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Configuring Automated Emails And Sms Templates

Updated on January 20, 2021

Most of your communications can be sent directly from Troly with the different templates available. Some are automated whilst others are triggered manually to give flexibility. They allow you to:

  • save time and minimise human error
  • send notifications at specific stages of the order and delivery process

Configuration details

As soon as you create your account, default templates are ready for you to review and understand the possibilities behind each email. You must review them for each email you intend on sending to make sure your voice and your brand is represented accurately.

To customise the notifications, go to CompanyTags & Communications and enable/edit each template under Customer, Payment, Pickup Orders, Shipments, and Staff drop-downs.

To personalise them, click on the vertical ellipsis and Edit email or Edit SMS buttons. Please note that the template must be turned "On" in order to edit.

On/Off options

Enable or disable each notification individually, simply by clicking the On/Off bubble. If you turn the email 'Off' you will not be able to send a notification when processing Club Runs in Troly. The option will also appear disabled in the bulk order screen:

Email body

Add an effective subject line with your business name, location, membership name, etc. You can also use placeholders to personalise your subject line (e.g. RoundSquare Family Wines – Your *|casecontent|* is ready for pickup *|fname|*!)

Use placeholders (like *|fname|*) to customise your messages with real data when the email generated. See below how to use placeholders in Troly.

Use the styling options (bold, italic, etc.), lists and hyperlinks to properly format your message.

Customise your messages using placeholders

Placeholders starting with *| and ending in |* are replaced by actual details pertinent to the recipient.

For example, imagine an email template that contains 'Hi *|fname|,*'. Upon sending, a customer called Jane would receive 'Hi Jane,'. If no name is registered, the template will simply say 'Hi ,' or 'Hi Guest,' (e.g. PoS sales).

Many placeholders are available, and some can only be used on specific notifications. For instance, the placeholder *|tracking_details|* is not available for pickup order emails but shipments only.

To make sure you always use a supported personalisation, simply use the ‘Customise message’ drop down at the top right.

Simply select the piece of text that you want to link to the profile page or to the order page, click the link icon and enter the *|order_link|* or the *|profile_link|* placeholder in the 'Url' field. Click 'Ok' to create the link. If you want the link to automatically open in a new window once it has been clicked, select 'New Window' in the 'Target' field.

Placeholders list and definition

Placeholder Content Explanation
First name customer registered first name. Removed if unavailable
Last name customer registered last name. Removed if unavailable
Card details/expiry month as entered on their Addresses & Payment page
Card statement (SMS) credit card statement description as appearing on the customer statement (only for successful payments)
Case content case content as entered in the Product information page. (The displayed information will be updated if the content gets customised in between the 'upcoming order' and 'order confirmation' message.)
Case price displays the actual price of the case. If there is no specific case included in the order, the total order price will be displayed instead when using this placeholder.
Company name/logo/phone/email  as set in your company details page
Delivery address/suburb customer registered address/suburb
Delivery instructions refers to customer ‘Delivery Notes and Instructions’ in CustomersAddresses and Payment (e.g. 'Leave at the front door')
Error message as appearing on the unsuccessful payment receipt
Invalid reason expired or invalid as appearing on the unsuccessful payment receipt
Membership (or company) shows the club they are part of. If they aren’t part of a club, your company name will show instead
Membership preferences as entered on the members ‘Account details’ page (e.g. Chardonnay only)
Membership number number appearing in their ‘membership details’ section
Membership discount the club member discount set in SettingsBusiness SettingsStandard discounts
Password one-time generated password for new members only (Tasting experience only)
Password reset link to click to reset their password
Payment total order (tax included) + shipping fees
Payment reference number invoice number
Previous/New/Years of membership as appearing on their membership details page
Profile Link takes customers to their profile where they can fill out their personal details
Product product name as entered in ProductsProduct information. If it used to display case content it will only sample and print one of the item included. This gives a more personal touch to the message.
Processing date the 'before date' that was entered in the club run Create Bulk Orders page. (e.g. 'let me know before x date for any changes')
RRN (Confirmation Code) credit card capture confirmation code
Send feedback request after can be set after 3, 5 or 8 days to request feedback from the product or case received.
Shipping provider specific shipping provider selected
Special shipment instructions based on ‘custom shipment instructions’ entered in the members CustomersMembership page. (e.g. 'you didn’t pickup your previous pack would you like me to send it instead?', or 'you have reached 150 points and get 6 free bottles, give me a call to choose')
Tasting Exp. link you need to have the Tasting Experience Add-on configured
Tracking details tracking code in a clickable link
Transaction type EFTPOS, chque, cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
Update order link a special link that signs customers in to edit or confirm and pay their order (if you are using the WordPress Add-on, enable the 'Use WordPress for Club Runs and Special Offers' option for your members to be directly redirected to your site to edit their orders online.

Once you are done reviewing and editing your message, simply click the Save button to close the popup.

SMS options overview

To edit a SMS template, the SMS Add-on must be installed and configured.

Similar to emails, SMS can be enabled/disabled, and customised with placeholders chosen from the ‘Customise message ▼’. Remember that each SMS sent has a 10¢ fee.

Birthday SMS

  • ensure that customer's birthday dates are recorded in the customer's profile pages
  • use the Birthday SMS feature to get in touch with your customers
  • offer tailored discounts and secure extra sales

You should also know

Testing messages

You can test any message by clicking the Test message button at the bottom.

Placeholders are replaced with fake static data and the email will be sent your address or mobile phone, for SMS. This data is not based on your account data (will not reflect your membership names for example).

We suggest testing emails by placing a test order for a fake customer. That way, you can be certain it looks as you expect.

'Temporary Email Redirection'

When your company is labeled as a 'test account', the system behaves normally when it comes to creating orders and capturing payments, however all email and SMS communications are redirected over to you instead of each client.

If the email redirection is enabled, orders are also generated during the club run as normally, but the communication messages will not be sent to members. This allows testing the automations however is not recommended on a production system.

As emails are automated is several parts of the ordering process, you may want to temporarily enabled the email redirection if you wish to perform actions and process orders without sending automated emails.


In most countries you are required to provide an invoice when you charge a credit card. The invoice generated by Troly will not be sent to your customer when your account is marked as a test company.


If you run into any issues when sending emails or SMS with Troly, please take a look at our Troubleshooting emails and notifications article for solutions.

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