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Configuring Activity Summary Add On

Updated on August 18, 2020

The Activity Summary add-on allows you to set daily or weekly automated notifications based on specific triggers when something needs your attention. You can be notified when:

  • new orders or memberships come in
  • someone joins your clubs or an existing customer updates their details (e.g. credit card or address changes)
  • orders are placed across all channels

Configuration details

Install the Add-on

To configure the Activity Summary add-on, go to Add-ons Activity Summary and click the Install button. Notice the "Configuration" and the "Re-send emails" tabs on the top left.


For each notification, choose how often you want to be notified. Selecting “Never” will simply disable the notification.

  • News orders: you can be informed of any order that has been placed since your last summary. If you enable SMS notifications, you will be notified immediately.
  • Customer and membership notifications: If someone joins a club, or if their membership is renewed or lapses, it will be included in this email. The same goes for customer details. (e.g. if they update their credit card details, you know that you will be able to process their order.)

You can update your preferences at any time if you feel that you receive too many notifications or wish to have them more/less regularly. All emails are sent to the email address set up under your Company settings page in Troly.

Click the Save button.

Re-send emails

If you need an activity summary to be re-sent to you, you can ask Troly to do it!

  • Select the type of information you'd like to see in the email (new orders, customer changes or member changes)
  • Select if you want to receive one specific day or a particular date range (weeks)
  • Select the day or date range
  • Press Push Date

Summary Email

It includes an overview of all orders that need your attention, followed by a breakdown of all orders, members and customer updates that occurred since the last email.

Note that your Activity Summary notifications also contain pre-authorisation expiring dates to help you keep better track of payment authorisations that are going to expire.

The activity summary notifications are sent to the email address and mobile phone number that you entered in your Company settings. If you have several registered email addresses to log in to Troly, please be sure to have access to the primary business email address inbox and phone number to receive your notifications.

Summary SMS

You know immediately when an order has been placed in order to act on it.

You should also know

Where Are Notifications Sent

The activity summary notifications are sent to the email address and mobile phone number that you entered in your Company settings. You can update them at any time.

When Are Notifications Sent

Notifications are communicated in the activity summary as soon as a payment is processed. When doing a club run, expected orders are listed as 'Unpaid'. They will appear in the activity summary as soon as they are paid or at dispatch time for pre-authorised orders.

Note that you may receive 'empty' summary emails or SMS. This happens when nothing has been recorded in Troly on a particular day or week.

Billing and Reports

Email reports are free of charge and each SMS cost $0.10 as soon as they are sent.

Transactions are recorded under Operations → Reports in the Transactions Report and are identified as Fee – SMS.

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