

Updated on May 18, 2019

The Manual Shipment add-on allows to set delivery preferences for orders that shouldn't be delivered using the default carriers. They are convenient for:

  • local deliveries where you deliver the parcels yourself
  • local carriers that are not yet integrated to our software
  • the odd parcel for which your regular carrier(s) just won't cut

The orders shipped with the Manual Shipment add-on follow the same workflow and generate the same documents (labels, manifests and packing lists) as automatic shipments, but allow the configuration of an alternative carrier.

The orders shipped with the Manual Shipment add-on aren't to be confused with the "pickup" category of orders (where your customers comes to your cellar door to pick up their own parcels) as they're still being delivered by yourself or by a carrier.

Configuration details

Install the add-on in Troly

Browse to Add-ons Manual Shipment and click the Install button to get started.

Configure the add-on

elect one of the standard label stock code (Avery DL12, J8164, 959007 or equivalent in any other brands) that you'll purchase.

Cheapest shipping provider radius: select the radius (0km, 2km, 5km 10km) to determine the delivery distance of orders who should be handled manually and click the Save button. Note that you can select Unlimited, recommended if you are using any shipping providers supported by Troly but would like to use our packing, labelling and manifesting functions.

Send shipment delivered notification: if you wish your customers to receive a notification when their shipment has been delivered, select Yes.

Estimated days to deliver: select the approximate number of days it takes to make a delivery using your shipping method.

Ongoing operations

Ship orders via Manual Shipment

In a single order detail page, simply select the Manual Shipment method under the Shipping Carrier drop down menu:

Shipment charge and customer delivery fee for manual shipments

The Manual shipment charge corresponds to what you had to pay if you were to use a carrier supported by Troly (in which case the corresponding carrier add-on would be installed in Troly). Here, because the manual shipment option does not communicate with a carrier, the recorded cost of shipping orders manually is always $0.

The Final delivery fee corresponds to what your customer is going to pay to you for their order to be delivered to their address. Delivery fees are calculated depending on your Shipping Configuration add-on settings:

  • If you have set percentage based delivery fees for your customers, they will always be charged $0 (because the carrier costs are always $0.00 for manual shipments, a percentage of $0 will always equal to $0 🤓)
  • If your fees are based on a fixed dollar value, the fee will be charged to your customers depending on the fee set up in your shipping configuration add-on. In the example below, delivering this manual shipment order would also cost $5.00 to another customer when using a carrier supported by Troly).

If your delivery fees are based on a fixed dollar value but you need to override a fee for a manual shipment order

Simply create a 'Manual Shipment Extra' product in your Troly account as a Non-Physical item and add the item to the list of purchased products to adjust the delivery fees whenever you need it.

Find your manual shipment orders in Troly

All Manual Shipment orders appear under Operations → Orders  Shipments. Use the Carrier filter and select Manual Shipment:

Your next step

Make sure to have your shipping configuration add-on settings up to date in Troly. For more information about the Manual Shipment Add-on, please read this article.

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