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Configuring Coupons And Discounts

Updated on October 1, 2018

Coupons and discounts are a way for you to provide reduced prices to chosen customers, staff and more. They open up a whole world of options for promotions, customer loyalty benefits and referral rewards. They allow to:

  • control specific deals as opposed to reducing all prices.
  • set discounts for customers birthdays/special occasions.
  • set differing prices for clubs.
  • provide staff with standardised discounts.

Configuration Details

Membership discounts in Troly

Discounts for clubs and members are created from SettingsBusiness Settings.

Assign your discount next to the club it applies to. You can use either a dollar value or percentage value.

When you are prompted to confirm your discount, click the Apply Discount button. These discounts will now be applied automatically when you perform a run for any of the clubs.

Adding a discount to an order before it's paid

Say that you need to, as a one off, ship an order with free shipping.

Once you create a new shipment order, the shipping fees are automatically calculated. The fees appear at the bottom of the order's page as Final delivery fee.
Click Discount and reward points and add this amount in the Amount field and click Save.

You can personalise the discount description and type for example "Free shipping".
The order TOTAL amount will then be re-calculated and deduct the shipping fees according to the discount you've just created.

Coupons in WordPress

Coupon codes (applied by customers) are only available if you have  installed the WordPress Add-on and configured the WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

Coupons are not handled by Troly and show as generic discounts on orders once the discount value is calculated.

You can create coupon codes via your WooCommerce plugin on the WordPress Dashboard. For the full instructions on how to configure your coupons, please refer directly to WooCommerce website.

You should also know

Marketing Tip

Be cautious when reducing prices. It has the effect of devaluing the product / brand. New customers gained via discount aren’t as loyal and will expect the same treatment to continue.

Troly highly recommends ensuring any coupon/discount promotions are carefully planned, ensuring you will still get an effective LTV (Lifetime Value of the customer).

Coupons and Discounts Synchronisation

The coupon codes that you set in WordPress and the standard discounts established in your Business Settings are synchronised with every application integrated to Troly (Point of Sale, Tasting Experience, WordPress Website, etc.). No matter where you record the sale, the relevant discount is applied automatically.

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