Configuring A Bundle Or Composite Product

Updated on May 25, 2018

A composite product is also called a “mixed pack” as it contains two or more products bundled together. It is mainly used when you create pre-packed orders in bulk during your club runs. Packs are a great way to:

  • Boost club signups: if a great pack is only available to new members, you can bet wine lovers will want to join.
  • Push stock: if one of your wines does not get the recognition it deserves, you can send it alongside your best sellers.

Before you get started

All single products that will fill out the content first need to be configured in Troly.

Please make sure that each single product included in your bundle or composite product has sufficient stock.

Configuration details

Create your composite product from the Products page and click on the Add Product button. Give a descriptive name to clearly identify it as a pack (e.g. Mixed Case (Reds) – Spring 2017).

When the product is created, go to the Composite Products tab and check the box that says 'This product is two or more products bundled together'.

Type and select all the products that you wish to include in the 'Search for a product…' field. The products entered will be listed for you to add the number of units to fill the pack content. You can remove products by clicking on the 'X'.

If you don't want your customers to be able to edit the content of your composite product, check the 'This composite product is pre-packed and its content can never change' box. Checking this option will also ensure that your composite product is visible on the Tasting Experience.

Create New Packs – Don't Reuse!

At the start of each club run, if you are going to completely re-do your pack, do not delete all the sub-products listed and add new products.

This will cause accounting and other issues with your products.

Instead, archive your 'old' pack and create a new one instead.

Our Advice

If you have a generic pack, such as 'Autumn Pack', rename it to 'Autumn Pack – 2016' and then archive it.

Create a new 'Autumn Pack' and add sub-products. Add an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to help you identify the pack as well. Please note that a SKU can be edited at anytime. Make sure to double check and confirm before changing this information as this may create Product and Stock confusion if the wrong SKU is being changed/entered.

This will help at tax time when you need to reconcile stock movement with an external accounting system.

You should also know

Pricing a composite product

The pack price is calculated according to the settings of Products Pricing & Stock page. The price of a single unit is based on the Standard price and if there are 6 or 12 units in the pack, the 6-pack or Case price applies.

Price Calculation

Composite product prices are only automatically updated if the 'This composite product is pre-packed and its content can never change' checkbox is empty.

If you are pre-packing products, it is your responsibility to check prices are correct.

Did you know

Composite product prices can also be amended when you create a bulk order during club run time.

Pre-packed vs Standard composite product

When the 'pre-packed' box is checked, the product is sold as is and the content cannot be edited. If you wish to allow flexibility to your customer for them to swap products before they confirm the purchase do not check the box.

WordPress Support

Only pre-packed products are supported in WordPress at this time.

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