Configuring Business Settings

Updated on October 13, 2021

The Business settings allows you to easily set and manage the discounts and attributes of your products in a single place. From there, you can:

  • apply and manage discounts in dollars and percentage on your 6 pack, case and different wine clubs
  • create custom tags to know and identify your customers in your own way
  • set your preferred shipping carrier

Configuration details

Standard Discounts

The discounts set in 6 pack and case, will be automatically applied on composite products or as soon as customers order six or twelve units.

From SettingsBusiness Settings, Select % or $ in the drop down to set your price in dollars or percentage and add a value to set the discount.

The system will ask you if you want to override the price point for all products.

Order Management

All the shipping carriers that you have added from the Add-On page will be available in the drop down menu. The 'Cheapest Cost' option should be selected by default unless you wish to proceed with a particular carrier.

For special cases, the preferred carrier can also be selected at the customer and order levels from the 'Delivery Address' section of the CustomersAddresses and Payment page or in the 'Order and shipping' details section of the order.

Product Custom Tags

When setting the Product Business attributes, the software includes a wide range of generic built-in tags allowing you to classify your products by types, regions and variety.

The Business Settings page allows you to add custom tags that apply specifically to your own products (e.g. variety, maturation, vineyard region, bottling specifications, colour, aroma, drinking window).

Customer Custom Tags

The customer tags assist you to document your customers' interests, hobbies, preferences, etc. so you can target them when hosting special events or launching marketing campaigns with your EDMs (e.g. Mailchimp).

For example, if you wish to host cooking classes or sporting events to promote your wines, you can target your customers who have the 'cooking class' or 'NRL' tags.

The tags that you defined can be public or private by clicking on the lock icon to lock/unlock it. This is also done from the Business Settings page of the platform.

Public tags are segmenting members with general categories that they may come across when becoming members or visiting your website (Tasting Experience and Wine Show only).

Private tags allow you segmenting members in ways that are only known to you. You may want to inform your 'top buyers' and 'family friends' of your limited release or organise special events based on 'age group' or 'relationship status'.

The tags can be added to the Preferences section of your customers' Account Details page by typing them in the 'Search for a tag...' field or imported in bulk with the Customer Import feature.

All the tags associated with a customer are pushed to your EDMs (e.g. Mailchimp) and allow you to segment your list to allow tailored marketing campaigns.

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