Configuring Company Details

Updated on October 22, 2018

The Company Details allows you to easily set and manage your company details and credentials in one single place at any time. It allows you to:

  • Reflect up to date details on all applications linked to the platform
  • Show your logo, company name and address on your invoices and shipping manifests
  •  Use your logo, company name, email address and phone number as a signature when you send emails through Troly
  • Show your logo and company name on all Tasting Experience and Wine Show pages

Configuration Details

Click the square and select the logo image from your computer to add your logo.

Use a square image to avoid your logo to appear distorted or squeezed. You can also drag and drop an image from your computer.

Please note that the maximum dimensions are 640 x 640. If you need to change your logo, simply click the image that's already recorded under 'Logo'.

Your Company Name will appear on documents such as shipping manifests and on emails sent via Troly.

Your legal name is also used on invoices.

Please note the Legal Name and the Company Name can be what your customers will see on their bank statements if you're using the Advanced Payments Gateway Add-on. Please select the Name that you wish to display on your customers' bank statements in the Add-on itself.

Brief Introduction

Introduce your business here! This description is visible to your customers on the Tasting Experience, Wine Show and website.


Enter your Australian Business Number in the ABN field.

Mailing Address, Email and Phone

These are reflected on the invoices, shipping manifests, Tasting Experience, Wine Show, website, POS and communications sent to customers.

If you have enabled the Activity Summary Add-On, the email and SMS notifications are sent to those details.

You can use both '+614' or '04' formats in the phone number field.

Support Options

Standard Support:

Using Troly means that you also have a 24/7 full access to our Help Centre and assistance via chat platform or email [email protected].

Premium Support:

With Premium Support, you receive the premium treatment! You have access to our call centre, your chat and email queries are treated as a high priority and you can also book meetings with us to chat about any business related topics.

To enable the option, click on Enable Premium Support button in the Company Settings page, check 'I understand the services granted as part of Premium Support, including additional fees.' and click the Confirm button.

Read more about getting in touch with the Troly Team and our services here.

Credit Card

These are the details Troly will use to charge your card for each monthly invoice issued to you every 1st of the month.

If you wish to stop stop using Troly and therefore stop your subscription, make sure to remove your credit card details.

If any invoice is outstanding, your account will be locked. Entering valid credit card details to automatically pay for the invoices will unlock your account.

Note: all banking details such as account number, branch and swift code and account type have to be entered via a payment gateway of your choice. Please have a look at this article for more information about how your customers are paying for their orders.

Social Media

Insert your social media links, this will appear on the Tasting Experience pages, Wine Show pages, POS and website.

Billing and Report

Please note that the premium support is currently charged per month (or part thereof), it is not a pay per use option.

You should also know

Multiple Troly accounts

If you need to "merge" multiple Troly accounts together, please note that you will need to 'transfer' the data from one account to another:
  • Export your data and information from the unwanted accounts to the account you wish to keep. You may need to export your customer details, your products, generate reports and documents if needed, etc
  • Import the collected data and information to the account that you are going to keep (use the import functions in Troly)
  • Remove your credit card and bank details from the unwanted accounts to avoid further charges

Once you have completed the above steps, contact us and let us know which account you wish to keep and which one(s) you are not willing to use anymore:

  • Name of the unwanted account(s) and account to be kept
  • Email address recorded in the accounts (as per your Company settings page)

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