Configuring Fastway Prepaid Add On

Updated on May 18, 2019

If you already have some FastWay labels in your possession, you can use them with your Troly account.

The FastWay add-on lets you to:

  • generate barcode labels with embedded tracking on-the-fly
  • access the national “LRG” flat rate shipping option
  • automatically dispatch pickup details to the local driver via SMS

Configuration details

Install the add-on in Troly

To configure the FastWay Prepaid add-on, go to Add-ons FastWay (Prepaid) and click the Install button to get started.

Configure the add-on

Once you install the add-on in your Troly account, you will notice a Missing Information red notification. This means you now need to configure your add-on. Go through the following steps to configure your add-on.

  • Ensure the region you’re shipping from is included in the Sending From list. FastWay Prepaid is available in all areas where a FastWay franchise is based. Check the FastWay driver locator web page if needed.
  • SMS Number: enter the SMS number of your local driver. This is used to automatically notify the driver that parcels need to be picked up at your address. Leave the field empty if you prefer for pickup notifications not to be sent.
  • Shipping label layout: choose the Avery DL12 or J8164 layout in accordance to the labels that you have purchased.
  • To complete and save your add-on configuration, click the Save button. You will now see the green 'Installed' notification on your screen.

  • Now the add-on is configured, make sure to install the Shipping configuration add-on in Troly to set up the costs borne by your customers and your carton dimensions.

Ongoing Operations

Ship a single order using FastWay Prepaid

In your order detail page, select FastWay PrePaid to ship an order using FastWaty Prepaid. FastWay Postpaid corresponds to Troly's FastWay shipping account.

Once you're happy with the carrier settings, simply go through the rest of the single order steps.

Charge displayed on the order

With Fastway prepaid, Troly only generates labels with delivery instructions. No charge is made to your account and the shipping fees displayed on your order are included for reporting purposes only.

Configure a customer to be delivered by FastWay Prepaid only

Go to your customer's profile page in Troly and click the Addresses and Payment tab. Select FastWay PrePaid in the Preferred delivery method in the drop down menu. Note that you are still able to edit the delivery method on the order page if needed (if the order is not paid yet).

If you have selected a different shipping method under 'Order management' in your Business settings page, note that selecting a carrier for a specific customer will override the preferred shipping carrier set up in Business settings. If nothing is selected for a given customer, Troly will use the carrier selected in Business settings.

Locate all your Fastway orders in Troly

All FastWay Prepaid orders appear under Operations → Orders and Shipments tab → Carriers ▼.Select Fastway PrePaid.

Dispatch orders with FastWay in Troly

When you click the Dispatch button (single or bulk), two things happen:

  • The driver is notified that parcels need to be picked up at your address (if you added the driver's phone number in the add-on - see below for fee details).
  •  A PDF manifest that includes all selected orders is generated in Troly. Print this manifest and give it to the driver if requested. The manifest can be found at any time in your Document Center page.

Printing labels

Shipping labels should be printed on thermal paper however A4 laser paper may be used. Inkjet, bubble jet and other non-thermal/laser printers are not supported.

Labels must be printed on Avery 959030 labels (4pp, 4×4 portrait, 99.1x139mm). Other label sizes will not be accepted by FastWay.

For FastWay prepaid, Troly generates labels that only include the delivery instructions (no barcode are included). A colour indicator is added to each shipping label generated. You need to affix a prepaid barcode of the same colour to ship.

Tracking codes

Tracking codes are automatically added to an order when you generate labels for this order. Emails sent to customers also include the tracking details. You can review where your parcel is, at any given time, on the online FastWay tracking site.

You should also know


Parcels sent via pallets must be double-wrapped at the bottom. Be sure to check Fastway Couriers website to learn more about packaging requirements.

Pickup Collection

It is your responsibility to contact Fastway and confirm collection of parcels. Troly can not contact FastWay on your behalf to organise a parcel pickup collection. Please contact your Fastway driver or the Fastway depot to arrange pick-ups after dispatching shipments in Troly.

Billing and reports

Shipping carrier freight costs

Parcels sent using the FastWay prepaid option do not incur any shipping charges on your monthly Troly invoice.

An approximate breakdown of shipping cost incurred is available in Operations → Reports → End of Period Report under Expenses by Source. However, refer to your FastWay invoice for your final figures.

Sending SMS to the driver

Using the SMS Add-on in Troly is not related to (and will not affect) the Fastway fees generated by the SMS sent to the driver. Uninstalling the SMS Add-on will not stop the fees related to the SMS sent to Fastway a if there is a phone number inserted in the SMS number field in the Fastway Add-on settings. Not inserting any phone number in the SMS number field (in the Fastway Add-on) will not send any SMS to Fastway anymore and prevents the charge.

Your next step

Ensure that your Shipping configuration add-on is correctly set up. Here is a handy user guide we put together for you!

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