Configuring Mailchimp Add On

Updated on June 14, 2019

Mailchimp is an email marketing software (EMS) that makes email marketing easy. With Mailchimp it's a breeze to manage your mailing list, your newsletters, and to automate your marketing campaigns and more! Better still, with Mailchimp you can:

  • use the intel gathered by Troly to create more effective campaigns
  • target your customers by region, preferences or last product purchase date
  • grow your list from your website, the cellar door or events
  • keeping your list in sync with Troly also ensures that it’s always up to date

Before you get started

To use the Mailchimp add-on in Troly, you need to have a Mailchimp account and at least one list in your Mailchimp account.

Configuration details

Install the add-on in Troly

To configure Mailchimp add-on, go to Add-ons Mailchimp, click the Install button.

Log in Mailchimp

Once you click Install, you’ll be redirected to Mailchimp for you to log in into your account.

Select a list in Troly

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken back to Troly. Choose which list should be synced with Troly and click the Save button

Data synchronisation

Your entire list of contacts from Mailchimp will be pulled in Troly, but it may take a few moments according to the size of your list.

From now on, anytime you create a new customer or update existing customers details in Troly, it’ll be pushed immediately to your Mailchimp list. In return, the updates made in Mailchimp are synchronised daily so it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected in your Troly account.

You should also know

Managing a single list

Troly is connected via a single master list. Accordingly, campaigns should be created using segments from the main list instead of managing separate lists.

The synced list to Troly should not be changed as this would result in all contacts from one list being copied onto another list and possibly duplicate information.

Addresses and phone numbers

The customers contact details (phone, address etc. etc.) saved in Mailchimp are not automatically synchronised when you install the add-on. You need to export this data from Mailchimp and import it into Troly using the Customer Import functionality.

Troly personalisation default fields


Troly adds the following 12 fields to your Mailchimp list. Users of Mailchimp's lower-paid or free plans are limited to 30 fields in total.

Before connecting Troly and Mailchimp, ensure you have no more than 18 fields slots available.

All email marketing applications gather the basic customers information: full name and email address.

Troly goes beyond this by adding several custom fields that will assist you to create your targeted marketing campaign segments. The customer’s default fields are listed below with a placeholder between the square brackets:

  • First name: [FNAME]
  • Last Name: [LNAME]
  • Preferences: [PREFS]
  • Custom Tags: [CUSTOM]
  • Membership: [MEMBERSHIP]
  • Membership Number: [MEMBERNUM]
  • Location: [REGION]
  • Troly ID: [SUBSID]
  • Troly Token: [SUBSTOKEN]
  • Total Purchase Value: [TPURCHVAL]
  • Last Purchase Value: [LPURCHVAL]
  • Last Purchase Date: [LPURCHDATE]

If you want to send an email to all your Members only, you can filter by "Membership" in Mailchimp so you'll end up with the list (segment) of all your Members.

If you want to send an email based on your customers' location, filter your list by "Region".

For more information regarding Mailchimp personalised campaigns or subscribers list segments, please refer to their website.

Mailchimp product token

When you review a Product Information, you can now see a Mailchimp product token:

The product token can be used when you send a Mailchimp campaign to your list synchronised with Troly as everyone that receives the email with that URL will be able to purchase this product in one click. They will be automatically recognised by Troly, for simpler checkout.

Contact list not matching

It’s possible that you'll notice a difference between your Troly and Mailchimp contact lists.

Deleting or unsubscribing contacts in Mailchimp will not delete them in Troly, but will mark them as “Unsubscribed from Newsletter” on their preference page.

If contacts don’t have a registered email address or have an invalid one in Troly, they won’t show up in Mailchimp either.

If you've already sent emails and notifications to your customer in the past, you can see in Troly > Customer profile page > Activity > Feed if an email hasn't been sent properly. Filter the Activity Description by Emails Sent or Received and see if you notice any unsent emails.

You can see the detail of your list in Mailchimp by going to your list, then clicking on Stats → Overview . The sum of all contacts should be closer to the number you see in Troly.

Unable to change a customer's email address in Mailchimp

Mailchimp dispatches billions of emails per year across millions of addresses. Mailchimp keeps track of the emails that bounce and report as a spam. Accordingly, please note that if an email address has bounced or been reported as a spam, Mailchimp will 'clean' it to prevent it from being used. See this Mailchimp online help page to learn more about cleaned customers email addresses.

Other sync issues

Check if only one single account is created for each customer. To verify this, go to your Customers page and start typing your customer's name in the search bar. See if only one result comes up, try with the email address as well to be sure.

If your customer's membership isn't synced in Mailchimp: take a look at your customer's profile page in Troly to see if the membership is not suspended or on hold.

Billing and reports

Depending on the size of your mailing list and the number of emails sent per month, Mailchimp has different pricing plans. Please refer to their pricing page for more information.

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