Configuring Club Memberships

Updated on May 5, 2020

A club is a special group of customers who enjoyed your product and would be interested in purchasing more in the future. Creating a club allows you to:

  • ensure a future, predictable cash flow through a pre-committed sale
  • build a referral base for your products to be distributed through
  • reinforce exclusivity and uniqueness to your highest value customers

Because we understand your brand is unique, Troly boasts the most flexibility with how you choose to run your clubs and recurrent VIP sales.

Once your products and clubs are configured, your stock, prices, and product descriptions are maintained in Troly, and synchronized with the POS and your WordPress Website.

Before you get started!

In order to configure a club, you must first install the Membership add-on.

Configuration details

Define your expected commitment for each club member, as well as a sales time frame for Troly to help with the automation of club sales and tracking of individual commitment.

Create a new Club in Troly

To create your club, go to OperationsMemberships and click on Add Membership.

Clubs can also be edited anytime in the Edit Membership Details page (simply click the pencil icon to modify an existing membership). Note that any changes made to an existing membership will affect future membership orders.

Once your club is configured, you can add the membership discount on the Settings page and start signing-up members.

Name and description

The membership name and description are consistently used to describe the club through emails and platforms (e.g. website, POS, etc.). They may be defined by the membership level, loyalty program, case description, etc.

The membership name and description appear online (your website or on the Tasting Experience page) when your customers click 'Become a Member'.

Note that the membership description also appears under the customer profile page in Troly.


The expected membership purchase commitment from each club member, based on length, deliveries, and units.

  • Membership length is: the membership is renewed based on the sign-up date for the number of months set. You may instead decide for your membership to renew based on met commitment (see the Options section for clarification).
  • Members receive: how many club runs you wish to perform during the chosen time frame. The maximum number of deliveries to set up in Troly per commitment is 6.
  • Each containing: amount of bottles for a membership order to be counted towards the commitment. If a member tries to order fewer bottles than the required minimum quantity (for example when editing their order online), the order will not go through.

Membership variations

You may want to use one single membership but with added variations. All of the membership options set up to stay the same, the content of the order is the only thing that changes. So no need for you to create several memberships if you are planning to have all of them set up the same way.

Your members decide which membership they want to commit to. Say for example some of your customers prefer red wine, white wine only or both. When creating your bulk order (when you process your Club Run in Troly), you'll select the membership variation. You'll process in this example three Club Runs (one for each variation).

In the membership options page, click the Enable variations for this club option to create your variations. Type the name of each variation and click somewhere else on your screen to validate. You can add as many variations as you like.

When creating your bulk order, Troly will automatically ask you which variation should be used.

When assigning a membership to one of your customers, select the variation directly under the Membership page from the customer's profile page in Troly.


Choose if you want your new members to prepay a certain (compulsory) amount upon sign-up to ensure commitment towards the next club runs. A fee is charged as soon as your members sign up. This amount is then used to pay for your members' upcoming order(s). When a customer signs up to this club, an order is immediately created with the total prepayment. You must confirm and process the order for it to be effective.

The amount that your customer pays upfront will, later on, be deducted from their future orders. If you configured 2 prepayments, it will be deducted evenly from the first 2 orders, etc.


The shipment dates are set on a rolling period determined by the member sign-up date or your own club run(s) specific dates.

  • Membership start date: starts from the joining date and split through the year according to the number of deliveries set. The very first order will be using the first membership delivery slot.
  • Specific date: same set dates every year.

You are still able to manually alter the delivery dates for each of your members (on their membership page under their customer profile in Troly).

If you change the delivery dates for an existing club currently being used by some of your members, your members' delivery dates will also change unless they have been manually changed (under their customer profile page in Troly).

Example: if your club is defined to ship on the 15th of January, all your club members with a scheduled date of 15th January are to receive an order on that date. If you change the club options to ship on the 30th of January instead, then all your club members, who originally had their order scheduled for the 15th of January will change for the 30th of January. However, if some club members have been manually changed to receive an order in March or else: this will stay the same. These members will not be rescheduled to receive an order on the 30th of January.


Discounts are consistently used to describe the benefit through the website, POS, etc. It can be enabled or disabled when orders are created.

  • Membership discount: allows setting a discount per case sent in $ or % from SettingsBusiness Settings
  • Additional discount for product to shipments (%): discount applied only on club run orders. If members add extra bottles to their shipment (on the top of the minimum quantity), they will benefit from a discount on the price of the added bottles. So if the minimum quantity is 8 but a member buys a total of 10 bottles, then he/she will get a 10% discount on the 2 extra bottles if you enter '10%' in the Additional discount field.
  • Membership privileges include specific % off the retail price, discount/free freight charge, newsletter, invitations to special wine events, etc. They are consistently used everywhere (e.g. website, Tasting Experience, POS).
  • Members receive: if desired, establish the loyalty point system (for the unit purchased or dollar spent) applicable on future purchases. You will be able to redeem these points on a per-order basis.


  • Visibility: set what membership information new/existing customers have access to.
    • Public: allows any customer to sign-up for this membership from any platform (e.g. website, Tasting Experience).
    • Restricted Access: visible to new customers for information purposes only. You are the only one who can sign them up as required.
    • Private: not visible to new customers. You are the only one who can sign them up as required from the Troly platform and the PoS.
    • Disabled: the membership isn't visible or available for sign-ups. Disabling a club with current existing memberships is not recommended. You will be unable to create club runs for disabled memberships. If your club currently has existing members assigned to it, set your membership visibility to Private instead, and make sure your members renew to a Public club (see 'on expiry, members renew to' option below). Once all of the members have renewed to a new club, you can then disable the club.
  • On expiry, members will renew membership based on:
    • Time: as soon as their current membership ends (based on the 'membership length' set up under the 'Commitment' section).
      • Even if a member hasn't fulfilled their commitment (amount of deliveries and amount of bottles per delivery), their membership will be renewed upon membership anniversary (X months after their current membership started)
      • If they are assigned more deliveries than the commitment requirements but their membership hasn't renewed yet, the extra orders will be part of a pending membership (see here for details)
    • Fulfillment: once the customer meets their commitment, the membership renews.
      • For example, if the commitment requirements are 3 deliveries per membership, the membership will not renew until the member pays for 3 deliveries.
      • If you have set up a minimum quantity per order, this is also taken into account. If a member who committed to pay for 3 deliveries with a minimum of 6 bottles per shipment orders one case of 5 bottles, this shipment will not be counted as part of the commitment. You may select 'No' or 'Add products only' to the 'Customers can edit case contents' option to avoid this situation from happening.
  • On expiry, members renew to: the default setting keeps rolling the same membership or you can set it to a different membership if updates are required.
  • Customers can edit case contents: you can give your members the flexibility to choose their preferred products.
  • Copy across the previous completed order: if members have a previously paid membership order, you can choose to send them that identical order instead of a composite product. This setting can be enabled or disabled when membership orders are created via the Club Run (the bulk order options).
  • Subtract stock from: select which location or warehouse the stock is to be deducted from.
  • Primary product type select the type of products related to the membership (Wine, Beer, Non-alcohol, Non-physical)
  • Membership prices apply to non-scheduled club delivery
    • Yes: any orders placed by members will benefit from the membership discounts
    • No: only orders placed as part of a Club Run will benefit from the membership discounts
    • Minimum quantity: set up a minimum quantity for the non-club order to benefit from the membership discount. The minimum quantity corresponds to the option you set up under the 'Commitment' section
  • An order can be assigned to a delivery slot if the next available slot is within:
    • When processing a Club Run, Troly will use the next available scheduled delivery slots so that the order will count towards your members' commitment.
    • If a member decides to order bottles outside of a Club Run, you can decide whether or not the order will be counted towards their current commitment (meaning that the order will use their next available scheduled delivery slot).
    • Disabled: the option is turned off, therefore, Club Run orders will be the only orders counting towards their current commitment.
    • 1 week to 6 months: If a member orders a minimum of units (the minimum is set up under the 'Commitment' section (each containing X unit(s)) one week to 6 months prior to their next available scheduled delivery date, then the order will use their next available delivery slot and count towards the current membership. This member will not be included in the Club Run order you will process in one week, two weeks, 3 months, etc.
    • If an order is recorded under a customer profile in Troly but the membership is assigned to this profile after, the order will never be counted towards the current commitment.

Disabling a club membership

You can disable a membership from OptionsVisibility and select the 'Disable' option on the menu. A disabled membership still shows on the Memberships page and can be re-enabled at any time.

You should also know

Changing Membership settings

Changing the above settings will apply to new or changed orders only. Orders that are paid or canceled will not be modified.

Pending Membership and extra shipments

A pending membership is created when the corresponding commitment requirements have been met.

If a membership is set up to renew based on time (length of the membership) and all the delivery slots have been fulfilled, Troly creates a pending membership for the member when an extra membership order is created before the membership is due to renew.

Also, if a member fulfilled their commitment before their membership renewal date, the next delivery slot will not appear (under their membership page in Troly) until their membership has renewed.

Therefore, if a membership that contains pending orders is canceled, the pending orders will also be canceled.

Before your next club run, ensure that members are not being left out. To verify this, simply create a bulk order in Troly, select the Membership, select the options, and notice how many members are to be included in this club run. You may cross-check the information provided by your Commitment report.

If you notice that the number is different from the bulk order screen compared with the Commitment report information (the sum of customers due to a membership delivery at the time), please make sure that the 'before date' is correctly set up in your bulk order creation (in Step 1):

If you've manually changed a member's order delivery date, you may need to review that date so that this member is included in the club run. Please take a look at the Club Run Options article for more details.

Minimum unit quantity

If a member orders 3 units as a non-club order while the minimum quantity is set to be 6 units, the order will not count towards their commitment, meaning that the scheduled delivery slot will still be available. The member will be included in the next Club Run order that you will process in Troly.

The minimum quantity can be set up in the Membership settings page under the Commitment section and in the bulk order under 'Options' in case you need to change the minimum quantity as a one-off. If you let your customer edit their orders and if you enter '12' in the Membership settings but '6' in the Club Run order, any orders that contain more than 6 units will go through. If your customers edit their orders and try to purchase 5 units instead, the order will not go through.

Creating the Club Run order

When creating your bulk order, you need to set the following option: 'Use the selected composite product even if/unless there is a previous order that can be copied across and used as a guide'. If you disable the 'Copy across previous completed order' option in the Membership settings page but select 'unless' in the bulk order options, Troly will still be using the previously completed membership order as a guide.

Club run processed after the membership end date

A customer's membership last scheduled delivery slot is 'lost' (skipped) if the Club Run is processed after the end of the customer's membership (even when the membership has been renewed). A scheduled delivery slot can't be 'transferred over' to the renewed membership because it would create confusion in the system, the new membership would count one extra scheduled delivery and therefore increase the commitment that the member agreed to in the first place.

Membership Discounts

If you have defined club discounts in SettingsBusiness Settings, any club member placing an order at the cellar door (via the POS) or online on the website will also instantly get the discounts you have decided on.

Restaurants, trade, and friends & family clubs

Many wineries configure private clubs in order to properly record sale transactions and apply appropriate discounts for trade sales, friends, and family or other non 'direct-to-consumer' sales. These are automatically available in the POS and also for website sales.

Renewals and upgrades

Your customers' membership will automatically be renewed on their sign-up date anniversary.

Automated upgrades are possible for members who have been loyal with you, allowing for membership tiers to be applied (e.g. Silver → Gold → Platinum)

Display Only Selected Clubs

If you wish to display some clubs only on your website, ensure that their Visibility is set to 'Public'. All other clubs that you wish to hide, should be 'Private'.

Changes to existing clubs/memberships

If any change has been made to a Club/Membership setting the new conditions will be applied to existing members only at the time of the renewal.

You are now ready to sign up club members!

Now that you have configured your club(s), you are able to enroll members. Because many subtleties and membership notes can be captured, make sure you read Understanding Customers Membership Details.

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